1. Atomcom

    Question Mission e8as1 Subwoofer amp board died (again) replacement ?

    Hi, Many years ago I purchased for quite a bit of cash at the time a Mission e8as1 subwoofer. After about 5 years use the sub died. I found out after some research that the amp board had died, though lucky if you took it out of the amp and sent off to a mission repair centre they would repair...
  2. M

    Norma amp or rega aethos?

    Hello all. Have been looking to get an aethos as the amp for my rega P8 and aria phono stage. Demoed it today and it sound loud, muscular and big! Still very interested but dealer also shared with me a Norma revo ip70b I think it was. Never heard of before. It too sounded awesome but very...
  3. thewiccaman

    Question Sony STR-DH190 Amp bi-wiring with Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 - can I?

    As the title says, is it possible to bi-wire from my Wharfedale Diamond 9.1speakers - they have 4 posts/terminals - with the STR-DH190? The STR-DH190 only has single connectors/terminals for either speakers A or B. So do I put two ends from each Wharfedale speaker into the single L & R...
  4. G

    Question Marantz PM4200 Amp

    Had this amp for a few years, with no problems, but over the last few months, when playing vinyl, and CDs, it's started 'pinking'. I.e. the sound cuts out for a millisecond, very intermittently. I've opened it up and used some electrical cleaner on the parts I can access. There was a fair amount...
  5. K

    Wanted 5/7 Channel Power Amp

    I am looking to bump the power on my NAD T758 V3 so looking for a power amp to add to it. Ideally black - something like Arcam P7/777 perhaps.
  6. richardsim7

    Wanted 4+ Channel Power Amp

    Looking for a power amp with 4 (or more) channels @jason1wood I understand you have a Rotel RB-985 for sale? Is that still available? :)
  7. thedude

    New Amp but what!

    Ive just bought some Elac Debut B5.2 for my office and im looking for an amp to go with them. I dont want to spend an absolute fortune as i have a good set up in the living room but want something i can enjoy in the office. So can i get some suggestions
  8. CaptainJames

    Question Stereo Amp / Home Theatre System

    So apologies if I'm covering old ground, I know there are a few posts around on this subject but I just want to make sure that I have got it clear in my head. I currently use my Pioneer SC-LX79 for stereo music as well as TV/ movie duties, and I think it does a pretty good job. However, I...
  9. M

    For Sale Sony STR-DN1080 4k Dolby Atmos Amp

    Hi all, Moving house so selling a few bits. The amp is in excellent condition, fully boxed with accessories. I bought it with Richer Sounds so should have 2-3 years warranty left but will check. I'd much prefer collection but would courier at cost.
  10. G

    Mono power amp

    I am after a mono power amp for my centre channel already have a xtz amp for my left and right around 150 watts my receiver is a demon x3400 any suggestions Cheers
  11. Doyle

    What cheap used amp for Evo2-30's?

    Looking for a bit of advice please. I'm cobbling together an amp & speakers set up for my daughter - trying to demonstrate that used is the best way to buy, and that budgets should not be exceeded! I picked up a pair of Wharfedale EVO2-30 speakers at the weekend for a reasonable price and...
  12. S

    Question Crackle with Denon X3600H and Yamaha A5200 amp

    Hullo I’m running a Yamaha A5200 amp with a Denon X3600H and I’m getting a crackle now and again when watching at slightly higher volumes. Day to day when the kids are watching TB it doesn’t seem to happen, but when I put it up a bit to watch a film then it seems when the sounds good from quiet...
  13. H

    Question First setup, budget ~€700, spending more on amp than speakers?

    Hi, I'm putting together my first hifi set-up and was looking for some final advice. I've got a budget of about 700 euros (Belgium located) but don't mind going a bit higher (and definitely a bit lower) if I can get something that's just better value. This will be a simple set-up to connect to...
  14. Filipedine

    Pre amp opinion

    Hi All, I am searching for a second hand pre amp for my system and I've narrowed it down to the following list: McIntosh C47 Audio Research LS-12 Audio Research LS-2B They are all reputable brands, and the McIntosh is the the most expensive of the group being 3 time the price of the LS-12. I...
  15. U

    Advice Pls: Sonos Amp + bookshelf speakers (+ TV) in an alcove

    Looking for various bits of advice please. I've recently moved house to a fairly "normal" victorian terrace, therefore my sitting room is a fairly square smallish room (approx 3.5m square) and has a fire place with log burner and therefore of course the dreaded alcoves. A poorly drawn floor plan...
  16. D

    Question Yamaha M-60 Power Amp replacement recommendations

    Hi Guys, My Yamaha M-60 Power Amp has sadly gone pop - was wondering what people would recommend to replace it? It's powering two Yamaha NS-1000 Monitor speakers so looking for something with enough oomph to drive them. Not got a crazy budget but open to suggestions in most ranges. Thanks in...
  17. NottsMFC

    For Sale Cambridge CXA80

    Cambridge CXA80 integrated amplifier for sale. Excellent condition from smoke / pet / child free home. All original packaging & accessories. Bought new by me February 2016 along with a CXN V1 Network Player that I will also be posting for sale in the Player & PVR classifieds section. Any...
  18. A

    Wanted Marantz NR1710

    bit of a long shot but after this particular amp as it’s atmos 4k and slim
  19. dbeevers

    For Sale Audio Innovations S500 Valve Amp

    Selling one of my valve amps. Early S500 in fully working and excellent condition, no major scratches to the perspex top and all valves working as expected also has the turntable option fitted. Hope I'm not gonna regret selling this 🤔 Has the original box and foam inserts and will try to find...
  20. L

    Getting a new AMP + Speaker - Need some help please :)

    Hi everyone! Hope you are doing okay in this pandemic time. I've got a pair of Audio Engine A2+ (no AMP) and I've decided to replace them. I want to have pleasure from the sound of my speakers as much as possible as I am spending most of my day on my PC. I mostly listen to music, play games...
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