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  1. Adlopa


  2. Y

    Question Macbook air or pro?

    Hello, Im looking to buy a macbook. Which configuration is better? I need a laptop for casual browsing, netflix, watching live streams on twitch, some school work. I want to be able to have multiple tabs open, keep a few apps running in the background or at the same time without slowing the...
  3. nheather

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can help me with this. Had a look at the MG EV at the weekend. I think the range is still an issue but generally I thought it was pretty good. One thing I did think poor compared with the competition and what I am used to is the infotainment and sat nav - seemed quite...
  4. The Grandfather

    SD card extension cable

    Hi. I have an iMac which as you know has the SD card socket on the back of the machine. As I have recently bought a cheap negative scanner which dumps its scans to a SD card I would like to make life easy for myself and not have heave, bend and otherwise contort myself every time I want to...
  5. jrl

    Apple +. App

    Is the Apple + app now on the LG oled C8 and if so where do I find it ?
  6. Matt_C

    Question How can I turn off "updates" notification?

    I don't want to upgrade to Catalina (because I know it will break a few apps that I use) but everyday I'm getting a notification telling me there is a software update to install (the one from Sys Prefs, not the App Store one) and I can't figure out how to silence it. I don't want to turn off...
  7. jrl

    Question Apple TV + intermittent freezing C8

    Using a Roku on my LG C8 Apple TV+ app I’m getting intermittent freezing anyone else or is it just me ?
  8. B

    LG OLED C9 -> Sonos Arc -> Apple TV Sound Problem

    I searched the C9 forum before posting this but could not find a reference to this problem. I have the setup shown in the title and the Apple TV is the latest version. When the Apple TV is set to Dolby Atmos, it plays Dolby Atmos content perfectly. However, on that same Apple TV setting, Dolby...
  9. stu D

    How to get Dolby Atmos from MacBook Pro 2020 to AV Receiver (Apple TV+)

    Hi Folks. Got myself a new MacBook Pro 2020. Came with 12m free subscription to Apple TV+ via the built in app. So I thought Id try out the new Greyhound film with Tom Hanks, which is streamed in 4k with dolby Atmos. I have a Dolby Atmos amp (Yamaha RXV 685) so I hooked up the MacBook to...
  10. nigpd

    Samsung UE55HU7500T and Apple TV+ possible?

    I've got an oldie but goldie Samsung UE55HU7500T and would like to know if it's possible to get the Apple TV+ app loaded on it. Can't find it in the apps section, so don't know whether I'm stuffed or not. TIA
  11. Silver Arrow

    Question Anybody know how to embed a jpeg file to a Flac file on an Apple system?

    Hi All, I have a Mac computer, store music on there, ripped CD's via iTunes and Flac files. I have a Bluesound Node 2i streamer which is having a bit of an issue with artwork for the albums. I can see how. to embed the artwork to the ripped CD files within iTunes which should resolve most of the...
  12. JohnWB

    Very Slow to connect from PC or Apple TV 4K to my Synolgy NAS boxes

    Recently when I try to access files on my Synology 214Play NAS or 218 NAS via NFS, from my Windows 10 PCit usually takes more than 10 seconds to connect, it used to be ok. I have the same problem trying to access my NAS boxes from my Apple TV 4K Sometimes it connects straight away. Eveything...
  13. N

    setting up apple iPhone account

    We have two iphones on a shared account I have tried to set one of the phones on a new seperate account When i put in the mail address it wont accept it due to it already been used on the shared account Do i remove the account first
  14. RoadsterUK

    A visual comparison of macOS Catalina and Big Sur.

    Of interest:
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