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  1. fwokinfwok

    Question Denon AVRX2200W and Apple TV playing Dolby Atmos

    Should my Denon display 'Dolby Atmos' when I'm watching something recorded in Dolby Atmos..? I have ceiling mounted speakers alongside the usual surround sound speakers and sub but the display just comes up 'Dolby Surround' when watching something in Dolby Atmos.
  2. C

    Apple TV Users - What is your 4k demo material ?

    Just wondering what your 4k DV / HDR10 demo material is - whether a whole movie or particular scene. I have a 65” Sony OLED and have to say my demo material are some of the HDR YouTube videos run on the native app. What would you recommend for “wow” factor on ATV?
  3. Q

    HDMI Splitter for Apple TV

    I am thinking about purchasing an Apple TV 4K, but it only has HDMI out. My projector (Benq LK970) of course has a 4K HDMI input, but for audio I use a Mark Levinson No. 360S 2-channel DAC, so I need Toslink or coaxial audio out. What would be the best HDFury device to accomplish this? Thanks!
  4. M

    Question Yamaha RX-A780 : Remote zone 2 output volume via Apple TV remote

    Hello, I'm searching for a while how to remote zone 2 volume (via HDMI) with the Siri remote. I've found a way to remote via IR but my Zone 2 speakers are in another room than the receiver so there's not interest. Someone know if there's a way to remote zone 2 volume via HDMI ? Thanks for...
  5. G

    LG 65UK6300 - Apple TV?

    Hello I am wondering and trying to work out a few things with my tv which I love. First thing - is It going to get Apple TV? If so when? Was told that lg 2018 TVs will get the app sometime this year, most likely October. Is this the case, as I have my sisters old Apple TV box, which I am using...
  6. C

    Apple TV vs PS4 Pro streaming quality

    I have just got an Apple TV after having used a PS4 Pro as my primary streaming device connected to a 4K HDR capable screen. I was surprised to find so many differences between them and I thought i'd share. Apple TV is able to match frame rate to content. PS4 Pro doesn't do that with any of...
  7. joshbhx

    Question Apple tv app on Firestick 4k

    Does the apple tv app on Firestick 4k play content in 4k? I’ve seen some people say it just plays 1080p so wanted to check as Im thinking of buying a firestick for the apple app.
  8. Dave Lobster

    Question Options for getting Dolby Atmos from Apple TV+

    Having recently activated an Apple TV+ subscription that was bundled with an iPad, i’d be grateful for success stories regarding the Dolby Atmos soundtracks that accompany many of the Apple original content. I’m using a Pioneer SC-59 AVR, 5.1.4 speaker configuration, outputting to an HD TV...
  9. GonzosGrandad

    2018 TV sk8500 Apple TV app

    Hi, I found out today you can get the apple tv app from the LG content store. I found this by accident, I was looking at the apps and videos and noticed the Apple logo on a video so I clicked and it downloaded the app. I didn’t think 2018 TVs had the app yet.
  10. gavinhanly

    Ted Lasso (Apple TV, Jason Sudeikis)

    Four episodes up already and new ones drop on Fridays. And it's just been renewed for season 2. I've been really enjoying this, despite knowing next to nothing about football.
  11. David Griffiths

    LG OLED C9 no sound via HDMI ARC after connecting Apple TV

    I have a LG OLED C9 with firmware version 04.80.03. Connected via the HDMI ARC port 2 in a rather old Panasonic Home Cinema box that nowadays is used mainly for the audio. Connected to HDMI 1 on the Panasonic is our Sky box. This is all fine and if everything is off and I click the Sky remote...
  12. E

    Netflix Dark Crystal Age of Resistance audio only available in Hindi or Arabic on Apple TV?

    Hello, Subject basically says it all. I have an Apple TV 4K on which I can watch Dark Crystal Age of Resistance in glorious Atmos and Dolby Vision :clap: Other devices I have all show English audio as available, but on Apple TV nearly all episodes only have Hindi audio, some have Arabic and a...
  13. E

    Netflix Dark Crystal Age of Resistance audio only available in Hindi on Apple TV?

    Hello, Subject basically says it all. I have an Apple TV 4K on which I want to watch Dark Crystal Age of Resistance in glorious Atmos and Dolby Vision :clap: and I can't because the only audio available is in Hindi :( Is anyone else able to confirm this or is it just me? Anyone experienced...
  14. V

    New Apple TV 4K - No Dolby Vision

    I just connected my new Apple TV 4K to my setup. It is not detecting Dolby Vision. The highest it goes is 4K HDR. My immediate thought is that my HDMI cable from my receiver to my TV is not good enough. I know there is some sales hype around HDMI cables, but I don’t know enough to know what I...
  15. paulyoung666

    55Q7FAM no Apple TV ?

    for the life of me I can't work this out , everything I read says it should have it , doesn't appear in the tv App Store , can't search for it , firmware is unto date 1280.5 , completely baffled !!!!
  16. KFlynn

    Vertex 2 with Apple TV 4K or Sony X800M2 with LLDV

    Owners of the Apple TV 4K or X800M2 using either with the Vertex 2. On the Apple TV 4K, will it output LLDV from other apps, such as Plex? As for the X800M2, I’ve been unsuccessful in getting network or external storage media to output in LLDV. Only discs, anyone have luck with this? Thanks!
  17. stewy604

    Apple TV 4K picture dropouts

    Good afternoon all...mods, not sure if this is the right forum, or maybe there's a better suited sub-forum, please let me know or move my post please. I am looking for some help diagnosing continual picture dropouts I'm getting on one of my main TV's. Which is mounted on my main floor above the...
  18. Z

    apple tv content?

    I am getting apple tv with me Samsung, what type of shows and content there is on apple tv?
  19. Spiderpig

    Apple TV+ : For All Mankind Season 2

    A teaser for the second season has been released. Due to show before the end of the year.
  20. K

    Lg C8 earc support, apple tv support

    Hello, I have been using LG C8 65 since last year. I saw news about earc support and Apple tv support expected on this model. Any updates regarding this? Apart from that I would like to know if a stabilizer for voltage needed to protect this tv? Once the power board got damaged and LG replaced...
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