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Audio/video receiver (AVR)
  1. Badlad32

    Marantz 2285, NO FM...

    I apologize if this question has been resolved on another thread, but I couldn't. I have a marantz 2285 receiver in dire need of restoration, as they can be pretty valuable. Being the (non-b) model, it's pretty rare. It currently has no fm audio coming from the speakers, (yes they are working...
  2. PDC20

    Question Denon AVR-S740H HDMI ARC / HDMI CEC?

    Hi All, I recently purchased a refurbished Denon AVR-S740H from an authorized dealer on Amazon and hope I can fix my ARC / CEC issue and not have to return it. I really enjoy this receiver aside from the problem I am having so before I ship it back for a refund I'd like to solicit any...
  3. navyvet

    Receiver/Subwoofer help

    I would great appreciate some assistance. I have an older Sony home theater surround sound receiver I’ve been using for quite some time. I’ve been given by a friend, after he upgraded to a new receiver, his old one, which is better, and newer than the one I’m currently using. Now the problem...
  4. Lorchan

    Connecting Stereo Amp To Subwoofer ??

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise regarding connecting my Cyrus One Amp to my BK P12-300 subwoofer via high-level lead? I have the stereo amp connected to my AVR via pre-outs, I believe sub can be connected to both sources?. When using the AVR with the stereo amp in AV bypass mode...
  5. parmageddon

    Question Which HDFury device do I need? Help!

    Hi all, I've got an LG Oled B8 TV (UHD HDR) and an Epson TW9200 Projector (1080P) in the same room. I'd like to be able to split the output from my AVR and be able to display these at the same time. (I appreciate when doing this that the lowest common denominator resolution will display on...
  6. Fritz24

    4K or not 4K (Virgin V6 Box Question)

    Hi all, I think I know the answer to this but wanted confirmation. We were recently given a Panasonic 4K TV (TX-50CX700B) which I've got connected via my Yamaha RX-V375 AV receiver to our Virgin V6 box (and other devices). The V6 has 4K capability and I've recently discovered that the AV...
  7. A

    Question Dennon 550BT volume level?

    Hi there, I have a Denon 550BT AMP with Pioneer S-11 bookshelf speakers that I used to run with my old Pioneer VSX-321 before that broke. My concern is that with the new Denon amp, I have to have the volume set to around 65-70 for it to be a decent level to watch a film (not too loud but loud...
  8. Walinen

    Help needed with first 5.1 setup

    Hello maybe some of you can help out with my problem I have old samsung 5.1 speaker set with passive subwoofer no original amplifier I have Pioneer VSX-817 7.1 which im using right now i have subwoofer set to left + right channels, i also have Kenwood Ka-1030 2 channel amplifier can i use...
  9. maxcovergold

    Question Replacing HTIB Receiver with a Dedicated One

    Hi Guys, So within the next year I want update the TV to a nice 4K HDR one. I'll need to change the receiver to be able to attain either of those thing too and when doing so I want to future proof myself as much as possible on a budget. One way I may be able to do this is by simply swapping...
  10. D

    Question buy an AVR or an Integrated Amplifier

    I already got a Denon AVR 1709. This receiver is hardly (1% may be) used for movies. It is 99% for music. I am thinking of upgrading what I have. Should I upgrade to a Denon AVR X2500H or should I be getting an Integrated Amplifier with connected to an olden days' graphic equalizer. Please advice.
  11. F

    Question 'Sound proofing' AV noise pollution in a terraced house

    Hi. I live in a terraced town house with neighbours on both sides. The first floor is a combined kitchen / living room and has the AV against the wall of Neighbour A and facing the direction of the house of Neighbour B. The side of the house closest to Neighbour B has a staircase wall between...
  12. N

    Question Onkyo TX-L50 (Pioneer VSX-S520) or Marantz NR1509

    I need a low profile receiver to replace my Harman Kardon BDS580. The only options I can find that will fit in my TV stand are the ones in the title. They are all available for approximately the same price. Would someone knowledgeable kindly help me choose please?
  13. lebellium

    HDR10+ AV receivers Thread

    This thread aims at listing all current and coming AV receivers able to pass through HDR10+ signals over HDMI and discuss their respective implementation. HDR10+ already supported: 2020 Arcam AVR10 / AVR20 / AVR30 (HDR10+ AV receivers Thread) 2020 Denon AVR-X2700H / AVC-X3700H / AVC-X4700H /...
  14. B

    Answered How do I connect my PC to AV receiver?

    Hello everyone, I'm a rookie in the world of home cinema so please go easy on me xD I am planning on buying AV receiver for my home theater, but not entirely sure how to connect my PC to it. My graphics card has one HDMI out, and that's how its connected to the monitor right now. Here is...
  15. jpjeffery

    Onkyo HT-R380 Sound Cuts

    Hello Our AV Receiver has started to play up. It's incredibly frustrating. On power-on it works but then (after an unpredictable, or at least not yet identified, amount of time the unit makes and audible click (the same click that it makes when we switch it on or off, or when we change from...
  16. O

    Question Subwoofer to go with Antony Gallo Micro overhead speakers for 7.1 setup

    Hi All, I'm very new to this arena. I’m looking for a advice on a subwoofer to go with my home cinema setup. I have 7 Antony Gallo Micro speakers fixed to the ceiling connected to Yamaha V673 AV receiver. I don’t have a subwoofer however and looking for one. I have tested with friend’s CA Minx...
  17. D

    B7 OLED - ARC not working

    So my B7 OLED has always been really flaky in the ARC department. Maybe 50% of the time I turned the TV on it would just not output sound to my receiver. The solution was always to change the TV's input to the receiver, and then back again to Live TV. The receiver would then automatically change...
  18. parmageddon

    Question Issues when using Denon AVR-x2200 dual outputs

    Basically I noticed I can't make ArC audio work from my LGC8 TV to my Denon AVR-x2200. (That's HDMI slot 2 on the LG into Monitor #1 on the Denon)....On closer investigation, It turned out this problem would go away if i took the HDMI cable out of the "monitor 2 " HDMI output in the back of the...
  19. BTNV

    Question Line level and Speaker level sub setup question

    Okay here's a question that may be very easy to answer, but I don't want to damage any equipment so it's still worth asking. First I'll explain the setup, otherwise people will wonder why the hell I would even try to do this. In my listening area, I have 1) Two amp/stereos - Yamaha RX 1030...
  20. Steve Withers

    Arcam AVR390 7-Channel AV Receiver Review & Comments

    The Arcam AVR390 7-channel AV receiver has the same Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced, and Dirac Live support as the AVR850 but uses cheaper amplification. But do do you really need the Class G? Read the review. Write your own review for Arcam AVR390
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