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  1. Tsukawa

    Arcam Alpha 5 plus

    Anyone owned this amplifier? What’s the phono channel like and will it pair with most speakers? Been offered one pretty cheap and thinking of replacing my humming Pioneer VSA-303. Other equipment B&W CDM2, Rega RP1, Arcam Alpha 7 CD Player. Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    For Sale Arcam A38 Amplifier with the optional Phone Stage

    Fantastic condition with remote and original box and packaging. This has the all-important phono stage, which was an optional extra at additional cost when new. This obviously has the fantastic Arcam sound but also has HT Bypass so that it fits into a surround sound system perfectly. Located...
  3. S

    Question Arcam cds 27 , can it stream amazon HD?

    Hi jusy wondering if anyone knows a way of streaming Amamzon HD music to Arcam CDS 27. It is a UPNP streamer but not sure how to gwt amazon on it. Thank you for any help you can provide
  4. M

    Pi Based Streamer for Arcam SR250 - Best Quality Connection Method/'Digital is Digital'?

    Upgrading my system. Yet to buy speakers but have an Arcam SR250 in the box and trying to get my head around what to feed it with. Want the best sound I can get (don't we all?!) without spending silly money. On my previous setup I thought 'digital is digital' and bought the cheapest USB sound...
  5. G

    Which amplifier is recommended after my Arcam AVR200?

    I have used my Arcam AVR200 amplifier with great satisfaction so far, in stereo, but unfortunately ruined. -NAD C326BEE -Cambridge Audio A5 Are they better? Any other suggestions?
  6. fallinlight

    Wanted Yamaha A3070 AVR Receiver and Anti-Mode Cinema

    Dear forum, I am seeking the above AVR in black, and an Anti-Mode Cinema, please. Kind thanks, fallinlight
  7. S

    Arcam CDS50 utter lack of documentation.

    I am utterly sorry I bought ARCAM. How a manufacturer can ship amplifiers and streamers with NO VIABLE instructions for use is inexcusable. 3 sentences on use of the streamer, in their glossy 100 page "Handbook"... this is well named because other than holding it in your hand it's useless. The...
  8. shezy

    For Sale Arcam AVR550 DIRAC AV receiver

    Hi All For sale is my Arcam AVR550 DIRAC AV receiver Bought from these very forums via following thread few months ago. It's in mint condition as shown in photos uploaded by previous seller. Been used in a child, smoke and...
  9. Thatsnotmynaim

    Arcam AVR390/550/850/AV860 Reliability Poll

    Just to gain some meaningful info and stats, trying to gather how many people have had hardware reliability issues with their AVR/AV kit? This is NOT to capture if you've had software or compatibility faults, this is to capture if you've had actual hardware failures or issues that have needed to...
  10. B

    For Sale Arcam FMJ THX P7 7channel Power Amp 7x 150WPC 8Ohms - Silver

    I'm selling my Arcam P7 power amplifier as it's no longer needed in my setup. I bought from here in June 2019 to run with my old setup but I've upgraded receiver and speakers thus surplus to requirements. It was excellent with my BW 683 s2 5.1 setup - Huge step up from Yamaha RXA 830!! It was...
  11. R

    My Arcam AVR10 sound better without Anthem MCA50

    Good day. My audio system 5.1 consists of speakers in front Dynaudio Contour 30, center Dynaudio Evoke 25c, rears Dinaudio Evoke 10. AVR Arсam AVR10 and Anthem MСA 50 amp. All speakers are connected to MCA 50. Recently, sound disappeared in one of the rear channels on the amplifier, I...
  12. A

    For Sale Arcam DV135 (for parts or repair)

    As stated above. The disk drawer is stuck so may be an easy fix for the technically minded (no guarantees though!) Colour is black. In reasonable cosmetic condition (other than the drawer being half way out) No packaging so you will need to pick up from me - I'm based near London Paddington...
  13. A

    For Sale Arcam AVR 280 (for parts/repair)

    As stated above - it won't power up so may be an easy fix or maybe not. Colour is black. Is in reasonable cosmetic condition. Comes with remote. Don't have packaging so you will need to pick up from me - I'm close to London Paddington station.
  14. P

    Question Arcam + B&W 685 speakers

    Hi everyone, My name is Paul, completely new to the site and to all the hi-end hifi stuff. Looking for some advice as I will be making a classified add soon hopefully 👍🏻. I have just inherited a pair of immaculate B&W 685 speakers in cherry wood colour with stands that are approximately 2ft...
  15. Mroy62

    Stereo amp comparable to Arcam AVR 390 sound

    I have a surround sound system Based around an Arcam AVR 390 and KEF Q150 speakers. I absolutely love listening to Stereo music on this system! I am trying to create a system with similar sound quality for my home office. This only needs to be a stereo amp not an AVR. What recommendations would...
  16. J

    can i modernize arcam alpha system?

    i purchased my system about 20 years ago. alpha 10 integrated and power amps, 7se cd player, 7 radio and ruark prologue 1r speakers. i still love the sound of the system and feel no urge to replace it. i was wondering if i can modernize it with a component so that it will stream internet, play...
  17. John888

    For Sale Spendor A4 Speakers, Arcam CDS50, Cambridge Audio CXA80 & Extras

    Spendor A4 speakers in walnut with the optional grilles Home review Cambridge Audio CXA 80 Cambridge CXA80 Integrated Amplifier Arcam CDS 50 Arcam CDS50 CD/SACD Network Player Chord Shawline XLR interconnect cables (pair) 1m Speaker cables QED Signature Revelation, [email protected] [email protected] can...
  18. killiefan

    Wanted Arcam MiniBlink

    A long shot, most wanted adds for these don’t get much if any offers. Are they that good? Wanted to plug into an AVR550. Will pay by BT or cash on collection if you live close enough to Bristol. Cheers.
  19. oTry

    Question Arcam av40 start up issue

    I purchased the arcam av40 and tried installing it today. Went to turn it on and won’t fully boot up the arcam logo on the display is all that will come up. Remote lights turn on but it’s unclear if it is working. Can any one give me some feed back as to some trouble shooting that I can do to...
  20. S

    Wanted Arcam FMJ A49 or P49

    Looking for Arcam A49 preferably, or P49 Bristol area. Can travel within reason, or happy to pay for courier. Must be in excellent condition.
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