1. B

    Samsung 75" QLED Buying Advice Q95T 4K or Q900R 8K Model

    Hello, I’m planning to purchase a new Samsung 75” QLED since my earlier Samsung SUHD 65” 2017 Model: UA65KS9500 screen got scratched while shifting and now it has a black one inch permanent ink mark on the left side corner. Any way’s I will be claiming from insurance. I had paid around USD...
  2. camera girl

    For Sale Iron Man 2 & 3 steelbooks 4K £35 for both

    Best Buy Iron Man steelbooks: Iron Man 2 4K steelbook (Good condition) £20 Iron Man 3 4K steelbook (Good condition) £20 Take both for £35
  3. N

    old Intel HD4600 integrated graphics not detecting 4k TV

    I have an old desktop pc with an ASUS Z87M-PLUS motherboard with an i5-4400 cpu, and using Intel HD4600 integrated graphics, which says it supports up to 4k resolution @ 24hz. The hdmi port is working because I can connect a 2k monitor to it with no problems, though I usually rely on DVI for...
  4. fallinlight

    Question The Goonies 4K UHD - FAULT at 1:00:59 - WB are Replacing Faulty Discs

    The Goonies 4K UHD - FAULT at 1:00:59 - Please reply if you have the fault UPDATE: Warner Bros. are replacing discs: Please read the response from my dealer, HMV, here, https://www.avforums.com/threads/the-goonies-4k-uhd-fault-at-1-00-59-wb-are-replacing-faulty-discs.2311224/post-28373825...
  5. Chimpkid

    For Sale Panasonic TX-40DX700B LED TV

    I'm selling this Panasonic TV as I have no room after moving house. Panasonic TX-40DX700B 40-inch 1400 Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Freeview Play It's like brand new, all parts accounted for. I'm after £180. It would make a great bedroom TV or a great TV for gaming which is what I used it...
  6. 3000gto

    Wanted 4k Amazon fire stick/TV or Cube

    Surprised Amazon haven't had a sale on these recently so I'm after any of the above (although I'm sure they will once I have already bought something !) Must be able to play 4k HDR etc Cheers Paul
  7. kahlua

    For Sale star wars a new hope 4k steelbook sold

    new sealed a new hope steelbook
  8. G

    For Sale Star Wars Last Jedi 4K UHD Slipcase

    Selling the slipcase edition of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi UHD. Included are also BD and Bonus Disc. Comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Unwrapped but has not been watched.
  9. Elwood Blues

    Wanted Fire TV Stick 4k

    Anyone have one for sale?
  10. M

    How well do 4k tv's display 1080p signals ?

    Hi, Thank you for looking at this question, I have read online that a 1080p can look fuzzy on a 4k tv, is this true for all 4k tv's The reason i ask is that i would like to use a 43'' tv as a monitor so that the text is larger (problems with eyesight) and the computer i currently have can only...
  11. D

    For Sale Brightburn 4K UHD & Blu Ray

    Brightburn 4K and Blu Ray 2 disc set, watched once.
  12. TA1212

    For Sale Acer Predator X27 4K 144hz HDR 1000

    Acer Predator X27 4K 144hz HDR 1000 Gaming Monitor Perfect condition. No dead pixels, scratches or marks. Includes Acer additional warranty. Cash on collection from Reading, UK or can deliver within a 50 mile radius for a small charge.
  13. TheRemasterMaster

    Best Movies to own on 4k (UHD) Blu-Ray

    I've started this thread to discuss the best movies you can own on the Ultra HD Blu-ray Format. Everyone can post their opinion in their thread about what movies really look good on this format and standout from one another. I've just started Collecting 4k Ultra-HD Blu-rays i now own the...
  14. IreneF

    Techwood Exertis 4k 55 inch TV

    I am new to this forum so if I do something wrong please let me know. I have this TV since May and I use it for my cctv and recorder however cctv stopped working and I thought maybe it was internet or leads or something after a long time trying stuff it turns out that HDMI 2 on the TV has...
  15. RedDevil85

    The New Mutants 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk - HMV - Zavvi - Zoom.co.uk Release date: TBC Steelbook option, thread: The New Mutants (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook)
  16. MRabz

    Receiver & 4K Firestick

    Hello, I was wondering if anybody can help me... I have a 65” Philips Ambilight TV and it’s connected to my Onkyo HT-S5915 with a brand new 4K HDMI cable. I have a new 4K Amazon Firestick plugged into the “stream” slot at the back of my AV Receiver and I watch everything on that with perfect...
  17. Davidj6420

    For Sale Rogue One 4K (US version with slipcover)

    Looking to sell on my US copy of Rogue One with slipcover. also includes the film on Blu-ray and a Blu-ray extras disc. £20 includes shipping.
  18. RedDevil85

    Crash (1996) Limited Edition 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk - Arrow Video - HMV - Zavvi Release date: 30/11/2020
  19. RedDevil85

    King of New York 4K UHD

    Links: Amazon.co.uk - Arrow Video - HMV - Zavvi Release date: 16/11/2020
  20. G

    Question LG 55um7050 best settings / calibration settings

    Hi Guys, First of all, great forum, superb info !!! I have ordered the LG 55um7050. I know, i should have gone with um7450 or above ( srry Dodge 😅😅 ), but the um7050 was damn cheap ( 350 euro in Belgium with discount ). TV is for casual usage. I am giving it as a gift to someone who does not...
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