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I want to advertise on AVForums / My enquiry is of a commercial nature

  • I run a business, can I tell forum visitors about my products/services?

    The short answer is no. We don't allow people to post advertisements or other self-promotional messages within these forums.
    Considering that AVForums has the largest AV community in the UK, it may be a good idea to contact us for information. Commercial account holders are permitted to reply to specific questions with their product/service/company information. For more details check our advertising information page. We strongly advise that you check the forum rules if you are unclear about exactly what you may and may not write in messages.

My enquiry is about using the forums

  • I am not receiving your emails

    Please make sure that you have allowed emails from us in your email spam filter. You need to allow everything from '' and ''.
  • I can't log in to AVForums - my registration seems to have disappeared!

    We may have deleted it. If we sent out a regular update email to you but the email bounced back reporting your email address as invalid, we may have deleted your registration after a lengthy period of inactivity. We do this for security reasons - needing current email information for all members.
    If your account has disappeared, then please re-register. And to avoid the same happening again, please update your profile with your new email address if you ever change it.
  • I can't find a thread I previously saw in a forum. Where has it gone?

    Discussions can be deleted or moved.
    If a discussion breaks forum rules, then a moderator may have deleted it.
    If a discussion is posted in an inappropriate forum, then a moderator may have moved it.
    If you are looking for one of your posts, you can search for them using the 'Your Content' link your profile drop-down menu.

I want to send a tip for your news team

My enquiry is about AVForums news, reviews, articles, videos or podcasts

  • I want to send you a product to review

    We pick which products to review based on what we think our audience will want to read. As a result we tend to only review brands known to European and North American customers. We get many requests to review unknown brands which, I'm afraid, we have to turn down. If you would like us to consider reviewing your product from an established brand, please contact the editorial manager.

My enquiry is about the M2N organisation

  • Email M2N Limited

    Please note that we do not require any SEO or web development work, and any solicitation for business will be deleted unread.
    Please click here to send an email to us.

The contact details below are for enquiries for M2N Limited.
Enquiries not directly for the M2N business (e.g. about how to use the forums), will be directed to read the AVForums FAQ.

AVForums is owned and operated by M2N Limited, company number 03997482. Registered in England and Wales

M2N Limited
21a Plymouth Road,
Barnt Green,
United Kingdom.
B45 8JF

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