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  1. motogpv4

    For Sale £15 Amazon code

    Have a £15 Amazon code forsale will take £13.50 paypal or bt cheers
  2. andyboy99

    Disney Plus Atmos on Amazon Firestick 4K

    Hi, I have just signed upto Disney Plus and am watching through my 4k Firestick. I am not getting Dolby Atmos for Disney, Atmos is fine on Amazon Prime watched Jack Ryan and Atmos show no my Denon 3500. Any advice? Also on Disney I have to change from Dolby Vision as the picture keeps...
  3. dhillon7

    Wanted Amazon Vouchers £150 value

    Hi All Looking for some Amazon vouchers to the value of £150 please for the usual rate Thanks
  4. K

    Amazon Prime and Digihome Smart TV model 43287dfp

    Am considering applying for Amazon Prime but not sure if I can use with this model. Also can you add the app to the tv or do you need to use an Amazon Stick.
  5. H

    Wanted ~£80-100 Amazon Gift credit

    Can pay via BT/PPG. Cheers
  6. Mark1985

    Wanted Amazon firestick

    anyone selling firesticks? Looking the standard alexa ones preferably boxed?
  7. Reyreyrey

    Wanted Amazon Vouchers £100 or more

    £100 and up to £400 at 94% . Payment via paypal gift Happy to pay first if you have good feedback Thanks
  8. cammey78

    Wanted Amazon Prime 12 Months

    Anyone have one for sale? Thanks :)

    Question Amazon Firestick 4k problem

    Everything works well apart from when I try and play 4k content, I just get a black screen and it says renderer won't play video. Is this a WiFi problem? My TV is fully capable of playing 4k video and I've checked the settings on the stick and it's set to automatically detect 4k video..
  10. leo79

    How to set Hukd to automatically open amazon app?

    Hi, something I could definitely live with but whilst I'm sat in the garden enjoying the sun I thought I'd ask the clever folk on AVF. Whenever I click on an amazon deal on the hukd app (android) it opens up amazon in chrome. How do I change it so it opens the amazon app instead. Such a...
  11. dbeevers

    For Sale Amazon Basics display port to display port 1.8m cable FREE

    Bought in error and amazon don't want it back so free with any kind of local charity donation to where you live and I'll post when next out. Seem to think I bought one of these ages ago to connect my Pioneer plasma media box to the screen? Oh, still sealed! Cheers
  12. Arcam_boy

    Wanted £100 Amazon Vouchers Please...

    Hi, As per the title looking for £100 of Amazon vouchers to be sent via PM / email. Anyone with less than 10 feedback will be required to send the code first please. Happy to pay via BT or PPG. Thanks
  13. canada16

    Transfer songs from Deezer to Spotify

    Hey Now that I am working from home I have noticed how terrible Deezer is. I keep getting the please wait for a few seconds when I want to listen to a song, its getting annoying. I have actually even had multiple shut downs where it refuses to play music and I need to restart the app. I am...
  14. D

    For Sale Amazon Vouchers

    Hi guys, I've got £400 of amazon vouchers to sell. Judging by threads I've read its 93% of value they sell for? Understandably I'm a newbie and I see the system here is similar to ebay. Willing to provide any proof, details etc. Just let me know. Thanks, David
  15. G

    New Girl on Amazon Prime, not 1080p?

    I am watching New Girl on Amazon Prime (Watch New Girl Season 3 | Prime Video) and it's only streaming 720p. I've been able to stream The Grand Tour in 1080p HD on my Mac. Can somebody else try it on a faster connection (I've got 55Mbps FTTC) and see if they experience the same? Is this common...
  16. jonnydee

    Amazon Fire TV stick stopped, what to consider

    Just looking for some advice. As my 2016 Amazon Fire TV stick just stopped working, what shall I replace it with? Been considering a Roku Premier, as I also have NowTV subscription, although I may let this lapse, and also Netflix plus Prime. I have considered an Andriod TV box but not sure of...
  17. JabbaNut

    Amazon is developing a game streaming platform (code-named Project Tempo)

  18. P

    For Sale £100 amazon voucher

    £100 amazon voucher for sale for £90 paypal gift please
  19. JabbaNut

    The best Android TV-Boxes for Disney +, HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

    " One of the recurring questions that we have every day is which is about the best TV Box with Android to watch paid streaming with the best quality. In this list we detail the best Boxes with Android that there are today to enjoy streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime video, HBO and...
  20. C

    Alexa can’t see playlist I’m my Amazon Music Library

    Hello, We have had an Amazon Echo and a subscription to Amazon Music for several months and from the start there has been a problem with the My Mudic Library. I have created several playlist but when I ask Alexa to play one she says she can’t see it. And if I ask for a song or album from My...
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