1. G

    Which amplifier is recommended after my Arcam AVR200?

    I have used my Arcam AVR200 amplifier with great satisfaction so far, in stereo, but unfortunately ruined. -NAD C326BEE -Cambridge Audio A5 Are they better? Any other suggestions?
  2. K

    Samsung TV LG Sound bar - ARC stopped working

    I just bought a TU8000 Samsung TV and an LG SN8YG and set them up last week. I connected a XBOX 1 and Playstation 4 to 2 HDMI ports and the LG soundbar to the HDMI ARC port. When I initially went through setup, everything worked perfectly with the Samsung remote controlling both. Two days ago...
  3. russraff

    Sonos Arc, sub and surrounds and the Beosound Stage

    I thought I'd post this a I have owned both and thought people may be interested. There are a few folks that are particularly evangelical to either systems so maybe this will add some balance... TL : DR Music first, AV last - get the Stage. If you can only accommodate a single sound bar - get...
  4. J

    LG CX 77 keeps "forgetting?" ARC and CEC settings

    Just got a new LG CX 77" TV and my basic setup: 1. I have no speakers hooked up to it. 2. I have a Denon receiver that has an XBox 360 and NVidia Shield Pro 2019 plugged into it with HDMI cables. 3. All devices on the Denon, where supported have CEC disabled. 4. I have the TV Set to HDMI ARC...
  5. charlie55

    Sony ht - 5000 or Sonos Arc

    I asked this same question but except for 1 reply I heard nothing. So after listening to both ln the same shop I have decided on the Sony as it plays everything and I have got fed up waiting on Sonos making the LPCM update available. The Sony is also cheaper as it comes with a subwoofer. I...
  6. J

    Sonos arc two monitors

    Hi guys Not sure this is the right pjj ok ace to ask this , i have a lcd display and a projector I don’t watch both at the same time but wanted to connect both to my sonos arc , at the moment I have to have the lcd on behind the projector screen for sound , is there a way to split the hdmi out...
  7. M

    Question Stereo Amp with Airplay 2 and HDMI Arc

    I think the selection is pretty slim for these requirements. Does anyone know of any decent stereo amps that feature both AirPlay 2 and HDMI Arc?
  8. joshtbh

    Question about Dolby Vision and ARC

    Hi I've just had a new HDR and Dolby Vision compatible TV, and am confused about something. I have a LG OLED 65b9 When I plug my Xbox directly into my TV, my Xbox can detect that my TV is Dolby Vision enabled. However when I go through my AV receiver (Denon avr-x540bt) it does not detect...
  9. Sami

    Wanted 40” Smart TV Samsung preferred with ARC

    As per the title, after a 40” Smart TV for my girlfriend - requirements are that it has ARC so that I can get her a Soundbar for it and at least 2x HDMIs - UHD would be great but not essential for her at all.
  10. D

    Question Sound source not changing when picking different TV source ~ arc?

    Hi all Hoping this is the right area to post this question setup TV LG oled c8 65. Denton avr X 2200 w. Q acoustics 5.1. Virgin TiVo box Connections. TiVo box hdmi cable to Amp. Amp arc out to tv arc port about 3 weeks ago amp went into protect mode so I took it out of the loop so TiVo box to...
  11. charlie55

    Question Sony ht 5000 or Sonos Arc

    As the above states i am in the market for either of these Soundbars. I was at first set on the Sonos but their latest update did not include LPCM, i have purchased the HD Fury Arcana with the intention of parterning it with the Arc. I have also an OPPO203 which i understand can transcode dts to...
  12. A

    U7Q ARC puzzle

    I had a U7Q installed today to replace my decade old Samsung plasma. As I was out I didnt get to test everything, so am left with a problem as the TV audio (inc. smart services) now only have sound through the TV speakers, not through my decade old Yamaha receiver (RX-V367). My set up is a...
  13. T

    Question Vizio p65-f1 -> Arcana -> Sonos Arc

    Has anyone hooked these up? My tv has ARC but not eARC. I was hoping to use the ARCANA to bring eARC to my Sonos Arc. I’m lost what I should plug into what, every time I try Sonos says something is interfering with the signal. thank you!
  14. A

    Question Sony AF9 Arc issue with pc using AMD RX580 GFX Help please!

    I have an issue whereby arc sound and control is lost whenever the pc is connected to the tv through hdmi. There is no sound passed at all. I am using AMD RX580 GFX card. I can obviously unplug the pc but I want to use it and for arc to work without using other methods such as optical. Does...
  15. M

    TV ARC, Atmos and Samsung HW-N950

    I have a Samsung UE49 TV, HW-N950 soundbar, Sky Q, Apple TV 4K and Blu-ray player. In trying to resolve an issue with HDMI CEC following an update to Apple tvOS 14 in encountering an issue with the soundbar that raises a question for me. If the peripherals are plugged directly into the TV’s...
  16. paultee

    Question Sonos Arc and HDFury Arcana Best HDMi splitter please

    Hi Just purchased a Sonos Arc and bought an HDFury Arcana to alleviate the lipsync problems. I have an Arcam Bluray DVD UDP411 player and a Sky Q satellite receiver HD downloading 4k content. The TV is an LG LG 55EF950 OLED ARC not eARC. I require a splitter for the 2x HDMi from the Bluray and...
  17. A

    Sony AF9 ARC issues help please

    Having problems with ARC in the AF9. There is no sound at all, I can only get sound through optical. I had a pioneer home cinema system that did not work but once did, I since now own the sony home cinema BDV-E4100 and the same is happening, no sound. I have tried different hdmi cables with no...
  18. Digger

    Question Audio Extractor for HDMI ARC to Analogue RCA/3.5mm 2 Channel Only

    I have a Panny TX-40CS520B & just purchased a pair of PreSonus Eris 3.5 Active monitor speaker, these are great budget monitors by the way! I was fed up with the terrible sound from the built-in tv speakers hence the purchase of the monitors. Sources are very simple. TV's onboard Freeview & a...
  19. R

    PHILIPS 55 PU7334/12 & Yamaha RX-V377 strange 'Decoder off' ARC issue

    Hi all, Had the TV for a couple of months, and the receiver for a fair few years. Finally got a new HDMI cable yesterday and attempted to set up ARC. For the most part, it's fine. The RX-V377 responds to TV power up & down, volume and input changes from the Philips remote. I was watching some...
  20. elsmandino

    Question 55U7A - can you use HDMI ARC as an alternative to optical out?

    HI there. I currently have my TV connected to a rather old amplifier (Yamaha YHT294) via optical out. However, it has just occurred to me that the TV has an ARC HDMI port. Is there any way that I can send audio only, via that port, into the amplifier (which does not support ARC) via one of...
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