ATC launches C1 Sub Mk2 active subwoofer

Faithful to the signal

by Andy Bassett

The ATC badge that adorns the company’s speakers marks the firm’s pride in their ‘Acoustic Engineer’ credentials. They’ve used this know-how, acquired since their inception back in the mid-seventies, to update their C1 subwoofer to a new Mk2 version.

UK speaker specialists, ATC Loudspeakers’ original C1 sub was previously found as part of the company’s ATC C1 5.1 surround system and the new C1 Sub Mk2 keeps everything that was successful about the first one, such as the hand-built 12" ATC bass driver that used a massive motor assembly and 3" ribbon voice-coil, and adds to it.

Aiming to generate deeper and cleaner bass in the sub £2,000 sector, the C1 Sub Mk2 has been built to provide a dynamic low-distortion bass foundation for ATC’s Entry Series speakers including the SCM40 floorstander, the C1C and C3C centre speakers and its HTS Series on-wall speakers such as the HTS7s. ATC recommends that a single C1 sub partners speakers up to the SCM19 and HTS11, and that two subs partner SCM40 and HTS40 if the room size demands extra boom.

The C1 Mk2 sports a compact real wood veneered design, incorporating the aforementioned hand-built 12” (314mm) ATC bass driver and a fully discrete ATC 200W MOSFET power amplifier. The precision pairing of the driver with this new C1 Sub amplifier will deliver clean and dynamic low frequencies down to 25Hz (-6dB). This grounded-source 200 watt Class A/B power module has improved overload protection circuitry (with front-panel indicator) for greater control at full output. 
Like its antecedent, the new C1 Mk2 is designed for both music and cinema applications and the re-engineered design incorporates ATC’s customarily transparent circuits, this time boosted by the larger power supplies. The low-pass filter circuits have been comprehensively re-worked to facilitate the best possible integration with paired speakers from ATC but that doesn’t prevent the C1 Mk2 sub from working quite happily with speakers from other manufacturers.

As well as the continuously variable low pass filter, controls include a continuously variable all-pass filter and polarity switch, speaker level L/R inputs, independent L/R RCA line inputs and a summed line output RCA connector to facilitate the daisy-chaining of multiple subwoofers.

C1 Sub Mk2 Specifications:

Driver: 12” / 314mm
LF Cut Off Frequency: (-6dB) 25Hz
Max SPL: 103dB
Amplifier output: 200W
User Controls: Gain, Low Pass Frequency, Polarity, Phase
Inputs: Stereo High Level & Stereo Line Level
Outputs: Mono Summed Line Level
Dimensions: (HxWxD) 450 x 360 x 400 mm (incl. feet and heatsink)
Weight: 26.2kg

With ATC’s traditionally robust engineering and attention to detail, the new C1 Sub Mk2 active subwoofer will generate a reliable performance over a long life, backed by ATC’s standard six year warranty.

The C1 Sub Mk2 is available from November 2019 with a retail price of £1,650 and comes in four real wood finishes: Cherry, Black Ash, Satin Black, Satin White to match Entry Series speakers, centre speakers and HTS Series on-wall products.

Source: Press release
Image Source: ATC Loudspeakers
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