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Audio/video receiver (AVR)
  1. N

    Question Old receiver distorted sound

    I’ve recently given my son an old receiver that I hadn’t used for a year or so. It’s a Harman Kardon BDS 580. He’s got it set up okay. He’s using it with a Sony PS4 and an Epson Projector. The problem is there is a constant hiss (distortion) through all speakers. I didn’t have this problem when...
  2. jobe

    Lip Sync Brand New Denon avr -x3600

    Lip sync issues with brand new Denon avr-x3600h My set up. Panasonic Viera plasma tv (8yrs old) Non atmos 5.1 monitor audio speaker system & sub Sky q 2tb box Denon avr-x3600 Apple TV Panasonic Blu ray player I run a hdmi 2.0 cable from hdmi2 (arc) to the monitor out of the avr I run...
  3. A

    Budget amplifier for 4 ohm speakers

    Hi! I've recently received a couple of Dali Evidence 470 SE speakers. I'm quite new when it comes to hifi and figured I'd ask around here for suggestions for a suitable amplifier for the speakers. After some research, it seems that due to the fact that the speakers have en impedance of 4 ohm, I...
  4. S

    Need help with a Denon 4500H receiver.

    I am currently running an older Denon 3300 receiver and I am thinking about upgrading to a 4500H. I run a 7.1 system currently, 2 fronts and center, sides and backs. I would like to place some speakers on my deck to listen to music from DIRECTV. I am powering my current speakers with a...
  5. A

    Yamaha avr rxa-1060, automatically shuts off

    I wanted to share a serious problem I am facing with my yamaha avr shutting off, even after getting my unit repaired from yamaha support and still not having the problem solved, I am posting the problem here. The problem started with my receiver shutting off repeatedly and going into standby...
  6. A

    Receiver recommendation for Focal Chorus 706 speakers

    I got Focal Chorus 706 speakers from early 2000s (like new condition) as a gift from my father-in-law (yeah, I am that good!). I will be using them as external speakers for my TV - just them, no other speakers. What receiver/s would you recommend? Nothing fancy, new or used under USD 300. Thanks...
  7. G

    Help Please Sony STR DN1080 Or Denon AVR X 2600

    Hi All I know this sort of question is probably a nightmare to post as everyone has a different opinion but I really can not decide which one to buy, I have a small area to build my system. I have a 55 inch Samsung Q80R/ Sony PS4 and Old Kef Eggs 5.1 1000.2 (I know they are old but I love the...
  8. N

    Question Replacing a pre-HDMI Denon Receiver

    We recently bought a Samsung QE43Q60RATXXU TV. Previously, the Humax DVR and Sony Blu-Ray player went through the Denon AVR-1803 5.1 receiver either as optical or component video signals. Now the TV is the hub, with HDMI connections from the DVR and disc player and sound out to the Denon from...
  9. L

    av receiver

    upgrading my av reciever but stuck on which one to go for. Denon x4500h or the marantz 6014 ? Any advice would be grateful.
  10. Waynester

    Question Confused as to why this is displaying on my Denon AVR-X2200W

    Hi guys Just watching a Blu ray music DVD and the cover says the Audio is DTS-HD MASTER, when my disc is playing it says this on the AVR display 😳 shouldn’t it say DTS-HD MASTER? why is it saying this instead? My Blu Ray player is a Pioneer BDP-180
  11. mfp2gosling1

    AV Receiver as power amp

    I upgraded from my Sony STR-DA2400 to a Denon 3600 because I wanted To upgrade everything to 4k. Now I’m wondering that instead of sticking the Sony amp up in the loft to collect dust, maybe I could it as a power amp for my Centre and surround speakers and leave the Denon to power the 4 height...
  12. Clock'd 0ne

    For Sale Yamaha RXV375 5.1 receiver/amplifier - Black

    Yamaha RXV375 in black - £70 In excellent condition, boxed with microphone for room calibration and remote control. An easy but delightful entry into the world of home cinema with this capable 5.1 channel receiver, which was a What HiFi award winner. The RX-V375 supports playback of Full HD...
  13. M

    Question Replace AV receiver with another one or go the simple route: soundbar

    So I couldn't really explain in the title what I'm currently struggling with in my mind regarding my home cinema setup. The gist of it is that I used to be someone who was constantly keeping track of new features and hardware and knew exactly what to buy and how to set up my stuff. That was...
  14. D

    Question Onkyo TX-SR605 AV Receiver - no WiFi

    Hi, I have an Onkyo TX-SR605 AV Receiver that dates back to pre-wifi 2008. It does have HDMI ports so can anyone advise me, if I wanted to connect my phone so I can stream music through the unit, would using a USB-C to HDMI adapter be the same as connecting any other input into one of the HDMI...
  15. T

    Its been so long since I had a stereo receiver, advice please

    Just bought a home and it's wired for sound. Owner left the wall mounted speakers. See the attached photo. It's been so long I don't even know what those 6 connectors in the two outlet boxes are for. 1. Any idea what the wiring suggests. 2. Looking for budget 100w x 4 receiver that has...
  16. jimmyca69

    Wanted Stereo Amp/Receiver

    As above looking for a basic receiver or stereo amp to run a 2 channel setup. Not looking to spend too much given the basic setup. Requirements are: toslink optical input, min of 2 x 40w output @ 8ohms for my Polk RC65i wall speakers and also needs to be a max of 40cm wide due to shelving...
  17. severton

    AVR, PS4, TV

    Hi - I’m not a tech person so kinda need some help please! AVR: Marantz SR6014 TV: Samsung Q95T 55” 2020 Console: PS4 So, I have a longish HDMI cable from AVR to TV via ARC. I then have a Sky Q box into my AVR, works OK, quality isn’t 100% (I think) because cable is long (I think) but good...
  18. S

    Wanted Wanted (Cheap) AV Receiver

    Looking for a cheap receiver to tide me over for a wee while. 4 ohms impedance would suit as I'm replacing a blu-ray/receiver combo which recently died on me and the speakers are rated at only 3 ohms, aside from the centre which is 6. Thanks to some useful advice here on the forums I'm now...
  19. nonsoloinglese

    What the hell is happening to AVR prices?

    I am the owner of a Marantz SR7012 and have just added an Emotiva Power Amp to boost LCR, I came from an Anthem MRX510 and since then have gone from carpet to hard floor. I am in two minds whether to 'upgrade' back to ARC or DiRAC from the Audyssey. (please feel free to comment on this choice)...
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