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  1. B

    For Sale Mac Mini 2018/20 i5 6 Core Upgraded to 64GB Ram + Apple Touchpad

    Have for Sale a Mac Mini - 3.0GHz 6-core Intel Core i5 512Gb Upgraded to 64GB RAM using the ifixit kit (easier than it seems!) Was originally bought as a machine to try out Mac OS and run a few virtual machines (hence the RAM upgrade) and hasn't seen nearly as much use as I expected. Has been on...
  2. nate247

    For Sale iPad Mini 5 - Wifi + Cellular - 64GB (Silver) + Apple Care & Case

    Hi Guy's, For sale is my totally immaculate and barely used iPad Mini 5. All accessories unused and the iPad packaged back as if it were new. Comes with 2 years of Apple Care which expires on 29th June 2022. Also comes with a Black Apple Smart Cover worth £45. Total price of this package...
  3. gg13533

    Apple Watch Series 6 Charging Cable

    Can anyone confirm which version of USB does the Charging Cable for the Series 6 have?
  4. R

    Stutter with LG OLED 55CX & Apple TV

    Hi, recently purchased the LG CX. Am noticing severe stuttering particularly when viewing content through an Apple TV 4. Doesn't seem to matter if it's Netflix or iTunes and applies particularly to movies. Has anyone else had similar experiences and are there any fixes? I was reading that I...
  5. pcdunk

    For Sale Thunderbolt Cables and Lightning Adapter

    I have for sale the following:- Apple 2 Mtr. Thunderbolt Cable £22 delivered. Apple Lightning to USB adapter (Lightning male out , Lightning female in, USB female in) £15 delivered.
  6. rousetafarian

    Apple AirPods 2nd generation (wired)

    Hi, Tempted to upgrade to the Pro option so have these for sale. Boxed with cable and a 3rd party protective case in dark bronze to keep the white case pristine. Clearly these will be sensitised and once done so packaged up. Original box is around somewhere as I don’t tend to throw them away...
  7. thelaughingman

    Wanted Apple Pencil Gen 2

    Hi As per title, looking for the Apple Pencil Gen 2
  8. Geoggy

    Can the Apple Upgrade program be beaten?

    Hi, I've pre-ordered the 12 pro on the Apple upgrade program, which I have been on for the last 3 years. I like the new handset every year, the Applecare+ cover (never used it though) and I can use my NHS discount for a Sim only contract with EE. So I probably pay about £75 a month with the...
  9. mas121

    Wanted Apple Magic Keyboard

    As in title, version 1 or 2. Must be in good, clean condition.
  10. Mr.Stu

    Wanted Apple Pencil v1

    As per title, just need the pencil
  11. R

    How to get Jaws in 4K on Apple TV?

    I own quite a few movies through Apple TV, but Jaws is the first one I’ve owned that’s actually gone from HD to 4K without an additional purchase, which is great. But the only way I can watch the 4K version is to go into the store find it there and then watch it. If I click on my purchased...
  12. Slugsy01

    Why don’t Apple make a TV?

    Hi I fear I’ll get shot down by cleverer and more knowledgeable people but listening to Apple and their new Apple IPhone 12, they seem to have a ton load of processing stuff all about their display and video inc HDR and DV. With all that tech and research, I wondered why they don’t think about...
  13. Paulro

    For Sale Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

    Selling a nearly new 2nd Gen Apple Pencil. Used a couple of times for 5 minutes. Thanks
  14. Benji315

    For Sale Apple Watch Strap Product Red Sports Band 44mm Sealed New

    As per topic, brand new and sealed. Came with my S6 but I went for the Nylon Strap. Cheers!
  15. Mac User

    Wanted Hermes Apple Watch

    As above, looking for a Hermes Apple Watch. Must be Series 3 and above. Cash waiting
  16. Beany31

    What is my MacBook worth?

    Hi all I’ve just purchased a Mac mini so looking to move on my MacBook 2012 (mid) non retina. I have updated the ram to 16gb and added a 1tb SSD. no issues with battery and the performance is great with the ram and SSD. laptop has cosmetic marks as expected since 2012 ownership and has been...
  17. A

    Apple v non Apple

    Hello Just decided to buy myself a new computer ( refurbished really) for around £190 ( not much I know) I was thinking of Apple iMac A1224 20” intel 2.26ghz 250 HDD 4B RAM or an Apple MacBook A1342 13” core 2 pro 4GB ( both 2009 models ) As I open University student I need things like...
  18. Hainesy

    For Sale 16GB RAM (2 x 8GB DDR4-2666 SODIMM) from Apple Mac Mini 2018 - OEM Apple Kit

    I just upgraded the RAM in my 2018 Mac Mini and so selling the original 16GB of RAM - a pair of OEM Apple 8GB SODIMM RAM sticks from it. Obviously would also be suitable for similar age iMac or PCs Fully working, packed in anti-static holders. £55 shipped.
  19. dUnKle

    Unable to import photos from external drive

    I’m trying to upload my photos, backed up onto an external hard drive, into Apple photos, via my max mini however nearly every single one fails. All photos, almost without exception, have been taken on an iPad or iPhone and all photos can be viewed on the Mac. But when dragging them into...
  20. S

    For Sale Apple Watch Strap Deep Navy Sports Band 44mm Sealed New

    Brand new sealed Apple Watch strap Just £34 including delivery
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