1. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Apple acquires Tom Hanks’ ‘Greyhound’ amidst TV+ content expansion

    Apple’s TV Plus content ethos was based around productions commissioned specifically for the streaming service. This approach could now be changing. Read the news.
  2. Casimir Harlow

    Apple TV+'s Defending Jacob Season 1 TV Show Review & Comments

    Chris Evans tries to distance himself from Captain America in this sobering and diverting crime mystery which is a little like Apple's answer to Netflix's Sinner. Read the review. Write your own review for Defending Jacob
  3. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Samsung adds Apple Music to newer TVs

    Samsung has announced it is the first TV brand to bring Apple Music to its smart TV platform, benefitting viewers in over 100 countries. Read the news.
  4. David Phelan

    Apple iPhone SE Review & Comments

    This phone is the very definition of déjà vu. At a glance it’s nearly identical to the iPhone 8, released in September 2017. But inside, though much of the hardware is the same, it’s powered by the latest iPhone chip, the A13 Bionic, also found in the current flagship phones. Despite the price...
  5. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Apple iPhone SE available for preorder

    Initially touted as the iPhone 9 as it was assumed to fill the gap between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models, Apple’s latest handset actually lands as the iPhone SE - albeit the 2020 version. Read the news.
  6. David Phelan

    Apple iPad Pro (11in and 12.9in) Review & Comments

    It’s the highest-specced tablet from Apple, available in two screen sizes: 11in and 12.9in. The 12.9in model is in its fourth-generation, having gone through three major redesigns, and the 11in version is on its second go-round. Is either of them worthy? Read the review. Write your own...
  7. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Apple TV Plus offers free shows for limited period

    Apple has announced that a selection of original content from its Apple TV Plus service will be available to viewers for free. Read the news.
  8. Casimir Harlow

    Apple TV+'s The Banker Movie Review & Comments

    Apple TV+'s first movie sees Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson attempt to right some wrongs in backwards 60s Texas, just about balancing sobering true-tale drama with a more frivolous heist movie tempo. Read the review. Write your own review for The Banker
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Apple wireless home cinema audio hinted by patent?

    Among a batch of recently awarded and announced patent applications for Apple is a filing titled "Wireless and wired speaker hub for a home theater system." Read the news.
  10. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Is Apple preparing a new TV set top box?

    Recently released to developers, the beta version of Apple’s next tvOS contains a few clues as to possible plans for a new Apple TV device. Read the news.
  11. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: LG confirms Dolby Atmos support coming to Apple TV app in 2020

    It was good news earlier this week for owners of select 2019 models of LG TVs as the company declared a firmware update which would bestow the Apple TV app upon their televisions. However, although Dolby Vision was supported by the app, Dolby Atmos appeared to be MIA. Read the news.
  12. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: LG announces Apple TV app now available for 2019 TVs

    LG’s 2020 line-up of TVs were announced at CES recently as coming with Apple TV app preinstalled and ready to go. Now the company has made a start on its promise to deliver the app to its older TV ranges. Read the news.
  13. Casimir Harlow

    Apple TV+'s Little America Season 1 Review & Comments

    Charting eight disparate true tales across its first season, Apple's latest drama is fiercely and authentically inspiring, somehow cramming movie-size underdog battles into each half-hour episode. Read the review. Write your own review for Little America Season 1
  14. Andy Bassett

    CES 2020 News: LG TVs to support Apple TV on 2020, 2019 and 2018 models

    Apple TV is coming to the latest LG TVs announced at CES 2020 but there are still plenty of owners of older LG TVs who would appreciate the feature. Well, the good news is it will be supported on 2018 and 2019 OLED and NanoCell models too. Read the news.
  15. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Amazon, Google and Apple to push for Smart Home unity

    The Smart Home sector has exploded recently as seemingly every piece of tech a consumer buys has some form of AI or digital assistant included, whether it is wanted or not. With a host of players all offering a different platform, the three biggest have come together under a white flag. Read...
  16. Casimir Harlow

    Apple TV+'s Truth Be Told Season 1 Review & Comments

    Apple TV+'s latest addition is a John Grisham-flavoured legal drama with Octavia Spencer's investigative reporter looking into an old case involving Aaron Paul's convicted murderer. Read the review. Write your own review for Truth Be Told
  17. Casimir Harlow

    Apple TV+'s The Morning Show Season 1 Review & Comments

    Diving headfirst into the #MeToo movement, Apple TV+ flagship drama The Morning Show boasts an all-star cast that leaves it one of the most expensive series of all time, and it's worth it too. Read the review. Write your own review for The Morning Show
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Naim adds Apple AirPlay 2 and Siri to network streamers

    British Hi-Fi specialist, Naim Audio, will add Apple AirPlay 2 and Siri to its ND 555, NDX 2 and ND5 XS 2 network streamers. Read the news.
  19. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Apple TV app now available on selected Sony TVs

    Apple’s push to get their TV app to as many TV owners as possible now looks to have included certain Sony models just days before the TV+ service launches. Read the news.
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Apple AirPods Pro to ship from 30th Oct for £249

    Apple has packed in a lot to the AirPods since the last update a mere seven months ago, with an all-new lightweight design and active noise cancellation now featuring in the latest version, the AirPods Pro. Read the news.
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