4k uhd (ultra hd)

Ultra High Definition or 4K resolution
  1. Riddick1977

    Wanted 49-55in 4K wanted near Lincoln

    Hi, Anyone near me selling a 49-55inch 4K tv please? ridd
  2. RedDevil85

    Coming to America 4K UHD

    Currently up for pre-order in Italy for this year. Will update as usual should a UK release happen.
  3. RedDevil85

    War of the Worlds (1953) 4K UHD

    Currently up for pre-order in Italy for this year. Will update as usual should a UK release happen.
  4. RedDevil85

    Beverly Hills Cop 4K UHD

    Currently up for pre-order in Italy for this year. Will update as usual should a UK release happen.
  5. RedDevil85

    The Thing (1982) 4K UHD

    Coming soon from Universal, currently listed in Italy Will update as usual once expected UK release is confirmed.
  6. samdavies

    For Sale Captain Marvel 4K, Top Gun, Alien Anthology, Prometheus 3D Steels

    As above, a few steels for sale. Captain Marvel zavvi 4k - £25 Top Gun play.com embossed - £22.50 Alien Anthology play.com - £37.50 Prometheus 3D play.com - £12.50 All open, Mint Condition. Delivery included. All come with complete discs and J cards. Pictures available upon request. Any...
  7. tickneb

    For Sale Acer 43" 4K IPS Monitor

    Acer ET430K 43 inch Monitor LED LCD IPS Panel 16:9 - White. A fantastic IPS panel Monitor. Check out the youtube reviews for full features. I've used this with my main PC setup Great colour can be used as 4 HD monitors without the bezel great for looking at multiple pages on one screen. In...
  8. J

    Question 4K from sky q on hdmi loop

    Evening all, I have a 4x4 over cat5e matrix which has hdmI loop out on each output. It is 6 years old and only supports 1080p output. I use one of the hdmi outputs to a 4K tv which is above the matrix. I have recently upgraded to sky q and wondered if there is a way of getting a 4K signal to...
  9. K

    For Sale Blade Runner 2049 (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)

    brand new sealed
  10. Delore

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32GB

    Boxed with all the bits, no marks etc. Going back to shield hence the sale.
  11. skayjah

    Wanted 4K bluray player with Dolby Vision

    After realising that my Xbox One X only plays dolby vision for its apps and not for physical media, and with me getting a playback error on 20% of my discs (don't know how Microsoft hasn't fixed this yet), I'm looking for a fairly cheap 4K bluray player. Must be DV, Atmos and DTS:X compatible...
  12. L

    For Sale 4K UHD Blu Ray Player For Sale

    Philips 4K UHD Player for sale. Model: BPD 7307/F7 US Import. I purchased in November 2019 & is under warranty with Philips for the rest of the initial 12 months warranty period. When used It has been faultless in the limited occasions I used it ( in our office room rather than living room )...
  13. M

    For Sale The Greatest Showman 4k UHD + Bluray

    Greatest Showman 4K with bluray, £17.
  14. Dazza

    Wanted Dark Knight Trilogy 4k

    Hi must be mint Thanks
  15. antsims

    Wanted Jumanji - The Next Level 4K

    As title. Thanks
  16. B

    For Sale Dell XPS 15 7590 4K OLED I7 9th Gen Laptop.

    Dell XPS 15" 4K OLED Laptop in absolutely excellent condition. Originally purchased in Dec 2019, warranty until December 2020 which can be transferred to the buyer. Comes with 130 W AC adapter which still has the protective plastic on it. Windows has been reset and updated. The OLED screen...
  17. Bigfingers

    For Sale VU+ Uno 4K - 1.5M Gibertini Dish - Primesat Positioner

    Vu+ uno 4k UHD receiver, boxed with remote control (comes with twin FBC sat tuner) 1.5m Gibertini aluminium dish (very light and strong), comes with matching polar mount, heavy duty 18" actuator (that has grease nipple so can be regularly lubricated to stop premature failure) and Inverto black...
  18. shomilt

    Question APPLE 4KTV MRX 300

    URGENT HELP NEEDED I have just received my GZ950,i have anthem MRX 300 which is non 4k but has ARC i have not getting any sound from APPLE 4k TV to receiver..and not being able to use my speaker system,can you please advice as i read earlier in thread this can be done. Thanks in advance
  19. ArabChris

    For Sale Apocalypse now 4k

    Apocalypse now 4k with slip cover 15 delivered by bank transfer
  20. E

    Low end 4K projectors or 2nd hand mid-range HD ones??

    I currently have a viewsonic PX747-4K projector in my bedroom and is thinking of getting something better. I originally wanted to get an Epson TW7400 ($3199) projector. But I realise that I could find 2nd hand 1080p projectors like Sony-HW55ES or JVC-X500R or even Epson TW8200 for alot less...
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