1. C

    Wanted Chromecast Ultra or Chromecast

    Left mine in Florida last October and need a replacement by the end of next week.
  2. robloxian

    Wanted Chromecast 1st Gen

    Hi, anyone got one lying around that they don't want please? Thanks
  3. A

    Spotify Connect with Chromecast

    Hi everyone, Just putting the feelers out if this is possible. I play music using Spotify Connect premium and use Chromecast audio's spotted around the house. Is it possible to have music playing and use a Chromecast to display on my TV what is playing at the same time? Thank you for any...
  4. Zingfharn

    50pus6704 Chromecast audio

    I'm hoping someone can help me here so thank you in advance. I just bought this TV and have a Chromecast ultra connected to hdmi 1. (also tried in hdmi 2 with the same results). When streaming from my phone with netflix the audio was chopping in and out when set to 5.1. For most titles I can...
  5. hornetster

    Pioneer VSX933 Chromecast problem

    Hi, Anyone here using the Chromecast capability of the Pioneer VSX933? I have one, and have never been totally happy with the Chromecast (but it, generally, HAS been getting better), but in the last week or two, has stopped working totally, with a message "It may take a few days to complete the...
  6. Real Ramona

    Question Should I replace my Chromecast Audio? Problems with Spotify Premium

    Hi all, I have just taken up the offer to have Spotify Premium free for 3 months. First thing I did was to set streaming quality to Extreme. Now it does sound considerably better than the standard free setting. But it keeps stopping. App still running on my phone but it has disconnected from CCA...
  7. I

    Question Can I Chromecast through a projector?

    I’m not sure if I am in the right Forum but here goes. I have a projector in my theatre room which is connected to an HDMI splitter. I have a set top box, an amplifier and a Foxtel box. The images are projected onto a cinema screen. I want to get rid of my Foxtel box and use a Chromecast...
  8. W

    Stream Audio From Video to Chromecast or Dot??

    Does anybody know a way to stream just the audio from a video playing either in Chrome or Youtube (or any other readily available browser / app) to either Chromecast Audio or Amazon Echo Dot but still be able to watch the video on the local device ... either IOS or Android. If you're watching...
  9. PaulMancUK

    Question Help needed with streaming Hd music - galaxy note 9, roksan k3 dac, chromecast music

    Any help would be appreciated. I am trialling qobuz for hd music. I have a roksan dac and have been using my laptop to stream music to it in 24 bit 96 or 192 etc. I have been using a usb cable and have installed the Roksan driver so I can select that as the output. On the laptop I have...
  10. edjg

    Question Anyone successfully using a Chromecast Ultra with 55" OLED 754? - issue with DD+ audio

    I'm having a problem with my brand new 55" OLED 754 (with latest software update this morning). Dolby Plus sound via a Chromecast does not work. It is mostly silent. The audio will occasionally come in temporarily and then go silent again. It is fine with a stereo stream, but DD+ streams all...
  11. reevesy

    chromecast audio vers squeezebox touch?

    hi al. got a quad artera solus heading my i've down scaled my set up quite a bit and was looking for a all in one (almost) 2 :1 stereo for music/tv...... i've already have a squeezebox touch which i had planned to use for streaming wirelessly from my pc like i've been doing for few...
  12. suavegarve

    43PUS6754/12 Chromecast sound not working

    I've just purchased this TV and connected a 3rd gen Chromecast. The picture is working but the sound is not working properly. It's very jittery and sometimes not even playing at all. I've tried different HDMI and USB slots. Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. buckreeder

    Question Chromecast audio receiving Spotify and transmitting to wireless speakers

    Hi, Can chromecast audio receive audio from spotify and transmit to wireless speakers at same time? I haven't got any wireless speakers yet but I was wondering whether that would be possible? My setup would be Spotify to Marantz amp using optical cable, then from the amp to the wireless...
  14. Tempest

    Chromecast to Screen - Audio beeps - HDMI box Audio Output.

    I wanted to connect a Chromecast to the HDMI port on a 24" computer monitor. This worked fine, but the monitor has no audio out. My solution was to buy a small box which has a HDMI passthru and Audio output to feed some speakers: So I bought this:
  15. Y

    Question Onkyo RZ 1100 and chromecast

    I have a Onkyo RZ830. I have a chromecast plugged into the receiver and when I use it on Zone 2 (dining room) it turns on Zone one (media Room) and then starts playing it in there as well. It also does this when using the Nvidia Shield that i have as well. I can not work out how to stop this...
  16. thedantheman

    Question I have been streaming Youtube video to my tv via Chromecast but today I turned on my tv and it streamed content that I watched yesterday? I

    I have been streaming Youtube video to my tv via Chromecast but today I turned on my tv and it streamed content that I watched yesterday? I turned off my laptop bluetooth and then turned off the laptop but the BT sport that I had watched yesterday continued to play on my tv??
  17. JabbaNut

    USA : Google Could Have Second-Gen Chromecast Ultra in the Works ?

    " 9to5Google is reporting that Google could launch a second-gen Chromecast Ultra later this year. Key features include Android TV support, a form factor similar to the third-gen Chromecast, and an external remote control. Sources told the site the new remote could borrow elements from the...
  18. Watten

    Question Screen mirroring Sky

    I've had a quick search but can't seem to find a recent topic. I currently have Sky Q, and want to mirror it from Sky Go onto the TV in the bedroom without getting a Magic Eye or another box. Now I know Apple have stopped screen mirroring with the likes of Apple TV and iPhones/iPads etc...
  19. the groundsman

    Question LMS streaming Spotify to Chromecast Audio

    Hi Forgive me if this is a really dumb question. I have Logitec Media Server installed on a laptop. It's set up and working fine to take advantage of the Ogg Vorbis 320k stream to Chromecast Audio. The whole LMS set up as been an intereting voyage of discovery for me. I saw there was an Airplay...
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