1. F

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CX81A, CXC. Lunar Grey.

    Both only a few months old, with receipts. Perfect condition. I do not have the original packaging.
  2. Nebula42

    Question HELP!! Audio issue - A/V Receiver + PC + 4K TV

    Hey guys. I'm new so please apologies and appreciation in advance with your patience. I'm having a real head scratcher of an issue which is absolutely driving me nuts. I'll do my best to break it down here in a way that's easy to follow and would truly appreciate any/all advice and...
  3. P


    KRALK AUDIO TBD12 STEREO STUDIO MONITORS. Black ash veneer with dedicated stands and magnetic front covers. I have fitted heavy duty castors (lockable) to aid manouvering but these can be removed very easily. I purchased these direct from Alan at Kralk, these are his original pair, I took...
  4. S

    For Sale Monitor Audio W200 220W subwoofer

    Up for sale is my monitor audio W200. Was almost £500 new!! –– ADVERTISEMENT –– 10" flat ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) 10" Driver 220watt class-D power amplifier For some reason, the subwoofer doesn't turn on anymore, most likely a very simple fix such as an internal fuse but haven't tried to...
  5. MrTubThumper

    Wanted Monitor Audio GS20 or GS60 in Oak

    Hi, I'm after a pair of these speakers after selling my GR series a while back. Happy to arrange courier for collection or collect in person. Please get in touch if you are thinking of selling yours! Cheers Paul
  6. Dazzor

    For Sale Monitor Audio ASB-2 Soundbar

    Bought in 2013 I believe and went back to Monitor Audio In Sep 2017 for a new Power supply & received a service basically- paperwork attached. The unit remained boxed upon return, not used until today to test it. All good. also comes with monitor audio wall mounting bracket I’m selling some...
  7. D

    Which cinemas in the UK have Dolby Atmos or other immersive audio installed?

    Which cinemas have Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, Auro or IMAX 12 channel immersive audio installed in the UK?
  8. A

    Monitor Audio Mass Speaker Cabling

    I have got the Monitor Audio Mass surround sound speakers fixed into the walls and the cabling has been sunk into the newly plastered wall. The MA brackets then hold the front and rear speakers, however I don't like seeing the speaker cables as they are coming out of the wall into the bottom of...
  9. quatermass

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 651A Amplifier

    Selling silver Cambridge Audio 651A (and matching Stream Magic streamer in a separate ad) in order to simplify hifi set-up (sadly!). Lovely sounding amp which looks the part in the brushed metal finish. I have been using it with a pair of Tannoy revolution XT6F floor standers and the...
  10. quatermass

    For Sale Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

    Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 in silver for sale in Cardiff. I need to simplify my hifi set-up so am reluctantly selling this and the matching 651 amp (also listing on here). It is a lovely sounding player and technologically very well sorted - after years of trying Cambridge have got the...
  11. G

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver speakers - Silver 2, Silver FX and Silver C350 for sale

    Hi Due to a shift around I’m selling my set of Monitor Audio Silver speakers, as follows: 1. Silver C350 centre (black oak) - £400 (excl. delivery) (£22.50 courier delivery) I have the fantastic (and heavy!) Silver C350 centre speaker in black oak from Monitor Audio. This is less than a year...
  12. JC4PM

    Wanted Logitech Bluetooth Receiver

    Just got myself a Z906 and would like to get more potential from it (keep 'er indoors happy). Anyone have a Logitech BT kicking around? Post to West Midlands. :) Prices seem to vary from £19.99 to close to £30 on a bad day. Many thanks
  13. JackieC

    Samsung TV model UE43RU7470 - audio output sockets ?

    Thinking of buying the above model of Samsung tv. Currently have a Sony Bravia where we have our amp connected via the audio output sockets to link directly to the tv, so all our “boxes” humax foxsat etc.. will come through the speakers. Looking at the back of this Samsung, i can’t see audio...
  14. F

    For Sale ADA Suite 7.1 audio processor

    Amazing 7.1 surround sound processor. Good condition with RS232 interface, these units had no remote as standard.
  15. G

    For Sale Monitor Audio Radius and Rel T7i Sub

    Very good condition items for sale!... Monitor Audio Radius 200 gloss white (centre) speaker. £95inc. Rel T7/I subwoofer. Gloss black. £475 collected. Any questions, just ask! I may also have a pair of Monitor Audio R90HD (white) for sale soon too.
  16. Daskew78

    For Sale HDFury Maestro TX & RX HDBT System

    Hi, I am selling my HDFury Maestro TX and RX which I purchased to work around that my TV and AVR don't support eARC and I wanted Dobly Atmos (although it has MANY more features). This not only allows you to split the signal and send them off to different locations (AMP and TV in my case) but...
  17. B

    Using Audio in function on AX53

    Hi, I am trying to get external Audio in (from a mixer) to my Ax53 camera. I am covering a school function - where the auditorium provides me an audio in via XLR. I am using a XLR female to 3.5mm (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZIY02VU/) to get the audio. The issue is that I am not able to get...
  18. Pewters

    Wanted Monitor Audio Silver centre speaker in white

    Looking for a MA centre in white if anyone is selling please guys.
  19. cheese68

    For Sale Monitor Audio 703PMC speakers in cherry - excellent condition *** reduced ***

    Excellent condition 703PMCs in cherry. Really are in very good condition, with no marks of any relevance to point out. I can't say mint, but there's nothing I'm going to pick up with a camera. No fading under grilles either. I would much prefer collection or personal delivery. Courier is not...
  20. AlanX

    Question Panasonic UB420: can I get audio simultaneously from HDMI and S/PDIF?

    I need to feed audio via HDMI (secondary feed) to my AV Receiver for the speakers, and simultaneously from the player's S/PDIF output to feed headphones (which need an audio feed that is independent of AVR volume). From the player settings. it looks like I can only choose one or the other, I...
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