1. Z

    Question Can you cancel broadband contract early

    I'm 8 months into an 18 month sky fibre broadband contract but there's now a company offering ultrafast fibre (up to 1Gbps) in our town and I'm tempted to switch to them. Anyone else found themselves in this position? I'm just not sure if it's possible to cancel my broadband contract early and...
  2. noiseboy72

    £39 per month basic Sky / Broadband / Phone package. Any pitfalls?

    Hi All. My aging mother is moving house and has the opportunity to change from Virgin to Sky when she does so. She only needs TV, broadband and a telephone line to support. The £39 per month deal looks good, plus there's the introductory gift incentive for me as well. Is there anything other...
  3. neuty

    Question Recommended VPN for home fibre broadband and mobile

    Hi All, This is all quite confusing for me, but can anyone recommend a good reliable and not costly VPN for home and also for mobile / tablets usage? There are so many it’s blown my head off. Thanks for looking. Carl
  4. F

    Question Broadband installation not completed due to cable fault

    Hi All, I had an OpenReach Engineer attend my new home on Tuesday (9th June) as no prior broadband or ’phone line had been supplied to the property, or at least for a while. They were unable to provide a working line due to a fault from where it enters the house to the street. There seems to be...
  5. F

    Virgin Broadband only

    Hi All I have decided to remove my TV package from Virgin and keep the broadband. I want to move my router to a more central location. Can i disconnect the cable that runs from the outside box into the small white box that was fitted next to my TV (the box has two output cable) and re position...
  6. GeorgeStorm

    4G home broadband

    Hi all, Since realising I've been overpaying for a while since my contract ran out with plusnet, I saw something about 4G home broadband and it caught my interest. We currently can only get ADSL, and whilst we're overpaying atm, we've been offered £17.99 a month from plusnet to create a new...
  7. TheyCallMeTJ

    Virgin made a big effort to reach out to me and save me £17 a month, that I didnt ask for

    I have had my few quibbles with virginmedia over the years (I think I've been with them for about fifteen years now), especially when my bills suddenly go up without any courtesy warning, or the odd few downtimes, or the suspect "super" hub performance and limitations...but I never had any real...
  8. kosymodo

    How to disable 4G+ in favour of 4G - Three mobile broadband

    My Three mobile broadband connection has been temperamental recently. I've been through support, and they found some issue with the signal in my area. However, I noticed at the time that my router was displaying 4G+, and when they 'fixed' the issue, it then displayed 4G. Today it's...
  9. Ratfink

    Question Upgrading SKY broadband to Virgin?

    Hi folks, Bit of a tech novice here, so bear with me. Been with SKY for many years and had endless troubles (although their customer service and response is impecible!) Finally got an engineer (about 10th time!) out who discovered that my apartment runs on Virgin cables - the other is broken...
  10. G

    opinions on vodafone broadband

    Hi all, I was wondering what people thought about vodafone broadband and whether they were worth going with? Kind regards Mark Strong
  11. T

    Any Vodafone GigaFast Fibre Broadband users?

    I am currently on Virgin Media 100bm plus line rental for £32.50 pcm. Now Vodafone have put in their Gigafast network down my street they are offering 500mb £30 900mb £40 With a £5 loyalty discount as I am a Voda mobile customer. Can anyone who has it compare it to Virgin? How was your...
  12. Puntoboy

    BT new 500mb and 900mb Broadband packages

    Been waiting for this for a while. I've had 330mb for a little over 3 years now. Placed an order and it gets activated on Wednesday. Hope my Dream Machine Pro can handle it :)
  13. gibbsy

    Netflix to slow broadband speed in Europe.

    Netflix is going to slow the speeds of downloads in Europe as a result of the strain on the broadband system in Europe.
  14. jacko50

    Vodafone broadband and CCTV problem

    not sure if this is in the right place but, I just switched from Sky to Vodafone (cheaper and faster ) but..I had a CCTV set up before which would replay on my TV. That still works fine but I also had Smarteyes set up on my mobile devices so I can view from my phone/tablet. This no longer works...
  15. Jacoscar

    What master socket for Vodafone broadband?

    When I moved into my house I removed the master socket for replastering and probably lost it (or thrown it away). I have had Virgin Media during the last year, but have now requested Vodafone broadband. The previous owner had internet with a non virgin provider so the phone line should already...
  16. SnowyLondon

    Sky Hub with Virgin Broadband

    I've moved house and they didnt have Sky Fibre in my new area so I have had to go with Virgin Media for internet and kept sky Q. It seems that the walls are made of lead or something and the virgin router isn't good enough to transmit Wifi to all the rooms very well. I was wondering if I can...
  17. drummerman

    BT Broadband

    I'd be interested to hear from others. I have a business BT Fibre (to road box) then standard connection to my flat. I get an average 65mb download speed (which is what BT guarantee on my business contract). Whilst I rarely struggle with buffering I would like more. A friend has a Virgin 350mb...
  18. kitenski

    Cancelling TV, Phone & moving to Virgin Media Business Broadband?

    I'm wondering has anyone else done the above and if so did it go ok? I'm assuming I can just cancel my whole Virgin package after ordering the Business broadband package? We've been assessing costs/usage and we never use the home phone line, and 99% of what we record with Tivo is on Freeview so...
  19. sykotik

    Is 3's Mobile broadband really unlimited ?

    I'm wanting fast download speed in my house and have been looking at 3's unlimited mobile broadband but is it really unlimited or is there a monthly cap? ( download and upload ) ?, had a look through most of T'sC's but can't see anything . I download games every now and again and can be...
  20. lunazero

    Question Help with extending broadband and choosing NAS?

    Hello My EE router is downstairs in the front room next to the master socket. Where possible I prefer using ethernet connections to devices. Looking for a solution which allows ethernet cable directly to an upstairs bedroom/office. One option is to have a local sparky run a cable from the...
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