1. civic-type-r

    Wanted Carrera Bike Mens Small / Medium Size Frame - may consider other brand

    Hi guys with all this lockdown going on my son has seemed to break his bike, so just looking for a replacement until his birthday back end of the year to get him a new one. Looking for Something like a carrera bike, maybe a small size in men’s frame... but let me know what you’ve got and il...
  2. rfield

    MTB tyre help needed!

    Wondering if anyone here know lots about mountain bike tyres! I've a full suspension bike with 27.5" WTB tyres on it (the ones that it came with when I bought it). The rims are i29 hope pro 4 (tubeless compatible). I've been considering going tubeless, so thought I may as well look at other...
  3. Red City

    Uber brings electric bike service JUMP to London

    Electric JUMP bikes are already available around the world including in the United States and Canada and other European capitals including Berlin and Paris. From today the Uber Jump bike will be in London. First five minutes of the ride free then 12p a minute after.
  4. Venomx999

    Buying A New Bike; Best Place?

    So im looking into buying a new bike next month ( push bike ) I did have a really nice Carerra £200 road bike ( with suspensions ) that someone robbed the first week i moved into my flat, and since then have been using a mediocre raleigh bike which is ok but pretty dangerous due to the brakes...
  5. T

    Apart from here, any good places to sell a road bike?

    Hi all, Title says it all really, I need to get rid of my road bike, I bought it a while back and realised I can't get on with road riding, I must have done about 20 miles tops before realising this. I want to get some money back for it instead of just sitting there so apart from putting it for...
  6. sergiup

    Bike carriers and height restrictions

    This is going to be a bit of a silly question, but I'm well known for sometimes overlooking the obvious. Due to the logistics of the wife and I commuting to work and taking the baby to nursery, it would often be handy to have a bike rack on the car; the reason is that some weeks I can only do...
  7. TaurusDevil

    Bike Mobile Holder

    I'm looking at getting one so i can record myself going along. Any recommendations? At the moment i'm holding my phone with one hand, yes i know it's bad! Lol
  8. Kieron

    Bike lock. (Cycle)

    I know we've a thriving community of cyclists here at AVF. Son had just got his first "decent" bike (mountain bike) and I'm concerned his combination lock from his BMX isn't up to the task. Can anyone recommend a lock that isn't extremely heavy (as he needs to cycle around with the lock on the...
  9. imightbewrong

    Calling all bike on car carriers

    We are looking to take four kids bikes away with us for the summer this year - seeing what the options are for carrying them with the full Caravelle. The obvious choice seems to be adding a tow bar and tow-bar mounted bike carrier. If I put tow bar into google, places like Halfords and...
  10. Garrett

    Bike Hybrid Frame Size

    Anybody have a bike that's 5' 10" if so what size of frame have you got and recommend? I seem more or less on the border. When buying trousers I get 32 inside leg but I'm 33 to floor. So more or less sticks me in the middle of two sizes. My span is greater than my height so looks like its...
  11. J

    Tour de france proform bike- any opinions

    Good afternoon all, I am looking for a good spinning /indoor cycle to use in my home gym. I like the look of the proform tour de France indoor bike, and live the idea of a machine which can give me a rough idea of watt power outlet and the various route functions - however the only reviews I...
  12. KyleS1

    Bike rack recommendation

    Hi all, I'm looking for a roof mounted bike rack to fit a Mazda 5 (has roof rails). Can anyone recommend a bike rack for two adult bikes, or recommend a decent company to look at? I know the Thule systems are good but they are pricey and this won't get used a huge amount. Thanks! :)
  13. gav_sw20

    Bike stolen, culprit caught on my IP cam

    Came home from work last Tuesday to find other half's road bike had been stolen from the lobby. Checked my IP cam footage e-mails to see someone enter the appt block at 4pm, steal a pair of my new trainers, only to return 40 mins later and make his way off with a bike. I called the police, and...
  14. Iccz

    The Cycling Thread

    Carried on from here:
  15. =adrian=

    Winter - bike - shed - storage

    For people keeping their bike in a shed - as per title really, how do you store your bike through the winter? What precautions do you take? What safety features do you use? Which cover (if any) do you use?
  16. AVTEZ59


    Taken around the Arc De Triomphe....concentrated the composition on the helmet and gloves. A late entry and I'm personally not sure of the appeal.... Bike by Terry Wynne, on Flickr Terry
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