call of duty (game)

  1. W

    For Sale COD: Modern Warfare

    COD: Modern Warfare £26 inc
  2. Petey

    For Sale PS4 Games - COD Modern Warfare, Spiderman, The Last Guardian

    Selling a few PS4 games I no longer play. - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare £25.00 - Spider-Man £15.00 - The Last Guardian £10.00 All inclusive of postage.
  3. K

    For Sale DS4 black controller £22.50 & PS4 bundle £22.50

    was selling a bundle with console but thats now sold. So got some games and a controller to get rid of. Fully working black DS4 controller (barcode has rubbed off rear) - £22.50 sold Kick off revival/drive club/battlefield 1/Wwe2k19/gran turismo - £22.50 Everything for £37.50
  4. B

    Wanted COD Cold War beta code please

    Anyone :)
  5. Juan234

    For Sale modern warfare

    2019's modern warfare, great condition
  6. DLxP

    For Sale Xbox One X 1TB black

    Xbox One X boxed with controller. Very small light scratch on the front (pictured) but otherwise great condition. £190. Elite controller with case. Tiny ding (pictured) but otherwise immaculate. £60. [SOLD] Would do both console and Elite controller for £240.
  7. VCataf

    For Sale Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

    Modern Warfare reboot (Xbox One) for sale.
  8. Sandman

    What call of duty game to buy?

    I am going to buy a Call of Duty game but now sure which one to get. On the PS4 my favourites were Modern Warfare 2 remastered and WW2. I’m not really interested in the single player mode and from reading a few recent reviews there are not many people playing these games on PC on multiplayer. Is...
  9. littlesheepy

    For Sale Call of Duty: Ghosts & Advanced Warfare PS3 Games

    Call of Duty: Ghosts £4.50 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Day Zero Edition) £4.50 In great condition but please consider any bonus material/codes as used. Prices include Royal Mail 2nd Class delivery. Payment via bank transfer preferred but will accept Paypal gift/friends&family Advertised...
  10. raigraphixs

    Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War (X1)
  11. CJww2

    Cod WW2 looking for players for war/zombies.

    Just bought the DLC not matching into games so would like to find people that I can play with preferably dlc.
  12. 40something

    COD Modern Warfare 2019 not playing

    Hello I have played the full game and then I went back to play it again and I could not. I needed a DLC patch or something. I removed all the game and when it reinstalled the same this happens. So now I cant play the game at all. I don't wish to go online just on the Xbox One X. Can anyone...
  13. ohwhatalad

    gaming setup for under 1k, for COD warzone, inside is photo of what i specd

    So having been out of the game of pc building since AMD athlon xp days, i am really into COD warzone on xbox. i want to make a half decent PC setup to play with. I have built this with budget of around 1k in mind, on ebuyer. I want all components from ebuyer so i can get it all in one...
  14. Mensy

    Question Help with Cod 4 Remaster Steam

    Hi guys im trying to boot Cod 4 remaster up so i can play it before i buy MW2 remaster but i keep getting the below message. I activated it through steam from my IW game and i cannot seem to get the game to run, ive googled everything and still no joy has anyone had this issue and found a fix ...
  15. C

    PS4 - COD MW Lagging

    Hi, So about two weeks ago my PS4 (playing COD MW) started lagging bad. My ISP have came and checked the wires and swapped my router twice and it didn't get fixed.. Ive tried different ethernet cables as well. I took my ps4 to my brothers house and everything worked perfect over there. As well...
  16. Fultz911

    Updating version 1.17 on cod mw

    I am updating cod mw to version 1.17. online it says the update is 15Gb but the ps4 is updating 89 GB and has dont this for the last few updates. Any help?
  17. N

    Cod mw 2020 Feb 17th data corruption

    Hi all 😁 I'm new to any of this kind of thing posting and reviewing sort of malrky. So here's the issue, I've spent more than 280 Stirling on this game but then I got a data corruption message when playing modern warfare 2019. Got this message half hour ago so thought it would be best if I asked...
  18. joshmidgleyy

    Question Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Players?

    Hi guys, Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I'm looking for any players who're currently playing the new COD? I'm really enjoying this COD but none of my friends have got into it so just on the lookout for anyone who maybe in the same position and would like to team up...
  19. F


    Hey there, Needing some advice with an issue I have regarding my second player in Multiplayer Local Play in COD WW2 on PS4. So, I'm wanting to play splitscreen Local Play with a mate. Issue is, when we start the game the second player can't shoot his damn weapon. He can run around, move his...
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