1. jefflad

    For Sale Audio Pro AllRoom

    I do love this speaker but am thinking of going down the Apple HomePod route. This however, depends on me shifting this. Loads of connectivity and sound is fantastic, the weight of the item adds confidence of the build and care that’s gone into it coupled with the leather wrapped exterior. I’ve...
  2. R

    Airport Express + Cambridge Audio 540R DAC / Amp - Airplay optical output issue

    Hi all, I’m in the process of putting together a simple system for my study, using stuff I already own. It’s to stream either from my computer or AirPlay with the following components: My old Cambridge Audio 540R V2 receiver as a 2 channel amp & DAC Celestion F10 bookshelf speakers Deezer...
  3. Helix Hifi

    Spotify best audio settings? Audio Normalization only works when using Airplay 2.

    Hey everyone. I’m using Spotify Premium. When I use Spotify Connect I notice that the sound volume is maybe 3db louder then when listing trough Airplay 2. I have Audio Normalization on in the settings. Its a green color when it’s on. If I turn the Audio Normalization option off then adjust the...
  4. misterS3

    Question Monitor Audio Gold 200, C250 & FX Thoughts?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new cinema system for a house we've just moved to. I left my speakers in my old house (artcoustics) as they wouldn't work in the new house. We were going to go with Dali Rubicons (my initial thoughts were LCR's on the wall boss didn't like them at all) but...
  5. cheese68

    For Sale Monitor Audio 703PMC in cherry

    Excellent condition 703PMCs in cherry. In very good condition, with no marks of any relevance to point out. I can't say mint, but there's nothing I'm going to pick up with a camera. No fading under grilles either. I would much prefer collection or personal delivery (if reasonably local - check...
  6. K

    Wanted Monitor Audio Bronze 6 in Black

    After a pair of Black Bronze 6s. Ideally the newer version, not BX. I'm in Wales so its either delivery or wait until the shackles are off.
  7. M

    For Sale Monitor Audio Bronze BX5

    I have a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 5 floor standing speakers in black for collections in London- Chelsea Bridge Area. They are in great condition. £220
  8. Flashgordon1982

    Monitor Audio GS20 substitutes

    Hi I have a pair of the above, used mainly as front surrounds, and music when I get the time. I’m trying to remodel my living room and as such thinking of changing to a pair or bookshelves. Something like the Kef LS50 Or kef350s. my question is would I lose much sound quality, or even gain...
  9. M

    Wanted Monitor Audio Gold 200 or B & W 704 S2 Front Speakers

    I am looking for either Monitor Audio Gold Series 200 or B & W 704 S2 front speakers. Happy to collect, if necessary.
  10. Pat Marcus

    For Sale Classic Monitor Audio passive subwoofer

    Extremely rare Black Ash Monitor Audio passive, downward firing subwoofer seeks new home. Originally designed for the Monitor One / One Gold and Monitor Two / Two Gold speakers, this sub works superbly with current and heritage model Monitor Audio speakers and indeed all bookshelf-style passive...
  11. mattytreks

    PS5 "3D Audio" & Capable Headsets

    Like many of you, I've also got a PS5 on pre-order and am really excited for launch day. One technology I'm particularly curious about is 3D Audio. I've read that at launch, this will only be supported on headsets, and of course the obvious choice would be to go with Sony's new Pulse 3D...
  12. probably

    Wanted Monitor audio bronze 2

    Hi, im looking for a pair of monitor audio bronze 2’s Black or walnut preferably
  13. O

    n00b needs help! Old Panny TV, what HDMI switch do I need for the best audio from Apple TV to Beam?

    Hi all, just got my first Sonos (a One SL) and love it! Now I'm considering a Beam for our smallish front room and old 42" Panasonic with Apple TV and a couple of game consoles. I think an Arc is probably overkill for us but still researching... Our sources are: Apple TV 4th Gen (not 4K) PS4...
  14. Robstokie

    Sky Q LG Tv best audio settings

    Hi, had Sky Q last week, connected to my LG497400 TV, no soundbar, internal speakers only, can someone help with the best audio settings to minimise lip sync issues, only slight, the adjustment on either the sky box or tv doesn’t help, should my TV input be set to bitstream or PCM and should my...
  15. SaintDoglet

    Wanted Monitor Audio Radius 225 + sub

    Hi there, am looking for 5 x white Monitor Audio Radius 225 + any decent sub to go with them Cheers
  16. SaintDoglet

    Second hand subwoofer to go with Monitor Audio Radius surround sound setup

    Hi there I am planning to get 5 x Monitor Audio Radius 225 as part of a 5.1.2 setup, and given the cost of that am looking to get the sub second hand. Can anyone recommend a good sub that I would be able to get, around the £500 mark? Cheers
  17. dollag

    For Sale Effect Audio Ares Balanced Qdc 2.5mm iem Litz Copper Cable

    Selling as no longer required. Sold my dap Available to pick up from kt20 Surrey area
  18. K

    Question Monitor Audio Floor standers in 7.2.4

    I'm currently trying to put speakers together for a dedicated home cinema build. I'm spending a fair bit on the room itself so I'm trying to be frugal with kit for now while looking to upgrade as time and money permit. I've got a pair of MA Bronze 2s for rears, Bronze FX for surrounds and 4 MA...
  19. G

    Netflix audio settings

    Hi all, Hope ive put this post in the right place. All of a sudden when we watch anything on our netflix account we have to change the audio settings from dolby 5.1 to the normal setting before we can hear anyone saying anything so how can we make these audio settings permanant as we have...
  20. Ambienz

    Question CNBC Audio solution for old Sky+ Box

    Hi, I'm moving around TVs in my house and as a consequence I am losing my access to CNBC from the TV in my study. I watch / listen to CNBC during the day on free to air. I have an old Sky+ box from when we used to have Sky that still has access for free to air including CNBC. I can plug into...
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