4k uhd (ultra hd)

Ultra High Definition or 4K resolution
  1. RedDevil85

    Elysium 4K UHD

    We've had Chappie and now more recently District 9 so it was an inevitable Sony release to come. Currently scheduled in France for March 2021. Expect a UK release around same time. Will update thread as usual once confirmed.
  2. domtheone

    Gattaca 4K UHD

    Coming March 2021 some French website. https://4k-ultra-hd.fr/film-blu-ray-ultra-hd-4k/624-bienvenue-a-gattaca.html Terrific movie. Superior Intelligent Sci Fi. Sony too so should be top notch A/V
  3. D

    Any new uhd Blu-ray 4k player on 2021?

    Hello guys, i am looking to replace my Sony ubp-800 MK1 for a 4k player that support dolby visión and hdr10+ I dont know if in 2021 there Will be new models. Now is difficult to find one instead the phisical 4k market has more and more titles and in 2021 new titles like the hobbit/ the lord of...
  4. D

    For Sale Flash Gordon 4K UHD Blu Ray 3 Disc Set

    Flash Gordon on 4K Blu Ray. UK 3 disc edition including standard Blu Ray and special features disc. Also includes slip cover. Excellent condition. Only one day old. The 4K disc has been viewed once. The other discs are unused. Slight crease in the top right corner of the slip from shipping...
  5. V

    For Sale Amazon firestick 4k UHD

    Bought from amazon 2 months ago. Probably used once as LG webos is great. Looking for £40 plus delivery or 40 collected.
  6. dots999

    UHD Movies on Primevideo

    Watched a few older movies on Primevideo that are showing as UHD (the Bournes and a few others) to my eyes these don't look like they are 4K, most just look like 1080 with HDR added. I have no broadband issues 250MB) , 4K streams on their other shows and Disney + look great . Curious if anyone...
  7. colinstone

    Wanted Top Gun 4K UHD

    Top Gun 4K UHD - anyone??
  8. scrowe

    SkyQ UHD download bug

    Is anyone else noticed or suffer the same issue. This has changed in the last week. I season pass a few US shows that are available nearly immediately after live broadcast as a UHD on-demand download. So I usually access the recording, scroll down to Watch Now and find the last broadcast...
  9. RedDevil85

    Oldboy (2003) 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk - Arrow Video - HMV - Zavvi Release date: 25/01/2020 Steelbook option, thread: Oldboy (2003) (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)
  10. marcaaron22

    Question Any horror recommendations?

    As next weekend is Halloween, just wanting to know, any recommendations of horror movies on 4K Blu Ray? Either new releases or previously released on 4K Blu Ray. To kickstart, is it worth upgrading Halloween (1978) Blu Ray with the 4K release? Thanks,
  11. ImSpartacus

    Question Optoma UHD50 Searching for Source When Starting 4k HDR content

    So, my current setup is Xbox One X > Onkyo TXNR656 > Optoma UHD50. I have noticed that whenever I start a 4k HDR movie with both the blu-ray player or streaming the projector will search for a source. It always finds it and plays the content without issue, but I guess I would just prefer a more...
  12. RedDevil85

    2012 4K UHD

    Currently scheduled for release in the US on 19th January 2021 UK release expected, will update as usual once confirmed.
  13. B

    For Sale Toshiba 43U5863DB UHD 4k HDR LED

    I have for sale a Toshiba 43U5863DB. Nice TV with a good set of smart apps. The full spec an be found on the Toshiba website: https://toshiba-tv.com/uk-uk/43u5863db It's not a current model, but it's in excellent condition, working perfectly and is supplied in a (Samsung) box for pick up...
  14. BigChopper

    Special features discs ( Dunkirk )

    Does anybody watch the extra discs? y’know the extra’s discs, i don’t usually.... like ever until now, i watched the special features disc of Dunkirk because i always wanted to know “ how they did that” because to me it all seemed so real when i watched it without much cgi, which to me is really...
  15. lunazero

    Wanted 4K UHD Films - Casino Royale, Skyfall, Whiplash

    As above has anyone got a copy to move on please? UHD disc only is fine. However will also consider purchasing UHD+BR
  16. 8

    Optoma UHD40: Image at 60Hz

    Hello, I have what I think is an issue with an Optoma UHD40 whereby the image appears doubled-up, with the second instance of the image offset by a few pixels in the vertical direction. This affects both the supplied image via HDMI, and the on-screen Optoma menu items. Issue only apparent when...
  17. K


    For sale the fantastic Epsom 7100 4K PRO-UHD Projector which is brand new, never opened and with remaining warranty 21 months. It was intended to be part of a home cinema set-up but for now this has been put on hold, so my loss is your gain. All relevant technical information can be found on...
  18. Barrovian

    New to SkyQ - how to combine existing Netflix UHD package?

    A Sky Q and Netflix question... I’ve just had Sky Q installed. I already have a Netflix Ultra HD subscription and I’ve logged into Netflix on the Q box. Sky are suggesting that I link my account to Sky so it all goes on one bill, and to stop Netflix charging me separately. I’m a little confused...
  19. H

    For Sale ViewSonic X10-4K 4K UHD LED Projector

    ViewSonic x10-4k - Fully working condition, like new, around 570 hours on eco mode only of 30,000 used . Comes with original box, remote, WIFI dongle, cables and 2 rear magnetitic covers as if it was new. I’ll throw in a 5 meter power cable and possibly a 10 meter HDMI cable as I think I have...
  20. BeefyB

    Advice please - holy trinity purchase (55" TV, UHD Blu-ray + Atmos Surround Sound)

    Hey everyone, I am a long time ready of AV Forums but this is my first thread - go easy on me! I have been swatting up over the last few months, getting ready for my first major AV update for about 10 years and I would love the hive mind advice on the following Requirements 55" 4K TV Mainly...
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