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    Sony Crystal LED now available for home installation

    by Andy Bassett
    Sony shows off its Crystal LED version of Micro LED at CEDIA and now offers home installation.  
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    NAD Debuts T 778 Reference AV receiver

    by Andy Bassett
    Aiming to please the most demanding audiophiles and videophiles, NAD’s latest reference AV receiver, the T 778 combines new features with their established sound quality.  
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    Trinnov to premiere DTS:X Pro at CEDIA Expo 2019

    by Andy Bassett
    Trinnov will unveil the North American debut of DTS:X Pro implemented in its Altitude16 and Altitude32 processors at CEDIA Expo 2019.  
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    Epson announce LS10500 Laser Projector

    by Mark Hodgkinson
    Epson has announced a second generation laser projector at CEDIA 2016 and while not native 4K, it can accept HDR and Ultra HD signals.  
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    CEDIA 2014: Epson announce new range of Laser Projectors

    by Steve Withers
    Epson announce two new projectors that use reflective LCOQ technology and a laser light source. One is even '4K Enhanced', which sounds like a load of e-Shift to us!  

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