1. G


    I have a Samsung TV ( t32e390sx) 32". i have a magic eye for sky because i have it in another room .the magic eye as stopped working it wont light up. so i bought a new one one.same problem . when i try to get channels on the tv. it says' please plug ariel in to tv. it also says' there...
  2. T

    32pfl5522d won't find channels

    Today, I tried searching for FullHD channels, as my country just recently introduced them. However, running a channel scan resulted in deleting all existing channels. Tried manually searching for channels on a correct frequency - nothing. The scan doesn't even seem to run properly, as it...
  3. SonOfSJ

    Owners of Pioneer receivers, especially SC-LX75/85 - can all nine channels be driven at once??

    I recently bought this Pioneer SC-LX75 receiver on eBay: I've never owned a Pioneer receiver before, so far I've had three Denons and four Yamahas, including the two that you see in my parlour and kitchen. The Pioneer SC-LX75 was reviewed here, and I bought it because I wanted another...
  4. C

    Question Using a Power Amps with a AV Receiver to get 11 Channels (7.2.4) from a 9 Channel Receiver (7.2.2)

    Does anyone have much experience with this? I'm currently using a Pioneer LX701 which can decode 7.2.4. I'm using that to power the front LCR, Sides and the 4 Atmos speakers with a really old Kenwood 5.1 amp powering the rears. Which does work. However I wanted a 2 channel amplifier with a...
  5. M

    Help in setting up old Lidl satellite receiver to 19.2E (German TV channels).

    Thanks for reading this. Being mainly stuck at home I have been in the loft and got out an old Lidl satellite receiver and caravan based satellite dish ( about 38cms ). Years ago, in Lincolnshire, it could just about, on a good day, pick up German TV and Eurosport DE. I have got multiple...
  6. JBRobinson

    Often no programme data on EPG for some channels

    Panasonic DMR-BWT720 I am suddenly encountering regular instances (every day) of programme information not being available on my EPG, quite often for many of the channels on different muxes. I usually use this for setting recordings in the evening for the following day. I can press to repopulate...
  7. C

    Tivo changing channels by itself.

    I was leaving my TV on as background noise, and suddenly, my Tivo freaks out and changes from one channel to another. This has been going on and off for a few days now. What do I do?
  8. R

    how many channels

    I've got a 7.1 system, and I have four stereo channel amps unused (8 channels) 60w per channel If I go atmos/aura3d or whatever how many of these amps do I need, don't want to sell too many in case come in handy later
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin Media TV adds 17 more free channels

    Customers of Virgin Media TV will now have access to yet more free channels. Another 17 have been added to help the viewing public ease its way through the extended stay-at-home period. Read the news.
  10. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin Media adds more free Sky channels

    Virgin Media has added even more of Sky’s most popular channels to its TV service for free until 9th May to keep viewers armed with plenty of content during the ongoing lockdown. Read the news.
  11. A

    Not getting freeview digital channels from Sky RF2

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help. I have my main tv which is connected to my sky box, the main aerial from outside goes into the aerial in, then a cable from rf1 to the main tv and a cable from rf2 to the second tv in the other room. I have tuned the second tv which gives me the sky analogue...
  12. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Virgin Media TV customers get 18 free channels

    Virgin Media has announced that its TV customers will now have access to 18 of its most popular entertainment channels...for free. Read the news.
  13. JabbaNut

    Virgin Media offers another 18 free channels
  14. W

    Lost all channels after retune Panasonic DMR-BWT700

    I have tried suggestions in other posts and unplugged and left it that way overnight but I still don't get any channels after going through auto set up. The RF coaxial was fine before the message I had to retune so I don't think it is the aerial cable. Do you think it is a goner? Should I try...
  15. S

    Problem with Tuning Channels via wifi

    Recently purchased a Samsung smart tv and tuned in all channels wirelessly. Today I retuned it via the aerial in order to connect an old Bose Cinema system which required analogue connection for radio. I now want to revert to wireless tuning for TV as this gives a better picture but this does...
  16. the Dix

    Question Philips 65PUS7303/12 Setting channels

    hi bought one of these last year. And really struggling to set in up. Despise sitting with the Manual PDF on a lap top I can't figure out how to add channels to my 'favorites' or for that matter get rid of it and start again . Anyone any the wiser? Cheers Colin
  17. S

    New Samsung TV freesat- can't find any indian channels

    Hi Folks, Just bought a new Samsung 65Q85R and connected the 2 satellite feeds from the old sky hd+ box - thinking I would see the same Sky EPG - guess that would be too easy!😩 Having a read around - looks like the EPG is just a bookmark of satellite channels - broadcasters have to pay to be on...
  18. B

    Lost channels

    Hi, ok fitted a new tv and tuned to the Antenna all great .... connect to router all great , this was an extra tv so there’s now 4 in total . After the sparky left the down stairs channels were jumpy so I got him back and he fitted a booster, now the new tv only tunes to 7 channels starting at...
  19. Warrior7

    Question TV Channels

    Is there a Definitive list of channels provided by SKY Virgin BT etc and all the apps, so I can choose which will suit me best. I have stopped my basic sky package because of increased costs.
  20. B

    Pus6401 Lost freeview channels

    Hi lost all freeview channels on PUS6401 yesterday tried retuning twice still no channels ,so did factory reset this morning then hey presto all channels returned ,the TV was set to auto retune must been Gremlins in software .
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