1. B

    For Sale REDUCED 4k UHD's from £7.50

    Selection of 4k UHD's to move on, watched once and all in excellent condition. Atomic Blonde 4k+Bluray £9.50 Dunkirk Italian Import, Brand New (3 discs unsealed) £7.50 Fantastic Animals Crimes of Grindelwald, Watched once 4k+Bluray Italian Import £7.50 The Prestige (3 discs) Italian Import £7.50
  2. RedDevil85

    Chernobyl 4K UHD

    Coming out in the US on 1st December 2020 Up for pre-order now from the likes of WOWHD
  3. Indiana Jones

    For Sale Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 4K UHD Steelbook ‘Sealed’ - SOLD

    Have two brand new still sealed copIes of the OOP Zavvi Exclusive 4K UHD steelbook of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. No obvious signs of damage to either but I can’t see under the cardboard sleeve. Price is £35 delivered each by UPS next working day courier. First refusal goes to Mr...
  4. fragdude

    For Sale Lg 55” 4k uhd tv , 3 years old £285

    Son has bought a new oled, so selling his old tv, excellent condition, great picture and ticks all the boxes for 4k hdr10 on Xbox one ( only box not checked is Dolby vision ) Collection only from Gloucester Edited to say now advertised elsewhere
  5. RedDevil85

    The Wolf of Wall Street 4K UHD

    Links: Coming soon Release date: TBC It's been heavily rumoured for a good while now but nice to have it confirmed it's on the way soon!
  6. burtonpark

    For Sale WyreStorm CAB-HAOC-30-P 30m/98ft 18Gbps Hybrid Active Optical HDMI Cable 4K HDR

    Bought this of these forums a while back, in new boxed condition. https://www.avforums.com/threads/wyrestorm-18gbps-hdmi-over-active-optical-cable-30m.2162967/ was planning to use for long pj run, but not needed in the end so never been used or unwrapped.
  7. Ric_A

    New Aldi Medion 50” 4K TV with HDR

    Hi Aldi have a new Medion 50” TV for £279.99 plus £6.95 delivery at the moment. Anyone seen or tested one of these?
  8. R

    HDMI 4k Amplifier

    Hello, expertise required! I have just bought a 4k Projector and a 4k Bluray player and the best cables I can afford. Individually they are magnificent but I had been advised to get a more modern amplifier to feed my surround sound speakers and to use as a powered switch. I borrowed an...
  9. TheRemasterMaster

    Showgirls (3 Disc Limited Collector's Edition Mediabook (4K Ultra HD/UHD+ Blu-Ray + Bonus Blu-ray) (DE)

    Showgirls (3 DIsc Limited Collector's edition Mediabook) (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Bonus Blu-Ray) Purchase Link: Amazon Germany Release Date: 30/10/2020
  10. W

    2 way HDMI switch box and 10m HDMI 4k cable run - advice.

    Hi, I want to connect my computer to my TV via HDMI and have a switchbox between my monitor and TV. There would be a 10m run to my TV via HDMI. I would like this to handle 4k. The question is what type of cable to get. So my specific questions: 1. What type of HDMI cable do I need? 2. Is...
  11. JabbaNut

    Netflix Outlines New Tricks to Offer More Data-Cap-Friendly 4K

    " In a lengthy and detailed post published on the Netflix Technology Blog, a group that focuses on encoding and video algorithms laid out new techniques they hope will offer up higher-quality video for subscribers. In some cases, their internal testing has offered similar video quality at half...
  12. Noahdavid1984

    The Princess Bride 4K

    I didn’t even know this had a 4K release exclusive to Germany until I saw it the other day. Managed to pick one up and going to watch it tonight.
  13. TheRemasterMaster

    The Hobbit Trilogy 4k UHD

    According to the french site 4k-ultra-hd.fr There is a 4K UHD release coming of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy in December 2020, this is still not an official statement but could be great news if true. It currently has a release date of 9 december. the website states that the release...
  14. TheRemasterMaster

    Best Classic Movies to own on 4k UHD Blu-Ray

    This Thread is meant to discuss you're all time favorite classic movies to own on the 4k UHD Blu-Ray Format. With the recent release of The Columbia Classics collection Volume One 4k Ultra HD. I would like to know what are your favorite additions of classic movies shown on the 4k Ultra HD Format.
  15. Doctor Smith

    Question Anyone purchased New York Ripper or House by the Cemetery 4k?

    If so is the blu ray disc region free? Also where is the best place to import them from? Thanks
  16. Jason56d

    For Sale Apple TV 4K 32GB

    Hi, selling my Apple TV 4K 32GB. I haven't used it since April when I upgraded my TV and it has the Apple TV+ app. Bought from Currys November 2019. Excellent condition, cannot find any marks on it (naked eye and sure someone will!) Unused lightning cable. £110 including Royal Mail Special...
  17. Clock'd 0ne

    For Sale SOLD Black Hawk Down & Terminator 2 4K UHD

    As these are new, sealed and include slipcases I have tried to base pricing on previous sale threads but falling back on Amazon prices: £15 delivered - Black Hawk Down - SOLD £15 delivered - Terminator 2: Judgement Day - SOLD
  18. jamct

    Question PANASONIC 4K 55HZ1500 OLED V SAMSUNG 8K 55Q700T QLED

    Both TVs are on my shortlist to upgrade from my current 49" LED. They were recently £1,999 each but the 8K Samsung has a current cashback offer of £250. So, a dilemma, both have good reviews including better quality audio, the Panasonic, with probably, more robust quality metal construction...
  19. Timh129

    For Sale 6 USA 4K UHD Brand new - Pans Labyrinth , Post , Zero Dark 30 , Lucy , Venom , Godzilla

    6 USA titles brand new and sealed with Slipcovers - bought back by a mate from the USA and i already have them all ! I still paid him as he thought i would want them so just trying to get a bit back where i can! Titles includes Slipcovers and Digital Codes. Pans Labyrinth £20 sold Lucy £12...
  20. C

    Apple TV Users - What is your 4k demo material ?

    Just wondering what your 4k DV / HDR10 demo material is - whether a whole movie or particular scene. I have a 65” Sony OLED and have to say my demo material are some of the HDR YouTube videos run on the native app. What would you recommend for “wow” factor on ATV?
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