1. P

    Question PAL60 to HDMI

    Hello everybody. I'm desperate and I hope anyone can help me. I live in Europe and I got a PAL Gamecube. Currently, it is connected to my TV via Composite but I need to convert it to HDMI to use my HDMI Splitter and other stuff. So I bought an AV to HDMI Converter on Amazon, which works...
  2. rousetafarian

    Researching and buying a new composite front door, locks and frame

    Where on earth do I begin? I want to replace the front door, locks, wooden surrounds etc. Who has any recommendations on manufacturers and joiners in the NW? From a cursory glance Rockdoor seems like a well advertised solution (but at a guess pricey, but in all fairness i have no idea what...
  3. M

    Getting old camcorder footage onto a modern TV with Scart?

    Hi all, don't know if this is an easy answer but I'm trying to play video from an old 1980s Ferguson S-VHS camcorder (FC16) on a fairly modern HD TV (Sony Bravia from around 2010). The camera only has AV-out via a cable with SCART, it says in the manual it is a composite signal. There is no...
  4. A

    Denon AVR-X3600H playing composite video from VCR

    I'm hoping I'm not the only one here who keeps a VHS deck plumbed into their AV system :) Since upgrading to a X3600H, I've found the amp has trouble converting the composite video signal to HDMI. The sympton is that using any of the functions on the VCR that 'disturb' the video signal (pause...
  5. alphameric

    Composite (analog) video to HDMI

    Hello, This might have been beaten to death but may I ask once more our gurus in forum land when possible. I have old karaoke players with “analog only” audio and video output (only composite & s-video and no HDMI output). I have Denon receiver AVR-S750H which is not capable of analog-digital...
  6. slannmage

    Bought the B9, where’s the Composite in?

    I saw in a review it comes with a 3.5 composite in, mine doesn’t have it... what’s going on?
  7. H

    Question TV Setup Help for Older Consoles

    Hi, I am new and have sort of a AV noob question. I am a gamer struggling to get my TV setup right. Basically, I have a 1080p TV that I use for my game consoles. I own an Xbox One, PS2, N64, and Atari 2600. For input connectivity my TV has (2) HDMI, VGA, shared component/ composite, and...
  8. K

    Sony xbr55x800e Composite Input

    I have a new xbr800e series and I am attepting to connect a Wii using the composite input. I had a 3.5mm composite RCA AV adapter on hand, yes the proper one as indicated by Sony (4 pole with video and audio left/right) and used it but the tv indicated there was no signal. I then tried attaching...
  9. RSpeedy

    Question 55" 4k TV that still has component input and maybe HDR

    As with the title, looking for a 55" 4K TV that still has component input and somewhat decent HDR if possible for my budget which is £550 (may be able to stretch slightly). Main use will be for the PS4, my gaming pc from time to time as well as older consoles that use RCA/Component/Composite...
  10. its_all_Greek

    Composite fence Recommend or not?

    We are looking at a new 20m fence down the side of the house and the front garden i'm looking at it being 7ft high in places. My wife suggested looking at a composite fence as a no maintenance option but i don't know a deal about them so looking for any ones experience and recommendations really.
  11. whiteswan

    New 32 inch tv with component, composite and scart inputs ?

    Hi Does such a beast exist ? I need HDMI's as well - any pointers ? Dave
  12. 2

    Any Tips for getting Scale right on a green screen composite?

    Lets say you have a foreground green screen shot (1920x1080) and a background video for it (1920x1080). Now the person seen the composite and thinks the person from the green screen footage might not be the right size in relation to the background, but they don't know if the person looks too...
  13. G

    Question CCTV 720p on composite How this possible???

    I have a 720p CCTV camera with BNC connecter just changed it to Phono connected it to composite and there's a picture - How is this possible? You also see 1080 BNC camera that I assume you could also do this with?
  14. D

    Answered Composite input to HDMI output

    Hi guys! I have a Yamaha RX-381-BL AV receiver output to a hdmi Samsung tv. I have 4 hdmi inputs and 1 rca composite input to the AVR from a karaoke dvd machine. I can’t get the video to display on my tv when selecting the karaoke input. Is there a setting I am missing? I am replacing an...
  15. Uplink

    Still Image through composite video

    Hey, I am trying to put together a little makeshift media room set up in my apartment. I have an Onkyo receiver connected to my LG TV. I have everything going to the receiver, outputting HDMI extracting optical audio out to my Sonos play bar. I'm running everything using simple control on my...
  16. K

    Projector playing SNES in monochrome over composite

    Hey, I have an Optoma HD25-LV and recently bought an original PAL NES and Super NES. Both work fine over composite video to multiple TVs but the projector plays the NES in colour but the SNES in monochrome. Why would this be? I've ruled out cables by plugging the SNES directly into the...
  17. FlyingPete

    Windows Media Center- Composite Input

    I've upgraded my ageing but usable media PC to windows 7,which comes with Windows Media Center. I can get this set up and tuned into freeview no problem. Previously under Vista I was able to use the composite input of the TV card to copy Sky+ recordings and VHS tapes onto the hard drive. But...
  18. R

    composite - component cable/converter

    I am a medical doctor and use an old microscope which has a RCA composite output and need to capture and record the signal on a box through a component input. I read that connecting the yellow composite to the green component will do the trick, but it didn't work. I searched for a true...
  19. E

    Question Samsung UE46F8000 - composite question

    I've bought a used Nintendo Wii which is only composite video & analogue audio. There seems to be no native input on the back of the TV. Did think I had a cable but (if so) cant locate. What's best? 1.5M HDMI to 3 RCA Audio Composite Video AV Component Cable Lead For HDTV DVD UK | eBay Or do...
  20. DenysK76

    Question Black Widow: Aluminium Composite vs. Wall

    Hey guys, Just about to start building the screen and I have a dilemma: 1. paint on the wall: + can adjust the picture size 2.5-5m width - not very smooth surface, possible some grains. 2. pain on the Aluminium Composite Sheet. + looks better, looks like a real screen with...
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