1. SFkilla

    Total Recall (1990) (Remastered) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Total Recall (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / / (Import) Release date: 19/11/2020 Status: Available to pre-order /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Also available: 4K release...
  2. Clock'd 0ne

    For Sale New/sealed Blu-ray: Schwarzenegger, BTTF, Twin Peaks, Passenger + used LOTR EE boxset

    New Blu-Ray (all with slipcases): Conan the Barbarian (2011 release) - £8 delivered Schwarzenegger Collection (Total Recall/Red Heat/Raw Deal) £10 delivered sold to Benj5 Predator Trilogy - £10 delivered Passengers - £10 delivered Back to the Future Trilogy - £15 delivered Twin Peaks: A Limited...
  3. Clock'd 0ne

    For Sale Total Recall: Ultimate Rekall Edition (Studiocanal Triple Play Steelbook Edition)

    Total Recall Steelbook triple play (BD, DVD & digital) with cardboard slip, unopened and completely mint. £25 delivered.
  4. Kenny UK

    Panasonic DMR-PWT550 PVR Archive facility - What is this exactly, Can I copy a Blu-ray to its HD?

    Hi I have a Panasonic DMR-PWT550 PVR and I understand it has a "Archive" function. A google search has not brought up any meaningful explanation so.. Does this "Archive" function allow for a copy of a DVD or Blu-ray to be made to the PVR's HD so it can be played back at any time? I recently...
  5. SFkilla

    Oblivion (2013) (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    Oblivion (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 12/2020(TBC) Status: Available to pre-order (TBA) Artwork TBA
  6. danmc_82

    For Sale Resident Evil Afterlife + Cars 2 Steels

    Both in good condition, Cars 2 has a slight bump to the front right. Both have a few scuffs but nothing major. Both single disc versions. £5 each Postage to be added on top.
  7. L

    For Sale OPPO BDP-95EU Blu-Ray Player, excellent condition

    I have owned this player from new, purchased from IdealAV. It has been well looked after and the condition reflects this. I used it with a Harmony remote so the original remote is almost unused. Comes with all the original accessories and packaging. It is running the latest firmware so I...
  8. M

    Blu-ray uhd

    Anyone having problems viewing disc based uhd on the Xbox via the app. I can watch Blu-ray and normal HD disc films but 4K is just a pixelated mess. Used to be fine. tried all the usual stuff they’ve said. Cleared the cache etc,used a dvd cleaner. thanks guys.
  9. SimonST

    For Sale Marvel, Disney, Pixar 3D Blu-ray collections (not selling individual titles)

    Not looking to split each collection at this time. Unless otherwise stated, these are 3D discs only. Discs should all be in excellent condition. Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 1 Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Captain Marvel (includes Slipcover - Good to VGC, probably very good, a couple of small...
  10. kahlua

    For Sale star wars a new hope 4k steelbook sold

    new sealed a new hope steelbook
  11. G

    For Sale Star Wars Blu-rays: Original Trilogy, Rogue One Slipcover, The Force Awakens

    Selling my Star Wars BDs. All coming from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Rogue One and TFA watched once. Eps IV-VI watched 4-5 times but still in very good condition. Original Trilogy: £12 Rogue One: £8 The Force Awakens: £7
  12. D

    For Sale Brightburn 4K UHD & Blu Ray

    Brightburn 4K and Blu Ray 2 disc set, watched once.
  13. TheRemasterMaster

    Solo: A Star Wars Story (Zavvi Exclusive) (4K UHD/Blu-ray Steelbook) (3 Disc Edition includes Blu-ray)

    Purchase link: Zavvi Release Date: TBC Status: Available to Pre-order
  14. TheRemasterMaster

    Best Movies to own on 4k (UHD) Blu-Ray

    I've started this thread to discuss the best movies you can own on the Ultra HD Blu-ray Format. Everyone can post their opinion in their thread about what movies really look good on this format and standout from one another. I've just started Collecting 4k Ultra-HD Blu-rays i now own the...
  15. Pooler

    For Sale Mad Men Complete Collection Series 1-7 (Blu-Ray)

    Watched once in great condition - £40 posted or can collect
  16. SFkilla

    Pokemon (1/2/3) Collector's edition (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Pokemon Collector's Edition (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Release date: 05/10/2020 Status: Available to pre-order
  17. was1m

    For Sale Was1M - Blu-Ray Clearout

    All in excellent condition. If item is opened it has only been watched once! Skyfall - Triple Play with Slip - £5 delivered The Town - £5 delivered Gran Torino - £5 Delivered Gladiator 15th Anniversary Edition 2 discs - £5 Ghost Protocol - Triple Play - £5 delivered Social Network - Sealed -...
  18. SFkilla

    Hellboy II: The Golden Army (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    Hellboy II (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 18/11/2020 Status: Available to pre-order Artwork TBA
  19. SFkilla

    Waterworld (1995) (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (FR)

    Waterworld (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 25/11/2020 Status: Available to pre-order Artwork TBA
  20. SFkilla

    The Grinch (Aka Dr. Seuss) (2018) (4K/Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE/FR)

    The Grinch (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Release date: 12/11/2020 Status: Available to pre-order(TBA) ---------- The Grinch (Steelbook) (4K + Blu-Ray) Purchase link: / Release date: 11/2020 Status: Available to pre-order(TBA) Artwork TBA
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