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Audio/video receiver (AVR)
  1. ahaydock

    For Sale Pioneer SC-LX83 7.1 AVR

    I’m selling my trusty Pioneer SC-LX83 AV Receiver due to an Atmos upgrade. It’s a 7.1 3D Ready THX certified AVR. I’ve owned from new and comes with remote, calibration mic, manual, mains lead and all original packaging plus box. There’s a few minor scratches around the rear inputs and HDMI 1...
  2. Clem_Dye

    For Sale Humax HB-1000S Freesat satellite receiver

    For sale: Humax HB-1000S Freesat satellite receiver. The unit is complete with all accessories and is supplied in the manufacturer's original packaging. Everything is in excellent condition with no marks or blemishes that I can see. I bought this unit, after getting approval from SWMBO, to add...
  3. A

    Is it worth upgrading from Denon AXR X2300 to Denon AVR X3600H?

    Hi folks,I am currently using Denon AVR x2300 with 5 speaker setup. My current set up is as follows Front :Tannoy Revolution XT 6F floor standers, centre : Bowers and Wilkins CM S2 Centre Channel Rear: Monitor Audio Radius HD 90. No SUB WOOFER My Question is i have seen Denon AVR X 3500H on...
  4. I

    Samsung 4K HU9000 vs Pioneer VSX-1021 AVR

    Hi all! Love this forum. I have searched and searched the threads for my answer, but no such luck. I was recently given a Samsung UN65HU9000 and I am having no success getting it to run through my Pioneer VSX-1021 AVR. I purchased optical cable to later learn I need to to “tell” the receiver...
  5. A

    For Sale 5.1 Speaker system / no receiver/ Wharfdale / Cambridge / Tannoy / Reduced price

    Hi all, For sale is my 5.1 setup only 6 months old as I have now have new speakers on order. It is a good entry-level setup to get you in the world of surround sound and the price all new would cost £298, speakers haven't been abused or put on max volume and are well looked after. The specs...
  6. sleepylaser

    Question Using avr for stereo only

    I’m looking to get back into avr, but two speaker setup only. I’ve seen a couple of stereo receivers but these are a little over budget. My question is- what will I lose, if anything, if I hook up an Xbox one and lgc9 to a Marantz 1510 with only two speakers (q 3020i) connected? Will I still...
  7. ghrh

    For Sale Yamaha receiver & JBL 5.1

    Selling my home cinema setup. Speakers are JBL with once centre channel speaker, four satellites and one powered sub. (Model SCS200.5) and received is Yamaha RX-V377. Collection only as these are quite heavy. All in very good condition.
  8. T

    Samsung TV apps auto select receiver output

    My TV (UN65RU7300FXZA) is selecting the TV sound output on its own even when I have an Activity set up through my Harmony remote to have the sound go through the receiver and NOT the TV. I have the sound ALWAYS gong through the receiver and never through TV. Ho do I keep the sound on the TV...
  9. S

    Receiver to pair with Infinity speakers - music #1 and av #2

    Current: Onkyo tx-904 Stereo Receiver (30 years old) Just purchased: Center: Reference RC252 $134.99 Front: Reference 162 $159.99 Rear: Reference RS152 $134.99 Total: $429.97 Just brought home to try Yamaha RX-V683 to see if I really want to go the surround path. I must say the speakers sound...
  10. Chester

    For Sale Arcam AVR 550, boxed complete

    Hi everyone, Wow! Am I totally mad!?! I don't think this AVR needs any introduction. Bought in January 2017 from Sevenoaks in Cambridge, this heavy AVR has been cherished since day 1. Now there are a couple of marks (side and top, see the photos), but otherwise the finish is superb. It's...
  11. F

    Question Could you please suggest a receiver and how many speakers do i need in our new house?

    We are building a house in south west Florida (Key West Style) with very high ceiling around 30 feet tall with a cupola. It comes already with 3 125 watts speakers who are located on the lower ceiling at around 18 feet high, located just behind where the couch will be to watch TV. This family...
  12. F

    Question What cable do i need to set subwoofer to receiver

    Hello everyone I have a subwoofer which is the wharfedale sw250, had it about 6 years but never used it and now I want to start using it but I dont know what cable I need to set it up. Can someone please send me a link of a cable I need from amazon with prime delivery? Thank you.
  13. S

    Budget AV receiver for Wharfedale DX2

    Hi Guys, I decided to take a first step into home cinema and got myself a set of Wharfedale DX2 5.1 speakers for a really good price secondhand from eBay. Now I'm looking for a budget AV receiver to pair them up with. My budget is a bit tight so I was wondering if the Yamaha HTR-2071 would be a...
  14. G

    Denon receiver cuts off and back on

    Recently purchased a denon avr-x3500h. Every once in awhile it will just cut completely off, stay off for maybe a second and cut back on. No warning, no lights, nothing. Its hooked to my pc via hdmi and in a well ventilated area. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  15. N

    Denon AVR X3200 -- should I use it with my Arcam AirDAC or is the built-in DAC good enough?

    Hello. I have just inherited a Denon AVR x3200 amplifier. It seems great. For now, I will use it solely for stereo audio playback, with a pair of B&W CM9s. My question is: when I play from my iPhone or MacBook using the amp's built-in AirPlay, is the audio benefitting from a good, built-in...
  16. H

    Question Would this work? (Receiver to Soundbar to TV)

    Hi, I have several sources (Apple TV, HTPC, Cable Box, PS4) connected to a Yamaha RX-V781 receiver. I'm using just stereo front speakers (no sub/center/surround speakers) It's connected to a LG OLED C8. I am interested in buying a LG SL9YG soundbar. My question: Can I connect the HDMI OUT on...
  17. B

    Question Replacing Onkyo TX-NR809 with Denon AVR?

    Hi all, Ive decided it’s time for me to upgrade my system to 4K so I was wondering which amp you would recommend as I currently have the Onkyo TX-NR809. I was thinking of going with either the Denon AVR-X4500 or the AVR-X3600? The only real difference I can see is the speaker power which is 125w...
  18. D

    Question AV receiver advice

    Hi All, I was hoping some of the experts around here could give me some advice. Basically, I don't quite have the option for a full surround sound set up at the moment, so was thinking along the lines of a 3.1 setup or a sound bar. Regarding the sound bar, I'm aware they're not to everyone's...
  19. JimmyJaxxon

    Question How to fix audio delay on my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver?

    Hello, I encounter an audio delay when connecting my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver (simple Hi-Fi receiver without HDMI). The receiver mode is set to stereo. The source is a normal cable tv channel. A playback through the internal speaker of the tv are in sync with the video...
  20. A

    Pioneer 608 plasma and LX-SC57 receiver using only 1 remote

    This is probably my first post here, but I have been reading a while. I replaced recently my 505XDE plasma and AX-5 receiver with 608 plasma and SC57 receiver. With old setup, I could use the receiver's universal remote to control both plasma and receiver. With the new setup, I used 1 HDMI...
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