1. O

    For Sale Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5" / 57cm + Fireboard Pit Control System

    Selling my virtually brand new Weber Smokey Mountain (largest variety) purchased online from Altons Garden Centre April 2020, so still has almost all of the 10 year Weber warranty! This is an incredible smoking machine and will provide literally decades of incredible cooks effortlessly - just...
  2. G

    Question Tv and motion control joy con games

    I have a Nintendo switch which plugs in to the tv. I have Tennis world tour, can this game be played by swinging the racket with a joy con? The other games I have are, Crash bandicoot racing, Fifa 20 and NBA 20. Can any of these games be played with motion control e.g. using the joy cons...
  3. dts197

    Question Strange & infuriating audio control problem on Dell XPS 9300

    I know people don't frequent this section much, but I'm hoping someone might have an idea with this strange issue. I will say that I've already spent hours trying all kinds of problem shooting with Dell (it's a new XPS 9300), Googling, installing drivers and even a clean install of Windows...
  4. M

    Question Denon X2600H - No Bluetooth headphone volume control ?

    Do all Denon AVRs lack Bluetooth headphone volume control ? I got a Denon X2600H recently and noticed that the volume with my Bluetooth Sony WH-1000MX2 headphones was just way low even with the volume turned up max on the headphones themselves. It is almost half of what the headphones are...
  5. S

    Remote Control Issue Please

    Hi! All i have a Arcam cr102 remote and it looks like new, i have been using it 3 months and approx half the buttons just stopped working the volume ones included, so is not stuck in any mode, i have tried all the usual things batteries and pressing all the buttons and resetting. I rang Arcam...
  6. mushii

    RS232 pre-pro control over USB from a Windows 10 PC

    Some of the better Home Automation platforms have configurable GUIs that will drive RS232. Homeseer will. Maybe have a look at Global Cache / iTach Global Cache IP2SL-P iTach TCP/IP to Serial Network Adapter (RS232) With Power Over Ethernet - Global Cache
  7. V

    Help!! HP Reberb control

    Hello, i'm new around here! I tell you, last Saturday I bought my HP Reberb. After play about 3 hours at Half life Alyx, the right controller begins to lose the tracking it had at the beginning and had to constantly shake the hand and move it from one side to the other to get it back. I changed...
  8. A

    How do I control home media equipment remotely?

    Hello, I am setting up a home media system in my new home. I will have a PC, AVR, NAS and Xbox in a server rack about 15m away from my lounge. How can I best control this equipment from my lounge? I am running Cat6a, HDMI and USB 3.0 to the lounge. Should I run some sort of IR wire? Many...
  9. S

    Help with 433mhz light control / inching

    Long time reader first time poster - please be gentle weve been having a problem with oiks wandering about at night trying car and house door handles, I’ve already got a decent cctv system, but I’d much rather deter them in the first place a few weekends ago I installed some abt100 beam...
  10. lalineaman

    Vu+ remote control affecting TV

    Good evening, everyone. First of all, I do hope that I have posted this thread in the correct place; please forgive me if not and feel free to change its location! I have a Panasonic Plasma TV and a vu+ zero 4k satellite receiver. I do not think that the details of the models are particularly...
  11. D

    specialized mission control

    I Have specialized mission control ,my problem is my Levo 2018 will not work have just changed phone from Motto g4 which worked okay, my new phone a Motorola Action one connected once then gave up . Could there be a blue tooth problem ? any advice would be welcome thanks
  12. SkipFeeney

    Headphone Amp with EQ and volume control?

    Hi All, Strange circumstances here! I am hard of hearing, really struggle with high pitch sounds yet I am perfectly ok with low pitch. Now I am working from home its conference calls galore and it can be a struggle. I am looking for a headphone amp that I can connect to my laptops headphone...
  13. kenshingintoki

    Light Control

    So, I've used blackout curtains which I bought. They look nice and work okay but sadly light still leaks out from the bottom of the curtain (as they don't extend to the floor for style reasons). Can anyone think of a method of light control which would look subtle. the window is recessed. I...
  14. J

    Question Sky Q voice remote control compatability

    I got SKY Q a couple of years ago. Now I see there is a voice remote control for about £30. Do you know if it is compatible with the early SKY Q boxes or do you have to have the latest ones? I like the idea of voice control! Edit: Just seen the SKY section but can't delete or move my thread.
  15. oliscott

    For Sale Control and Star Wars Fallen Jedi

    Both for sale. Control - £20 Star Wars - £25
  16. N

    Much point in voice control?

    Currently using an echo dot to try and voice control a Sonos play 3. I’m finding voice control to be really frustrating to use. Streaming a spotify playlist works okay, but generally just finding specific tracks can be a pain. But where it’s really problematic is with BBC radio. I’ve set up...
  17. P

    Looking for an AV processor with flexible bass redirection for small speakers

    Is there any AV processor out there that allows one to set each individual "small" speaker to have its bass redirected either to the subwoofer or to the main speakers? I'd like to have the bass of my central speaker (a Magnepan) redirected to the main speakers, while redirecting the bass of my...
  18. M

    Question Marantz Remote Control Conflict ( PM6005 and NR1506 )

    Hello, Is anyone using a Marantz AVR from the NR range with a Marantz Integrated Stereo Amplifier without issues? Unfortunately, it seems like the Remote controls share the same codes and each remote controls both units at the same time. Which is especially annoying as the volume is being...
  19. A

    Question How to distribute Sky HD over coax and control with Magic Eye?

    Hi, I'm looking to distribute Sky HD from my upstairs bedroom over an existing coax connection to the downstairs living room TV and am getting quite confused as to the options available. At the moment I'm distributing the analogue signal to the downstairs TV from an IO link connected to the Sky...
  20. D

    Lg tv voice control problem

    Hello everyone had my new lg smart tv a couple of weeks now and every so often the voice control doesn't work. Sometimes I press the button on the magic remote and it goes to the menu instead then other times its fine Any advice would be great Steve
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