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Black Friday (Shopping)
  1. pesser

    Question Black Friday Richer sounds

    Anyone else order a E9 from Richer Sounds starting to think i should have gone elsewhere and still waiting ?
  2. S

    black friday Soundbar suggestions ?

    HI, looking for a compact soundbar to run with Panasonic gz950 55 and new style Nvidia shield pro . any suggestions please ? Budget is £350 . started looking at this list Link from trusted reviews and the Sony HT-X8500 looks good at John Lewis for £248 Link any other suggestions ? Thanks
  3. P

    What have you picked up and where during Black Friday?

    What have you picked up and where during Black Friday?
  4. JabbaNut

    BLACK FRIDAY: The cheapest Android TV-Box and Windows mini PC’s

    Always check around! " We already have Black Friday underway and we will collect the best deals that we see for Android TV-Box and Windows mini PC available in the most powerful online stores. In addition to these offers, we recommend consulting our coupon lists that we have for these stores in...
  5. P

    Black Friday finally here, any 65 inch TVs

    Hi folks Thanks for all your previous comments. A lot have recommended 65 Hisense 8UB. so been keeping an eye out and now its Black Friday the 8UB us still £799 not really seen any great deals, so just wondering if anyone has come across any somewhere. I think the budget would ideally be no...
  6. Smurfin

    Question Any suggestions for a Black Friday 5 bay NAS enclosure?

    Looking to run unraid, and ideally want to run sabnzb/radarr/sonarr and stream UHD blurays. My media player is a zappiti 4K HDR. Any thoughts? I saw the Terramaster F5-221 on amazon today for £320, but not sure if I would really need quad core to the do the above.
  7. HabBen

    Disney plus special

    I think I was right to wait for Black Friday to get disney+ subs for discounted price. Question: Gizmodo and CBR reported that users can't access disney+ outside of their region with a vpn? Is there a way around to this problem?
  8. Bakey

    Bargain Total Film Magazine Subscription Black Friday Offer

    For anyone interested Total Film magazine have a great black Friday subscription offer on. It's only £29.99 for a year (13 issues) this weekend anyway but if you use code EVERYTHING20 you get an extra 20% off. Not sure how long the code is valid for but if you have a current subscription you can...
  9. Time2Smile

    Are Boxing Day or Jan Sales better than Black Friday For New Models of TV

    Hi Are Boxing Day or Jan Sales better than Black Friday? I am not in a rush so can wait.... how is your experience been. I am interested in OLED ranges e.g C9 or Philips 854 etc.
  10. KhalJimbo

    Are there any good Black Friday deals?

    Has anyone seen any good Black Friday deals for PC parts? I'm looking at upgrading and the only thing I can see that was a pretty good deal was some Corsair Vengence RGB Memory 2x8gb for £77 which I picked up. I'm after a Ryzen 5 3600 too but I just can't see any decent deals on anything so...
  11. P

    fifa xbox black friday

    where does one look for a cd non digital version? what's a good price?
  12. O

    Philips 50pus8204 black friday deal, initial thoughts VS my 11 year old 37" Sony Bravia

    I've been using AV Forums for pre purchasing advise, and didn't want to end up with the often quoted worse picture than my old TV by buying the wrong size or panel type. I eventually settled on the Philips 50pus8204 @ £500 on sale. *wanted Ambilight which kept me with Philips, *didn't want IPS...
  13. smotiram

    Help me to decide which 43-50inch TV to buy on Black Friday for up to £350

    Hi there. I am looking for a new TV for my room. I sit approximately 2-2.5m away from where the tv will sit and quite simply I am looking for the best I can get in the budget I have provided above. Uses for my tv. Stream 4k content via netflix & amazon prime and playing my switch. That's...
  14. Beaker 2016

    Question Thoughts on Panasonic DPUB150 UHD Blu-ray Player on sale for Black Friday @ £99

    Hi, What are the forums opinion on the Panasonic DPUB150 UHD Blu-ray Player on sale for Black Friday @ £99 I know it doesn't have a display but is there any disadvantages of this model I don't have a UHD player at the moment and would probably only be buying selected UHD discs to start with...
  15. JabbaNut

    Black Friday sales offer few real discounts, says Which?

    " Black Friday sales offer few real deals with most goods cheaper or available for the same price at other times, according to consumer group Which?. It said that just one in 20 offers was cheaper during the annual sales, which start this week. Among products cheaper outside of Black Friday...
  16. M

    New 4k TV, black friday deal

    Hi I'm looking into getting a new TV, 65 inch. I really don't want to spend more than 1K. I was looking at the JG nano cell TVs. I know the advice is to wait for the OLED to come down in value, but I'm a bit impatient! Obviously there are always going to be better TVs out there. Is the OLED...
  17. M

    Question Best TV for bedroom

    Hey all, I'm looking for a new tv for my bedroom, currently have a 10yr old 32” Toshiba. Looking at 43” but able to accommodate bigger, will be on a unit which will be purchased to suit (unsure of wall mounting due to rental property). Budget around £300-400 trying not to go higher. Smart TV...
  18. L

    Cheap(er) NowTV Smart Stick/Passes

    Looks like the cheapo NowTV Smart Stick offers have reappeared at Argos. https://www.argos.co.uk/search/now-tv-stick/ NOW TV Smart Stick with 3 month Sky Cinema Pass (£19.99): https://www.argos.co.uk/product/4374354 NOW TV Smart Stick with 6 month Entertainment Pass (£29.99)...
  19. S

    Black Friday budget subwoofer?

    I have a Yamaha RX V430RDS teamed with Mission M72i speakers. Not looking to upgrade everything but would like to add a subwoofer for a bit more grunt when watching movies. Looking for suggestions for a subwoofer that won't break the bank but will add value to my sound system. Is there anything...
  20. jackpe

    Worth waiting for actual Black Friday?

    Am looking for a smallish tv, up to 55” and have been checking the various sites. Anyone know of any particularly good deals right now? Or is worth waiting till Friday itself? am looking to spend £500-£800, use mainly Netflix. Will view head on. Decent sound would be a bonus. have looked at...
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