1. P

    House alarm splitting the download speed?

    We wonder if anybody on the AV forum has come across this scenario/problem before and if anyone has any solutions? We have been suffering from low download speeds on our BT Broadband service about 8 mb download. All our neighbours around us achieve between 39-44 mb. All checks have been done...
  2. RobTi

    Question Setting alarm when keypad is at bottom of the stairs

    How would you advise me I live in upstairs flat with keypad at the only door at the bottom of the stairs so that’s great when entering or exiting but what about part arming at night, my last system had the keypad built in to the panel, this was a CEF self install by me around 25 years back. So...
  3. RobTi

    Question alarm cable recommendation

    So i really need someone to point me right to a drum of cable so i can rough out my house, its just an2 bed upstairs flat with nothing more than 6m from the control unit i am lowering the hall ceiling so want to get the keypad and door sensor cables in to get the ceiling finished, and i have...
  4. C

    Abode smart alarm launching in the UK

    I saw Abode is launching in their smart alarm in the UK - Currently available for pre-order on their uk website Abode Home Security - #1 DIY Home Security I was confusing them with Adobe ! I currently have the Ring Alarm and while its basic functionality is fine, the lack of any external siren...
  5. S

    Question Visonic Powermax Complete - Door Sensor Low Battery False Alarm

    My system came up with a low battery warning for one of my door sensors a few days ago. I have replaced the CR2 battery, but the system is still seeing a low battery condition for that sensor. I have checked both the original and replacement batteries and they are both measuring the same, I.e...
  6. B

    For Sale Huub Triathlon Transition Rucksack New

    Huub Triathlon Transition Rucksack Brand New £45 delivered. The transition Huub bag rucksack has enough room for all your competition equipment, very comfortable to wear. The waterproof compartment is large enough to hold a XL Length Wetsuit. 32 litre volume for triathlon equipment. Waterproof...
  7. RobTi

    Question Simple to set alarm

    Hi looking for suggestions for a wireless alarm for my elderly mother it’s part arm that would confuse her I think, It was suggested a pyronix enforcer with the tabs and intelligent setup would be ideal but also if there was a one button part arm system that would also be okay. So single story...
  8. S

    Alarm sounding security device for outside trashcan

    Alarm sounding security device for outside trashcan Hello, I'm looking for a way to make my trashcan sound an alarm anytime it is opened. The only thing remotely close to what I want is a childs toy that senses light and gives off a sound. Any thoughts / tips / suggestions are appreciated. I'm...
  9. A

    are hardware alarms important to you?

    hardware alarm means the alarm makes the phone turn on - do you need that, or not? advantages of hardware alarms: - reliability: phone can operate even when turned off - automatic turn off and on disadvantages of hardware alarms: - user control - power cycles shorten battery life ------...
  10. tillytomps

    Question Ring alarm on a shed

    Hi guys, need some please as I can't find the answer basically got 3 ring cameras and a doorbell, but have recently built a shed in the garden which is about 60ft away from the house. I like the idea of the ring alarm and woukd also like a camera installed as well. The shed has one pair of...
  11. Greg Hook

    Ajax Smart Home Alarm System Review & Comments

    We take a look at the Ajax professional grade smart home security system featuring an impressive array of accessories and options. Read the review. Write your own review for Ajax Hub 2
  12. jamespaulley

    Question Yamaha MusicCast 20 stereo pair: Alarm only activates on one speaker

    Hi, I have two Yamaha MusicCast 20s set up as a stereo pair. The alarm clock feature is only activating audio on one speaker, the "master" speaker (left). The child (right) either just does nothing or turns off if it is powered on. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks.
  13. B

    Anyone got a Ring alarm set up?

    Thinking of replacing our 15 year old inbuilt alarm system to a Ring one to go with our doorbell and stick up cams set up. Anyone got one, happy with it?
  14. W

    Question Visonic Powermaster - which detector for patio doors?

    I want to protect the patio doors at the back of my integral garage, but am not sure what Visonic Powermaster detector to use. You can get from the garage into the house through an internal door, and the patio doors have vertical blinds, which I want to keep. A standard door contact is not a...
  15. nkonstas

    Suggestions for modern alarm system with CCTV integration and a good iOS app

    Hi all, moved to a new house and looking to install a security system. In previous property had a Risco Agility 3 which was ok but looked like it was designed in the 90s. I like the new 'boundary' system but that will not be available until August 2020 (earliest). Of course there is always...
  16. U

    DIY alarm suggestions for a small unit?

    Hi I have a 2000 square foot unit with a little office. Other than the office it's just an open space used for palletised stock. I need an alarm system which I can install myself without the need of any wiring. Preferably something I can control / monitor from an app. Please provide...
  17. O

    Hive alarm

    My central heating boiler has an intermittent fault which is proving difficult to fix. It shuts down and I only realise it when the temp drops. Does Hive have an alarm to show the temp has dropped below program setting?
  18. paulst10

    Pandora Alarm Systems?

    Anyone had any experience with these alarms? IMO, they look pretty state of the art, but was curious if anyone has any real experience of them (for better or worse) I personally like the idea of a tweakable phone app but a couple of friends seem to think third party alarms are more hassle than...
  19. D

    Home alarm system !

    Hello folks, I have a 99+8 zone GSM Alarm system and could desperately do with some help setting it up. My problem is when I first installed it, I used it as a wireless system, but because of the heavy use and price of the batteries, I now want to use it as hard-wired. I have installed all the...
  20. J

    Question Replace ADT Alarm with Konnected alarm - Smart Home Alarms

    We have an existing monitored ADT alarm and am fed up paying over £40 a month. I have been doing research and the idea of using a Konnected panel interface or replacement panel comes up. I see on here there are some comments about it but I wondered whether anyone had experience of Smart Home...
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