1. D

    For Sale Anthem MRX310 receiver

    Hi thanks for looking at my advert for my MRX310. Latest firmware, unmarked as far as I can see (put into my AV unit on purchase and never moved until coming out for replacement), faultless, latest firmware, complete with ARC kit and remote (age appropriate usage marks to that). A very...
  2. T

    Question Anthem 520 audio output over HDMI OUT 1

    Hi long time anthem user here but I have a temporary need to not use the speaker outputs on the AVR and feed audio into the TV over HDMI. The manual suggests that HDMI output 1 carries 2 channel audio only, which is fine and all I need for now, however I can’t seem to get it to work. Sound...
  3. nonsoloinglese

    Wanted Anthem MRX 720 (Immaculate)

    Looking for an MRX 720 after having missed out on the previous one.
  4. DT79

    Anthem AVR used as a processor

    I’m getting a little fed up of the idiosyncrasies of my Arcam AVR390 and I’m toying with trying a second hand Anthem AVR as a processor. Room correction is a must. I’ve tried Audyssey before and didn’t get on with it. I am pleased with the end result of Dirac Live if not the rigmarole of...
  5. A

    For Sale Anthem D2v Processor with balanced XLR. Still best sound for HT/Music combo.

    Anthem D2v fully balanced XLR inc. ARC – No introductions required. Yes, there are more expensive and slightly better digital processors but no one can give you the most balanced and all round competing, musically and home theatre wise, package as this processor. Coupled with the ARC system...
  6. L

    Replacement for TAG processor?

    Hello, I have had my current processor (see signature) for over 10 years and it has served me well but obviously doesn't do hdmi or HD sound or any kind of room correction so I am thinking of replacing it with s new model. Stereo sound is important to me as well which is why I have been so...
  7. tausefk

    For Sale Anthem MRX 520 AV Receiver /Amplifier

    Hi, I have a 520 which I would like to sell so I can upgrade. Used lightly and only for movies, a couple of times a month. It is connected to a Sony 4K OLED and passes full 4K HDR and in excellent condition. Comes complete with ARC kit, remote and power cable. I am the 2nd owner, so not too...
  8. J

    Change from an Anthem 720?

    Hi all, I'm toying with the idea of changing my amp but can't quite decide what to go for. I currently have an Anthem 720 and am using the XTZ Cinema series. Don't get me wrong: the Anthem has lots of detail and a heclk of a punch, but I can't help feeling I'd like something a bit more...
  9. cksv

    Getting audio but no video with Apple TV connected to Anthem MRX 720

    Hi All - Recently purchased an Apple TV 4K and can't seem to get anything other than audio from it. Some troubleshooting steps I've taken: * Connected the ATV to several different HDMI ports on the back of the receiver (I always get audio but no video). The front of the receiver shows 4K. *...
  10. C

    Anthem Mrx 510 and LG C9 Issue - advice please.

    I've been trawling through threads but can't find a definitive answer to this. I have an Anthem mrx 510 and am using the ARC to my LG C9. Whatever I do to try and reconfigure the audio settings all I can get is 2.0 PCM, even if the source is 5.1, Dolby Atmos etc. Is there a solution? There...
  11. C

    ARC issue with Anthem 510 and LG C9 OLED

    Hi all, Just got delivery of a new LGC9 to replace my Panasonic ZT. Got it all set up with my existing AV setup, the hub of which is an Anthem 510. I've got the ARC from the LG (hdmi 2) set up to my Anthem and it was all working fine to my 5.1 speaker setup. However, after about 30 minutes the...
  12. Nick1881

    For Sale Anthem PVA 7 power amps x 2 in black

    I have 1 x Anthem PVA 7 power amplifier for sale. One of them has a few scratches on the front, this one was manufactured in 2010. The other one is in better condition, it has some additional labels on the back having been used for atmos channels, these could be peeled off, manufactured in...
  13. Garry123

    Anthem MRX 710 to a Arcam 550

    Getting upgrade itus. My MRX 710 is getting on a bit now. So I was think of jumping to an Arcam 550. Any thoughts? Is it worth the change. Main benefit is the upgraded hdmi and supported audio formats. Mainly used for movies, but some music.
  14. P

    Shut off issue with Anthem MRX 520

    Hi I have an Anthem MRX520 which has developed a shut off issue. It seems to turn on fine but shuts itself off automatically after random time periods, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes 2 minutes. There seems to be no particular pattern with these shut off time periods...
  15. R

    how to connect the phono preamp of pioneer sx 1250 to my present system: Anthem mrx 720 with Rotel RB 1582 MK2 ampand pictorial illustration

    Hello All I have a pioneer sx 1250 , had it for years however at present it shuts down one channel when it warms up . I've had this supposedly fixed but no . at the moment i can't afford to have it completely overhauld . The anthem MRX 720 a/v reciever doesn't have a phono pre amp ...
  16. P

    Anthem MRX 500 Amplifier/Receiver

    Hello! My receiver suffered an accident when it was pulled out and over-stretched a main speaker cable. Apparently, it did work for a while if you played around with the speaker cable - according to the previous owner - but when I bought it, I only heard sound once for a couple of seconds...
  17. bandyka

    Question Faulty AVR or sub??

    Well, my system has been acting funny lately when it comes to bass response. I cannot figure out if its the sub or the processor for certain. Components are in my signature. So the issues are: - Cannot raise test tone in AVR higher then +5db as the subwoofer cuts out completely (fine if...
  18. R

    Anthem MRX700 - changing between surround and stereo?

    I picked up a used Anthem MRX700 to breath a little life into my family room AV system. It replaced a low end Denon receiver, and I'm quite pleased with the sound. Unfortunately, I didn't get the remote with unit, and I suspect my Harmony remote may be missing functions. I've got the unit...
  19. exponential

    Question Anything out there to compete with Arcam SR250

    Hi all. I'm getting that itchy, wallet busting infection again where I have an incredible urge to upgrade my system and I need some guidance from you guys. It's like the Coronavirus but the audio version which isn't reported on the news. The Arcam SR250 is a strange beast and I have a...
  20. J

    Question Any quality reduction when using processor On Screen Display?

    For many years I've turned off the on-screen display on my AV processors, labouring under the assumption that if the processor is overlaying a display on the image then the image quality must be reduced somehow. I just recently bought an Anthem AVM60 and In the interests of challenging this...
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