1. W

    LG 32LM630BPLA loses channels

    I persuaded my parents to buy a LG 32LM630BPLA 2019 LED HDR HD Ready Smart TV, 32" with Freeview together with a Manhattan T3-R HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Freeview Play TV Recorder, 1TB I am beginning to wish I hadn't :-). I am hoping that its something stupid that I have done wrong but I set it up...
  2. Edgie70

    Question Number of channels ??

    Hi , can someone please explain to me how I work out how many channels my sound bar is , it's a Yamaha Yas 306 , on the left it has a tweeter a mid and a small sub , same on the right BUT Yamaha claim on their site it is 7.1 channel ??? Is it only 2 channel really ??? Meaning the tweeter + mid...
  3. M

    Gz950 Black screen but sound on HD channels despite 100% signal strength and quality

    Hey guys, I've just got a gz950 and all my digital channels work perfectly apart from the HD channels. They all show 100% for signal strength and quality but they only play sound and a black screen. The sound is perfect abs not broken up. Any idea what's going on? Thanks
  4. T

    Problems Receiving English Channels in Germany

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything with a basic search. I'm trying to receive the FreeSat channels here in Germany (Cologne, so well within the broadcast area) and no matter what I try, I can't seem to find any channels on Astra 2. It's a bit of a rabbit hole of...
  5. A

    Channels not tuning in on TV

    I've just moved my old sony 46nx713 lcd upstairs to the bedroom and can't get any channels on freeview. I've rescanned and I got maybe 1 or 2 channels but no bbc, itv etc.. BBC 1 is just a mess picture is broken into horizontal strips and can't be watched. I've unplugged the aerial from the wall...
  6. V

    Are live channels on bbc iplayer in 4k?

    I'm considering getting a 4k tv and this would help make my decision easier . Is 4k available for the live channels or just catchup?
  7. RezaD

    Ceiling channels in cheap AV Receivers

    Hi all Some people say that to hear good quality Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, you have to buy an expensive AV Receiver. Since my budget is limited and if I raise my money I can only buy a cheap 5.1.2 AV receiver with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS-X (like Yamaha RX-V6 and Denon AVR-S750H), I wanted...
  8. R

    Poor Freeview Reception on HD channels

    Freeview reception dropping out on HD channels, pixelating and unable to record programmes. I thought I’d share a problem and its resolution… For 3 months or more I tried to find out why all the HD channels were flaky and kept pixelating and going to a blank screen for 5 seconds or so and then...
  9. R

    auto tuning not saving channels

    Hi all, Very happy with my LG C9 which is coming up to 12mths old now, however, since day 1 it has never been able to store the channels after auto tuning. If I switch the set off it loses all the channel/programme information and so I have to auto or manual tune the channels before I can watch...
  10. D

    Question Hisense 43AE7400FTUK drops two HD channels overnight

    I have just purchased this TV and am pleased with it but for one thing: it seems randomly to loose two of my HD channels overnight -- BBC4 HD and BBC News HD (i..e. channels 106 & 107. I run a scan and they appear; I can watch them during the evening and then, hey presto, the next morning...
  11. Han

    Question Bought a second Sky box has premium channels on it?

    Bought a second hand sky box just for freeview channels as mum couldn’t get used to navigation / guides on the integrated freesat on our LG. Bought at Carboot sale last week. anyhow seem to be getting all discovery / documentary channel, sky one and those type channels etc no sports or movies...
  12. D

    Switching channels on sky+ box from multiple rooms

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can help/ advise. I have sky + Hd and would like to switch channels with the sky box in another location other than where the tv sits. I would like to have this set up from a couple of rooms. So the sky box would be in the loft for example and with just a tv on...
  13. M

    What receivers support 4ohm speaker on center channel while having 8ohm speakers on side channels?

    I want to connect a 4ohm speaker to the center channel but 8ohm speakers to the side channels. Do recent home cinema receivers usually support this? Or only some, or none you've seen? I'd probably need a way to adjust the volume per channel to account for the lower impedance on the center which...
  14. M

    Question Samsung Q70T Sync issue on HD TV Channels only.

    Apologies if there is already a thread on this that I haven't found yet. I have a Samsung Q70T soundbar connected to a Samsung QE43Q60RAT model TV via a HDMI 2.1 4K cable. The only issue with it, which is livable if it can't be sorted, is a slight half sync issue in sound on HD channels only on...
  15. H

    Question LG TV (LG43UK6300PLB) suddenly lost all channels and can't find anything when retuning. Potentially coincided with 05.20.03 software update [UK]

    Hello As the title says, my TV has lost all channels and can't find any if I try to retune. It was working one minute, then I watched something on Netflix, then I came back and it said No Signal. I tried to retune, found nothing, and now it says Not Programmed. Other inputs still work fine. I...
  16. G

    High pitch noise when changing Sky Q HD channels (Sonos)

    Hi all, When I changed channels on my Sky Q box I get a high pitched beep that lasts for 1-2 seconds and it’s very irritating. It doesn’t happen on every channel change but only seems to happen when switching between some HD channels (never on non-HD channels). I have a Sonos Playbar and a...
  17. C

    My TV won't pick up local channels

    Hello, I just purchased a 19” Insignia TV from Best Buy and I connected a One For All City indoor antenna to it via a coaxial cable. I scanned for channels, and it picked up 29 channels, but none of my 7 local channels, like the local ABC station, or the local CBS station, or the local NBC...
  18. David Goodwin

    TV and PVR have different channels

    This must be a common problem but I can;t really see a previous answer. My TV and PVR (Humax) are daisy-chained on the same aerial but when I auto tune them both they come up with slightly different channel lists. So I am watching something on the TV and decide I want to record it, only to find...
  19. W

    Question 2006 TH-42PX600U has a problem with antenna channels

    Hi. I spend most of my on-line time on tractor forums - so I am completely out of my depth here, but after a week of searching the 'net (including this forum) I am baffled :( Last year we were given the above plasma tv, hooked it up to Shaw satellite - all good, no problems. We have a local TV...
  20. macp

    Question No sound on digital channels using DVD recorder & soundstage

    Evening all Can anybody offer some advice please. I have a new Panasonic TX HDTV which is connected to a Yamaha soundstage and a Toshiba DVD/recorder. The RF aerial lead is connected direct into the DVDR and then out of the DVDR into the TV RF socket. There is also an HDMI lead from the DVDR to...
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