XTZ EDGE A2-300 Amplifier

Power Amplifiers
Class D power amplifier based on ICEpower technology and featuring 2x 300W in 4 Ohms which can be used in either Stereomode or Monomode (for bi-amping). Its high impedance input ensures the A2-300 can be driven by any source including, TVs, monitors, AV receivers and casting devices such as MusicCast, SONOSm Chromecast etc, Each channel is balanced from input to output in order to minimize common mode noise and power supply noise.
Release Date Nov 28, 2019
Price at Launch £429.00
Channels 2 channels
Power per channel 8 Ohm 150 watts
Power per channel 4 Ohm 300 watts
Balanced XLR Inputs
Unbalanced RCA Inputs 1x RCA stereo pair
Amplifier Class Class D with Hybrid feedback Controlled Oscillation Modulator (HCOM) - ICEpower Patent.
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