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  1. N

    Arcam SA30 with vinyl (+KEF R5)

    I have recently purchased a pair of KEF R5 speakers which I am delighted with, in fact maybe my speaker end game. I’m now on the hunt to replace my Creek Evolution 2 (My apologies if you have already read this on another thread). One of the amps on my shortlist is the Arcam SA30. Luckily my...
  2. S

    Arcam 850?? Pre-AMP

    So I have a arcam 850 ,arcam p25 biamping my Areius i speakers. Also a arcam a75 for my height channels. 9.3. System. 4xML Motion2 spk,2xMLmotion 4 spk. 2x SVS subs+1 klipsch sub. And my speakers are power hungry... don’t get me wrong it sounds great, but we all know we are never happy.. Anyway...
  3. gjwhaley

    Wanted Arcam P7 power amplifier in black

    Wanted Arcam P7 power amp in black . must be in good condition £500 waiting for a good unit
  4. S

    For Sale Arcam Sonlink

    Arcam sonlink (dac upgrade for sonos connect) slight discolouration on one side, working perfectly, boxed with leads, manual etc.
  5. S

    Upgrade to speakers - Arcam amp / Project Essential.

    I've recently moved house and have sited my hifi system in a larger room. The room is c. 5m x 7m. The system is an Arcam A18 amp and Project Essential turntable. I also stream Spotify and occasionally CDs via a cheap Yamaha CD player. I have an old pair of Castle Knight 1s (around 11 years...
  6. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Arcam Muso speakers (silver) £180 off - now £69 for the pair
  7. Handy Cockherb

    Wanted Arcam P75 Plus or P85 power amplifier

    As per the title, am after the Plus version of the P75 or P85 power amp. Would prefer silver finish but will accept black. Sensible offers will be welcomed. Would rather collect in London region but happy to arrange courier collection.
  8. Handy Cockherb

    Alternative to Arcam amplifiers <£1k

    Following my disappointing experience with Arcam's A29 amplifier recently (great when it works!) I've been rather put off the Arcam marque in terms of reliability. As the title suggests, I'm interested to hear anyone's experiences of good alternatives to Arcam's amplifier offerings that can be...
  9. S

    For Sale ARCAM FMJA39 Stereo Amplifier

    I have for sale my Arcam FMJ A39, I've owned this for about 18 months and am shifting on as it is surplus to requirements. It's in excellent working order, comes with original remote but no box. As you can see from the image there is a small cosmetic blemish on the bottom left of the amp - this...
  10. A

    For Sale Anthem D2v Processor with balanced XLR. Still best sound for HT/Music combo.

    Anthem D2v fully balanced XLR inc. ARC – No introductions required. Yes, there are more expensive and slightly better digital processors but no one can give you the most balanced and all round competing, musically and home theatre wise, package as this processor. Coupled with the ARC system...
  11. F

    Question Replacement for Denon 3312 options Arcam AVR550 or Denon X4500H or ?

    I have a current 5.1 system using the Denon 3312 to drive the centre speaker and two rear, and pre out to a Naim Pre-Power for the front stereo pair, and a self powered Sub. I now have a Panasonic GZ1000 so want to upgrade to an AV amp that will pass through 4K Resolve some hand shake issues...
  12. Fergal82

    For Sale Arcam SR250

    Approx 1 year old Fully boxed with remote, power cable, instructions, arcam calibration mic 2.1 Receiver with Class G Amplification Will post but cost / details will need to be discussed £749 No idea about warranty, never registered it, haven’t needed it
  13. Handy Cockherb

    Arcam repair times

    Hello, I recently purchased a brand new Arcam A29 from Nintronics: it was an 'Arcam-found-some-left-over-at-the-back-of-their-warehouse' deal, so got it for a bargain price. However, despite the SQ being generally excellent, both channels were prone to crackles ans drop-outs. On investigation...
  14. A

    Arcam AVR20 - controlling source from LG TV

    A couple of years ago I used to have a Bose Lifestyle system connected via HDMI to a Sony Bravia... I could choose the source/input of the Lifestyle system just using the TV remote and it would list everything connected to the Bose as though it was connected directly to the TV as an input... I...
  15. K

    Arcam AVR390 - HDR Passthrough?

    Hi All, I have an AVR390, which i've been really happy with - but am now looking at taking advantage of HDR in my setup... Can anyone tell me, if my receiver is able to pass through HDR ok ? I have no issue with 4K - but am not sure about it's HDR support. If not, i need to rethink my...
  16. J

    Question Arcam black colour on Diva v fmj

    Hi. Does anyone know if the shade of black is the same on the Diva and fmj range. Want to add a diva cd92 to the fmj avr550 and hoping both are the same colour. Why do they call it black when it's clearly a shade of grey anyway!
  17. Sab

    Question Upgrade from Arcam 550 used as a processor?

    Hi. I am wondering which processor would be an upgrade from the Arcam 550 used as a processor with the Arcam P7 power amp? The Arcam 860 is not a consideration as this would sound very similar in sound to my Arcam 550. Also, I am reluctant to consider the new series of Arcam HDA as there have...
  18. D

    Arcam avr350 connection

    Hi Can anyone recommend how to connect these 3 product together? Receiver Arcam AVR 350 / Panasonic-Viera-Th-50pf10 / Set top box Arris VIP1002. Issue is Arcam AVR350 doesn't support HDMI audio so I can not get the sound. Picture Only. So I can get picture from set top box on TV, but no sound...
  19. B

    Arcam BDP 100 spare optical drive

    Does anyone have the replacement Blurry drive ...I believe that it is made by Inkel Korea and their part number was 803 076 01 000 20S
  20. N

    Arcam 300 menu

    I'm trying to access the 300 menu, my samsung ks4000 has no composite input, i bought a connector to hdmi put cant see anything. I have plugged in to monitor out into the converter then the Samsung hdmi smart box but nothing. Can anyone help please as i need to change my amp settings from 5.1 to 2.0
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