AVR may refer to:
Aboriginal Voices Radio, an Aboriginal Canadian national radio network
Allegheny Valley Railroad, shortline railroad in Pennsylvania, U.S.
Annapolis Valley Radio, a country station located in Kentville, Nova Scotia
Aortic valve replacement
Armed violence reduction
Assiniboine Valley Railway, a minimum gauge railway in Winnipeg, Canada
Atmel AVR, a family of microcontrollers
Automatic voltage regulator
Automatic Volume Recognition in OS/360 and successors
AV receiver
Avacyn Restored
Avon Valley Railway, a heritage railway in the United Kingdom
AVR reactor, a German prototype pebble bed reactor
Video file used by certain set-top boxes which use MPEG transport stream (TS) as video codec
Aviator, a pilot of an airplane or other heavier-than-air aircraft
aVR may refer to:
Lead augmented vector right (aVR), a voltage difference in electrocardiography

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