1. B

    Re-Scan finds Channels but wont Save

    It is Polaroid 28" LCD TV. No problem before re-scan. Could receive all the channels on list. I did a re-scan to get ovne or two missing channels. The scan found all the channels, but never saved them after the scan. Anyone any ideas on how to over come this problem?
  2. barryc808

    Deleting Freesat Channels

    On a Humax HDR-1000s, when you delete Freesat channels from the EPG, does it just remove the listing for that channel number or is the channel itself removed? For example, I delete ITVBe on channel 118, will ITVBe remain deleted regardless of any reshuffles? Or have I just deleted channel 118...
  3. haskellbob

    Are there really eight distinct audio channels?

    Hello. I want to watch movies on my computer and hear the 7.1 surround sound. Is this really possible? What I don't understand is how eight channels can go through RCA outputs/inputs. I'm guessing they can't. If I use a Digital-to-Analog converter, again the same question. I'm getting the...
  4. kennyle1990

    Help with Home Theater Setup!!

    Hello everyone. I am in need of help!! My speakers are Front LR: 2 - R-625FA Center: R-52C Side LR: 2 - R-51M Rear: LR: 2 - R-51M Overhead: 6 Total = Micca M-8C (4 in movie room, and two in patio) Receiver: I am leaning towards Denon 8500H but feel free to change my mind after you read this...
  5. B

    Question Can the KEF LS50 wireless be used as the from channels for 5.1 setup.

    Really fancy a pair of LS50 wireless speakers. Question is, I want to use them for stereo and the front L & R speakers in a 5.1 setup I has hoping to use my Arcam AVR 350 for the centre and rear surround channels Is this possible? Thanks in advance
  6. F

    lg channels on 55uk6950plb ?

    i keep reading about the "lg channels" feature (internet streaming channels)...and how it should be on tv's from 2016-2018 with webos 4.0 or above...or 2019 tv's with webos 4.5 i think....think...our telly falls into the first category....but cant find this feature. thanks in advance for any...
  7. R

    Erratic Signal Strength. HD Channels dropping. Help Required

    Hello everyone, Hopefully someone here can help: I just moved into a new property in Clapham (Crystal Palace transmitter) but I have a major issue with the Freeview. This is the setup: - WNC Wistron Quad LNB dish, which is pointing in the right direction with no obstructions. -...
  8. J

    Question 42lg700h, can´t scan channels

    i just receved an 42LG700h from a friend, i think my friend purchased a lot from a hotel. the tv dont have the option to scan channels. this tv had an MPI card LMT7Z7 . the tv it is configured with cable channels, i was trying to disable the hotel mode ( i think it is on hotel mode) but i can´t...
  9. NullMind

    Need ceiling speakers for Back channels and mid (Atmos)

    Hi guys I am doing a new cinema room, it's about 5.23 x 3.65 meters for the front speakers I am using Q Accoustics 3050's, but for the back, I need IN ceiling speakers, also planning to use the same to put in the middle between the front and the back I cant put speakers mounted on the back as...
  10. Y

    Please help - 2 channel stereo setup

    I’m hoping you knowledgeable people can help me out. I originally posted a thread seeking help on selecting a suitable AV receiver and speakers (fronts and centre) for a 3.1 setup. I was originally planning on getting a 7.2 receiver as I may (a very unlikely may) end up getting some surround...
  11. W

    Delete channels from the guide?

    hope someone can help. Used to having sky and virgin TiVo and have now switched to freesat on my q50r80. However now I have like 20 versions of channel 4. 20 versions of bbc 1 etc. 1 for every region. Is there a way to delete the ones I don’t want from the guide? Or just tune it for 1 region and...
  12. W

    LG Tv freeview aerial for Dover xmitter since freq changed for 5G.

    Hi.. Ive seen various previous posts about LG tuning problems. However, I inherited a 20yr old loft aerial when I moved in and had no problems tuning various TV including my latest 11month old LG 4kTV .. intially getting BBC SD & HD plus all the other junk. BUT, after Dover Xmitter started...
  13. N

    No BBC channels when tuning

    Hey guys, I’m from the UK and I have the SAMSUNG UE32N5300AKXXU, I’ve tuned in my channels with an indoor Aerial, all are there apart from BBC one and Two. Surely it cannot be where my Aerial is, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to pick up all the other channels (which all have a perfect picture)...
  14. R

    Question SA30 as processor for front two channels

    Does anyone have experience in using the Arcam SA30 or possibly 10/20 in processor mode running Dirac? I've teamed it up with an AVR550 and when I run Dirac the delays are not configuring properly and I have an echo. Left and right show no delay and the other speakers show 46.00ms. Everything...
  15. andykara2003

    My soundbar doesn't support dolby digital plus. Will it still play 5.1 channels when streaming Netflix?

    Hi all, My soundbar only supports DD, not DD+. Netflix uses DD+ as it's format. Will my bar still play audio in 5.1 sound when playing DD+ content on Netflix? I would guess there's probably a downmix/conversion process somewhere in the chain that would automatically convert to standard DD for...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sky reveals shows for Documentary and Nature channels

    With Sky Documentaries and Sky Nature due to launch later this month, Sky has announced a slate of new factual shows due to reach these new channels by the end of 2020 and into 2021. Read the news.
  17. M

    How to Verify which channels are getting signals

    Hello I am really stuck. I have a brand new SCLX904 with an Xbox One X I have updated the firmware on the receiver and factory reset. I am not sure if its Hulu, Xbox, the receiver or the speakers. I am looking for a device(s) I could place in between the hdmi signal (xbox to receiver), as...
  18. P

    Missing Freeview channels

    I wonder if anyone can help. We've recently replaced the TV in the living room with a Hisense H65B7500UK, moving a smaller Toshiba "branded" (Vestel made I think), but we're unable to pick up several Freeview channels on the Hisense, in particular we can't get the Horror channel. We have a...
  19. Menacesco

    Freeview HD Channels 106; 108; 110 etc will not tune

    I have a new Samsung Q90 QLED TV and existing Panasonic BlueRay Recorder. When setting up I could not get Freeview HD Channels. After reading forums I have managed to now get the main 101 to 105 plus 107, 109 etc on the TV but just 101-5 on the recorder. I know it can’t be an aerial problem as...
  20. R

    Onkyo HT-R380 Losing Front Audio Channels

    Hi My Onkyo HT-R380 receiver has started to play up. On power-on, it most of the time works fully, but then (after an unpredictable, or at least not yet identified, amount of time the unit makes an audible click (the same kind of click that it makes when switched on or off) and then the front...
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