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  1. L

    Question New TT hum -is this normal?

    I really could do with some help. I’m not technical above plugging in and turning on. I purchased a demo Thorens TD350 Turntable which came with a 1 year warranty after reading some good reviews. I have connected it up to a new Arcam SA30 which when connected together, results in a very...
  2. C

    Wanted Arcam P75

    Anyone got one they don’t want?
  3. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale Arcam Muso II Silver boxed with 6-year warranty, Arcam rLead

    Two Arcam Muso II Silver in silver. Boxed and as new, only ever run-in, after which my eBay 'perfect working order' Solo promptly died... :mad: The Muso still have most of the Richer Sounds 6-year warranty remaining. £80 delivered (these are small but heavy!). Also have an Arcam rLead, lead...
  4. zelius92

    I'm looking for floor speakers to pair with Arcam AVR350

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and looking to get good floors speakers to pair with an old Arcam AVR350 may Dad gave me since he upgraded. My budget is around $1,000 per speaker. Does anyone here have experience with this receiver and good speakers to pair with it? I was thinking of the KEF Q950...
  5. Paul7777x

    Bargain Arcam SR250 cheap as chips..?

    I seem to remember these being initially £2500? £1000 now :thumbsup: Dirac Live stereo amp with Arcams much lauded class G poweramp and plenty of inputs, digital and analogue. Has to be worth considering for anyone after a new amp, a grand is a steal surely...
  6. Eddie7476

    Arcam solo soundbar

    Hi I’ve got a Arcam solo soundbar I just purchase a q acoustic 3070s subwoofer But I can’t pair them Can everybody help Thanks
  7. J

    Arcam was the correct decision

    Hi all I posted a few months ago about what to buy and I ended up going for the Arcam avr550 over a new Yamaha but I still wasn’t sure, but then I happened to use my older Yamaha whic is in one of the other rooms yesterday which I have not used since I got my new Arcam. I didn’t realise how good...
  8. jonnybee123

    Question Arcam A19 fault

    Hi everyone. I hope you are all well and safe. I have a problem with my Arcam A19. It seems the balance control is not sending the sound to only one channel when I command it with the remote (or from the front panel switch) . So if I send it to the right all the way there is still some left...
  9. C

    Arcam A75 volume issue

    I picked up an Arcam A75 cheap recently and am enjoying it apart from one annoyance - you can’t fully control the volume via the remote. the issue seems to be that the motor will turn the volume up so far but then ‘loses grip’. You can hear the motor turning but the volume does not go up last...
  10. H

    Arcam SA20 - No Signal on optical channel

    Having just updated my Arcam SA20 to 1.10 the optical input which was working no shows no signal. I’m not sure what the problem might be?
  11. Mathematiques Modernes

    Arcam CD72T reads/displays text on CDRs and SACD but not on regular CD's?

    Arcam CD72T displays text on CDRs and SACD but no Text on regular CD's? Is this a drive issue or something else?
  12. S

    Question How to Maximise Stereo Quality. Arcam AVR20 or 30 or 20 with Stereo PA

    I’m looking change my setup from the current 6 boxes for AV & music down to ideally 1 box or maybe 2. My Naim system is very good for music but my new house is acoustically challenged. Also, I seldom sit down and listen to music critically anymore. The sound quality of my LX82 is generally...
  13. Mathematiques Modernes

    Question Refurbishing Arcam CD72T Silver Casing - spray paint recommendations?

    The silver casing on the Arcam line of amps and CD players - a pressed steel panel coated with a silver paint have a tendency to mark very easily. I got some water drips onto the top of the unit a few weeks ago which I did not remove immediately and these caused unremovable marks in the paint...
  14. B

    Wanted Arcam FMJ P35 Power Amp

    I'm looking for an Arcam FMJ P35 Power Amp in the silver colour only please. Thanks
  15. W

    Help With ARCAM SA30 ARC (firmware version 403)

    I bought ARCAM SA30 recently and have been using it with my Samsung TV/Roku in ARC mode. After the latest firmware update to SA30, If I change volume (either up or down) using my TV or Roku remote control, the amplifier increases the volume and that too doubles the current volume level (such as...
  16. fatboy frank

    For Sale Arcam AV860 Processor & Lexicon LX-7 7 Channel Amp Bundle.

    Due to a moment of madness i have just purchased a Trinnov ALTITUDE 16 :) As a result i am offering for sale my mint condition Arcam AV860 Processor with various added extras included as they will no longer be needed once i have the Trinnov installed. I have owned the Arcam from new (July...
  17. Lrehcsa

    Wanted Arcam P49

    Let me know if you have one you're considering moving on, thanks
  18. jehill39

    Low level AC hum caused by trigger cable ground loops

    My son just installed an Arcam FMJ series AV860 processor, P349 amp and two P429 amps in his home. The obvious way to turn on the amps is to use the trigger inputs and outputs available on each component. After he did so, he complained that he was hearing low level AC hum with no audio inputs...
  19. M

    Arcam CD drive replacement limit switch

    Hi I bought an Arcam Solo Mini with a faulty CD drive for a (very!) knock-down price. I figured that I would try to fix it, but failing that - just use it as an amp for my irDAC. Having stripped it down, I diagnosed the issue as a faulty limit switch on the CD servo. A bit of meddling and some...
  20. T

    Arcam AVR850 - Speaker Binding Post Size

    Quick question, what are the size of the speaker binding posts on the AVR850 ? Can't find anything online, and I am not at home to measure Spade connectors come in 6mm-8mm, or 10mm sizes I assume they are 6mm-8mm ..but checking Regards Tim
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