1. Tremolo Arm

    Netflix, Football, Gaming, Casting - 25% each

    Which 65" would you recommend between £2K and £2.5K for the above content? - The room is relatively bright. Viewing angle is pretty straight. - Audio is of no importance as I have an amp and 5.1 surround - A fast OS and a remote which controls all sources would be a a distinctive advantage...
  2. Johnell007

    Question AppleTV Casting

    Trying to cast AppleTV prog from my iphone7 to my none apple TV. Keeps giving the message “unable to play video while the screen is being recorded” Does the same when i connect using lightning to HDMI lead too.
  3. bankzy30

    BOSE 500 Subwoofer not working when casting to Chromecast Ultra

    Hello, I have recently bought a Google Chromecast Ultra so I can stream BT Sport Ultimate in 4K HDR to my new LG TV. This picture works perfectly. today I have received my new Bose 500 setup including a soundbar and subwoofer. The soundbar is working whilst casting but there is zero bass...
  4. N

    Issues casting Dell XPS Windows laptop onto Samsung Frame TV

    Dear all, I am currently trying to cast the screen of my Dell XPS15 (running WIndows 10) onto my Samsung Frame TV. I was able to do cast seamless using this same setup until a few months ago, all of a sudden it does not seem to work. I note that I can still cast my Huawei Mate Pro 10 phone...
  5. M

    Windows Media Player 12 - casting to 2 devices simultaneously with same music

    I can get WMP 12 to cast to my Denon S-302 in one room and to my Yamaha RX-740 in another at the same time. Step one done - good. But what I really want is to have them synched, playing exactly the same thing in both rooms on both units. In other words, I don't want to cast 2 separate...
  6. R

    Question Mirroring from Samsung s9 to Philips TV Issue

    Hello, i have an issue with mirroring.. When I mirror my s9 screen to my Philips TV on the right side theres a white stripe that does not disappear. I know that its the navigation bar, but on my phone settings i made sure to check the "Hide the navigation bar" setting so it would disappear, but...
  7. H

    Question Can't Cast… But not giving up.

    I have a brand new Sony Bravia X800G TV with built-in Chromecast. I can NOT get my videos from my PC to cast to my TV. It worked once in the last two weeks and once and a blue moon it will have the name of my TV, but won't connect. I may have changed some settings on my TV that's not allowing...
  8. BobA51

    Question Cast to Fire TV

    Apologies if this has been covered I did try searching without any luck, but it has been covered feel free to point me in the right direction. whilst at my parents when I activate cast on my Android phone I can see their FireTV as an option and can successfully cast to it, at home I have 2...
  9. Basildon

    Question Multi screen casting/mirroring

    Hi guys, I need a device that streams a video signal (not necessarily audio) from 4-8 devices (laptops/tablets etc) wireless into my single screen. Let's say I have a bunch of students working on some project or tests and I'd like to see what they're actually doing. I found something like...
  10. S

    XF9005 casting YouTube

    So that I can watch 4k and HDR on YouTube, I cast from my iPhone to the TV. Or at least I did, because now when I try and connect the phone to the TV the YouTube app hangs at the loading screen. I've tried restarting Android, and casting YouTube works once (but only in HD, not 4k) and then goes...
  11. K

    Question TX-NR575 Bluetooth audio while casting video

    TX-NR575 advanced manual shows this: Mini Player OSD Default Value: Always On You can play on the TV the images from another input selected immediately prior while you are playing the audio from NET or BLUETOOTH input. After switching to NET or BLUETOOTH, play the images and audio, then when...
  12. T

    Block connections to my TV

    Hi all I have several friends that think it's highly amusing to cast porn/youtube to my TV whilst I'm watching something else. Is their a way to stop these a-holes from ruining my viewing experience? Can't disconnect from the router as I generally watch Netflix etc. Thanks
  13. T

    Casting photos/Videos on Web OS

    What methods do you guys use? I found using Smartview on my S8 resulted in reduced quality (i assume because its reduced bitrate to allow screenshare) I tried the built in app but found it very buggy having to manually select each photo, also any kid of video was buffering (4k). I used to use...
  14. magnus00125

    YouTube casts to LG-TV -How to Disable

    So I live in a house with other people. When they accidentally press cast on their youtube app on their phones, my tv shows their video. How can I disable this on my LGTV 43uj635v
  15. M

    chrome cast not casting to tv the new one circle one

    i have got a little problem if anyone can help me with this right i bought myself a chrome cast the new one done by google the circle one with a hdmi port right everything is set up right cos on my tv it says ready to cast and on my google chrome i have the cast tab but for some reason it wont...
  16. Gambit35

    Question My first-ever CEDIA! Collaborate w/ DVDO TILE?

    So I went to CEDIA last month for my first time. I thought it was a pretty cool show. I've been to CES and it was definitely smaller, but more "refined." While CES showcases just about anything with a power button, CEDIA was focused on audio and video. All still very interesting stuff. One item...
  17. tempura

    Question Casting from phones using Miracast / Wi-Fi Direct

    Does anybody do screen mirroring from their (non-Samsung) Android phones to their Samsung TVs? Does it work reliably? I get an intermittent problem where I just get a still image of the phone, and any actions/movements I make on the phone are not mirrored. Doesn't happen all the time, but...
  18. nordvest

    Answered How to tell if Chromecast ultra is casting in 4K on LG OLED?

    Hi, We just bought a Chromecast Ultra and in the Netflix-app on my phone there's no way to tell what shows are in 4k (or in HDR) and if it's actually streaming in 4k to the TV. I've seen people that have a Ultra write that they see a UHD-marker somewhere (?), but I never see it. I have...
  19. J

    Question One box to cast them all?

    Hi all. My wife bought a Chromecast recently, which is fine for casting from an Android device (or Chrome on my Macbook Pro), but I can't help thinking there must be a box / software combo to support AirPlay, Chromecast and Miracast. I just want one box, but to be able to mirror from anything...
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