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  1. Adlopa


  2. M

    Echo 3 (Apple TV+) Apple has given a straight-to-series order for Echo 3, a new action-thriller written by Academy Award-winning producer and writer Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) that will be produced by...
  3. jrl

    Question Apple TV + intermittent freezing C8

    Using a Roku on my LG C8 Apple TV+ app I’m getting intermittent freezing anyone else or is it just me ?
  4. B

    LG OLED C9 -> Sonos Arc -> Apple TV Sound Problem

    I searched the C9 forum before posting this but could not find a reference to this problem. I have the setup shown in the title and the Apple TV is the latest version. When the Apple TV is set to Dolby Atmos, it plays Dolby Atmos content perfectly. However, on that same Apple TV setting, Dolby...
  5. stu D

    How to get Dolby Atmos from MacBook Pro 2020 to AV Receiver (Apple TV+)

    Hi Folks. Got myself a new MacBook Pro 2020. Came with 12m free subscription to Apple TV+ via the built in app. So I thought Id try out the new Greyhound film with Tom Hanks, which is streamed in 4k with dolby Atmos. I have a Dolby Atmos amp (Yamaha RXV 685) so I hooked up the MacBook to...
  6. Casimir Harlow

    Greyhound (Apple TV+) Movie Review & Comments

    Apple TV+ land their first major mainstream production - originally planned for a theatrical rollout - Sony's excellent Tom Hanks war film Greyhound, which Hanks wrote too. Read the review. Write your own review for Greyhound
  7. nigpd

    Samsung UE55HU7500T and Apple TV+ possible?

    I've got an oldie but goldie Samsung UE55HU7500T and would like to know if it's possible to get the Apple TV+ app loaded on it. Can't find it in the apps section, so don't know whether I'm stuffed or not. TIA
  8. JohnWB

    Very Slow to connect from PC or Apple TV 4K to my Synolgy NAS boxes

    Recently when I try to access files on my Synology 214Play NAS or 218 NAS via NFS, from my Windows 10 PCit usually takes more than 10 seconds to connect, it used to be ok. I have the same problem trying to access my NAS boxes from my Apple TV 4K Sometimes it connects straight away. Eveything...
  9. shomilt

    Question APPLE 4KTV MRX 300

    URGENT HELP NEEDED I have just received my GZ950,i have anthem MRX 300 which is non 4k but has ARC i have not getting any sound from APPLE 4k TV to receiver..and not being able to use my speaker system,can you please advice as i read earlier in thread this can be done. Thanks in advance
  10. D

    Apple TV 4K - worth bothering with for incoming LG C9?

    LG C9 on way - currently have a Gen 3 Apple TV which I use for Netflix, Apple TV+, NowTV (and Zwift). C9 will of course have built in apps - any merit in getting the Apple TV 4K other than I'm used to it? Burning money given the in-built apps?
  11. Yetizone

    Jaws - streamed via Apple TV?

    Quick question folks - does anyone know if the version of Jaws currently available to stream via Apple TV (UK) is the newly restored version? Assuming not, but just wanted to make sure. Any help gratefully received!
  12. MrMister111

    Missing iPlayer, is it in Apple TV+ app?

    As LG still hasn’t sorted the missing UK catchup services like iPlayer, the TV’s that have the app for Apple TV+ is it available inside this? I have an Apple TV at the moment and the TV+ app has iPlayer etc integrated inside it. Was wondering if this is the same for the LG TV as well? thanks
  13. Our Year

    amazon 4k stick and apple tv question

    sorry if this inst the right place I'm considering getting both as iTunes has some good deals on 4k films but my question is can I hook up my Bluetooth headphones and get Dolby atoms on the films? i do this atm on my Xbox one x and love it
  14. M

    The Afterparty (Apple TV+) tbc UPDATED: Apple TV+ has given an eight-episode straight-to-series order to The Afterparty, a single-camera comedy series executive produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, from Sony Pictures...
  15. P

    Do the 2019 um models have the apple tv app ?

    Hi, would be grateful is someone could let me know . I have found that the sm nanocell tvs have the apple tv app but not the um 2919 uhd . Thanks
  16. derekreilly

    Stop the AVR-X1600H remote control controlling Apple TV

    I have the Denon AVR-X1600H receiver with remote control model RC-1227. Out the box the remote would control my Apple TV. That might sound great but when I use the Denon remote to change settings on the receiver it also starts controlling the Apple TV. I accidentally bought a film and rented...
  17. BrynTeg

    Question Apple Tv App

    please archive as i have worked it out , easy as moving the pointer
  18. geogan

    Apple TV app on LG

    I didn't realize that this is limited to only new models and high priced models such as OLED ?? So owners of cheaper LG TVs or anything 2019 or less will never get Apple TV streaming/movie service? LG OLED (2019) LG NanoCell SM9X series (2019) LG NanoCell SM85 series or above (2019) LG...
  19. TheGENERAL412

    Question Apple TV 4K - 85" TU8000 4K, now what??

    So, it all started in March when I got a new Apple TV 4K 64GB, which then made me really want a 4K TV, so last month went a grabbed the 85" Class TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV. Which then led to me wanting to upgrade my DirecTV, so I got the C61K-700 put in and that's where I sit today, but I...
  20. R

    Denon avr4400 and Apple TV 4k

    Hi I have just purchased Apple TV 4k so that I could get the Disney app in 4k, amongst other reasons. One thing I don’t understand about the display on the denon 4400 is when I watch a Disney app film that states Dolby Atmos it shows Multi Channel In. However, if I watch an Apple TV programme...
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