1. macp

    Question No sound on digital channels using DVD recorder & soundstage

    Evening all Can anybody offer some advice please. I have a new Panasonic TX HDTV which is connected to a Yamaha soundstage and a Toshiba DVD/recorder. The RF aerial lead is connected direct into the DVDR and then out of the DVDR into the TV RF socket. There is also an HDMI lead from the DVDR to...
  2. G

    Question Height channels from a 7.1 source.

    Hi all, Assuming I have built some kind of a setup that consists, among others, of 2 ceiling speakers, such as 5.1.2, or 7.1.2. If my source is a typical 7.1 one (it consists of L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs, Lb, and Rb channels) am I going to have my ceiling speakers driven with anything? I'm not...
  3. WildeKarde

    Movies broadcast on channels being edited for any violent content

    Wasn't sure where to post this but has anyone else noticed an increase in editing of movies (and some TV shows) for any violence and even innuendo? Couple of examples I could state would be Volcano was on STV (I think) last night and one scene completely cut. The scene where the railtrack guys...
  4. E

    Question EDID override: send 6 audio channels to "stereo" device (Windows 10)

    This all started with me innocently trying to make use of an old AVR (Sony STR-DA1200ES), hooking it up to a projector (InFocus SP8600) and hoping to enjoy surround sound, primarily using a laptop (Lenovo V330-15IKB running Windows 10) as the source. How naive I was! This is now my third thread...
  5. dazed&confused

    For Sale 2, 3 or 4 channels of Cyrus SmartPower

    Two Cyrus SmartPower amplifiers, in black. They can be switched from stereo mode into mono block mode, giving you a very flexible 2, 3 or 4 channels in total. I have used them very successfully both as stereo mono blocks, and as power for the front 3 channels in my 5.1 set up; most recently I...
  6. S

    Can’t Tune BBC HD Channels in Freeview

    Hi. I have an odd problem that I’m struggling to answer. I mainly use Sky but have 3 freeview tv’s that I wanted to make use of. I live in Manchester and my nearest transmitter is winter hill which is about 10 miles away. I have an aerial in the loft that I’ve had for some time and when I try...
  7. L

    Some TV channels coming from Wrong transmitter

    I get my television channels from the Heathfield Transmitter but just lately when I try to tune into certain programs I get a message saying no event information and on checking I see it is using channel 29 which is the Midhurst transmitter and I should be getting channel 40.I have done a...
  8. N

    UE55KS7000 loses freeview channels when HDMI device on

    Hi. I have a UE55KS7000 connected to a HTPC via HDMI. Recently it's started a strange habit of 'forgetting' most of the freeview channels if the HTPC is on. HTPC off and all hunky dory. Basically turning on the PC causes the TV to switch to the HDMI source (as expected) but if at any time I...
  9. R

    Freesat channels 101 through 144 gone missing.

    Hi, The above channels have gone missing and following a reset and retune they still show as "no signal" when i switch to e.g. 101. The tele is an 43LJ594V and the channels previously worked fine. My understanding is that if this was an issue with the dish or LNA then missing channels are...
  10. JudgeDredd2010

    Loss of Channels Talking Pictures and Yesterday.

    I have a Humax HDR-2000T Box when i did a retune the the other day i see that i have lost the channels Talking Pictures and Yesterday. They are also not in the list that lists everything. A retune does bring them back. I am in Fife in East Central Scotland. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  11. E

    Question Will all devices output surround-sound through HDMI? Will an audio extractor preserve all channels?

    I want to connect a cheap notebook (Medion MD62300) to an old AV receiver (Sony STR-DA1200ES) for multi-channel audio, and a projector (Infocus SP8600) for video. This would all begin by using the notebook’s mini-HDMI out. The root of the problem: if I plug HDMI from notebook to AV receiver...
  12. B

    Re-Scan finds Channels but wont Save

    It is Polaroid 28" LCD TV. No problem before re-scan. Could receive all the channels on list. I did a re-scan to get ovne or two missing channels. The scan found all the channels, but never saved them after the scan. Anyone any ideas on how to over come this problem?
  13. barryc808

    Deleting Freesat Channels

    On a Humax HDR-1000s, when you delete Freesat channels from the EPG, does it just remove the listing for that channel number or is the channel itself removed? For example, I delete ITVBe on channel 118, will ITVBe remain deleted regardless of any reshuffles? Or have I just deleted channel 118...
  14. haskellbob

    Are there really eight distinct audio channels?

    Hello. I want to watch movies on my computer and hear the 7.1 surround sound. Is this really possible? What I don't understand is how eight channels can go through RCA outputs/inputs. I'm guessing they can't. If I use a Digital-to-Analog converter, again the same question. I'm getting the...
  15. kennyle1990

    Help with Home Theater Setup!!

    Hello everyone. I am in need of help!! My speakers are Front LR: 2 - R-625FA Center: R-52C Side LR: 2 - R-51M Rear: LR: 2 - R-51M Overhead: 6 Total = Micca M-8C (4 in movie room, and two in patio) Receiver: I am leaning towards Denon 8500H but feel free to change my mind after you read this...
  16. B

    Question Can the KEF LS50 wireless be used as the from channels for 5.1 setup.

    Really fancy a pair of LS50 wireless speakers. Question is, I want to use them for stereo and the front L & R speakers in a 5.1 setup I has hoping to use my Arcam AVR 350 for the centre and rear surround channels Is this possible? Thanks in advance
  17. F

    lg channels on 55uk6950plb ?

    i keep reading about the "lg channels" feature (internet streaming channels)...and how it should be on tv's from 2016-2018 with webos 4.0 or above...or 2019 tv's with webos 4.5 i think....think...our telly falls into the first category....but cant find this feature. thanks in advance for any...
  18. R

    Erratic Signal Strength. HD Channels dropping. Help Required

    Hello everyone, Hopefully someone here can help: I just moved into a new property in Clapham (Crystal Palace transmitter) but I have a major issue with the Freeview. This is the setup: - WNC Wistron Quad LNB dish, which is pointing in the right direction with no obstructions. -...
  19. J

    Question 42lg700h, can´t scan channels

    i just receved an 42LG700h from a friend, i think my friend purchased a lot from a hotel. the tv dont have the option to scan channels. this tv had an MPI card LMT7Z7 . the tv it is configured with cable channels, i was trying to disable the hotel mode ( i think it is on hotel mode) but i can´t...
  20. NullMind

    Need ceiling speakers for Back channels and mid (Atmos)

    Hi guys I am doing a new cinema room, it's about 5.23 x 3.65 meters for the front speakers I am using Q Accoustics 3050's, but for the back, I need IN ceiling speakers, also planning to use the same to put in the middle between the front and the back I cant put speakers mounted on the back as...
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