1. mrcraigyd

    Control hive bulb from hue app?

    Hi Does anybody know if its possible to add my hive bulbs to the hue app? I have control of all my hue devices through my hive app but cant seem to get it to work the other way round?
  2. terencejames

    Question Voice control action cam

    Does anyone have any recommendations for voice controlled action cameras? I'm off to Florida in August so would love to be able to capture everything without fiddling with the buttons. I've been looking at the GoPro hero white but seen some iffy reviews about the picture quality. Some of the...
  3. ritchie.rich

    Wanted Sony RMF-TX600 remote control

    Anyone out there got 1 for sale at the right price lol
  4. przemof

    Denon DRA-100 remote control: "ONLINE MUSIC" button

    Any idea what's the button is supossed to do? I don't see anything in the manual about it.
  5. D

    For Sale Meridian M6 Speakers (Pair) & Audio Core 200

    Hi all, Sadly for sale due to downsizing and thin walls are my Meridian M6 speakers and Audio Core 200. All three are in perfect condition and 11 months old. Non-smoking household. I do not have the original speaker boxes so collection is essential. Full working order and rarely used...
  6. A

    Rako Control Panel Help

    Hello, Sorry if this is a basic question but I've looked in Rako documentation and can't seem to find my answer... is there any way to use a single button on a wired wall control panel to turn scenes both on and off in a non-local room... example, I have a control panel in my kitchen and I want...
  7. C

    Remote control to keep all the power on the boxes in sync

    Simple question, but one I'm finding almost impossible to search on - I want a remote control that is going to be super simple for my wife and mother-in-law to use, one that they push a button and everything works, the LG TV, the Comcast DVR, the JVC audio receiver, and the Samsung DVD. I have...
  8. G

    Marantz 1509 not responding to remote control

    Hello, Having issues at the moment with my 1509, it’s just two months old and a couple of days ago the remote stopped working the machine, I also have a Logitech Harmony programmed and that will not control as well, both are sending an IR signal, I have a Roku device which controls volume by...
  9. C

    2 TVs in Lobby Issue

    Hey Guys and Gals, I need some assistance... I work in IT and have 2 Vizio tvs setup in our lobby. Right now, the front desk ladies are having to go around there desk, through a secured area to control the TVs because One remote is controlling them both. I've searched and not really found an...
  10. J

    For Sale Control (Sold)

    Bought new last week, played through once, in excellent condition. £21 with 1st class delivery
  11. D

    What kind of VR headset would be best for someone with limited mobility?

    Is it possible to control a VR headset remotely via a laptop or phone when the person wearing it is unable to use the controllers? Not sure if this is possible on the untethered Oculus Go or Quest, or will it require a laptop and the Rift or Vive headset?
  12. rowedav

    Wanted Control (Remedy Games)

    Looking to pick up Control - looking to pay around £20 based on previous sales on these classifieds. Will pay via PayPal gift/friends & family.
  13. saguk1234

    Building control required for complete chimney stack and chimney breast removal?

    I decided to go for a full removal. The stack is not shared and I am not in a conservation area. There will be no supports required anywhere as it's all coming out. Do I need to tell building control?
  14. sohe68

    Harmony Hub - control Amp with 1/8" IR input?

    Hi, I have an amp that I would like to be able to power toggle in a couple of activities with a Harmony Elite/Hub. The AMP lacks an "IR eye" but uses a mini mono jack IR input and I have the codes from the manufacturer. The amp also has a DC trigger input but my DAC/Preamp lacks the desired...
  15. Y

    Remote control distance

    Hello all i have a hdbaset matrix setup sending video around the house and can control sources via IR At each end point I have a cheap oneforall universal remote that can control the source (2 sky boxes , fire tv , apple tv ) and the matrix The Remote works fine for the source (up 10 ft ish)...
  16. K

    Control Tivo Box with Magic Remote

    Hi all, My current setup is this: Integra DRX-4 reciever LG OLED65C9 TV Tivo Roamio box AppleTV 4k All controlled by a Harmony UHF remote in closed cabinet, using IR blasters. I want to control everything with the magic remote but my setup is that I am using an Integra Receiver connected to my...
  17. Paul7777x

    Broken frequency control on my sub... bypass ok?

    I have a Ruark Logrthym sub which is quite impressive when working. They were built by BK, and Tom from BK reckons I’ll need the new 300 to match it. Unfortunately I can’t afford one till at least the summer, so I need to fix the Ruarks issue. The problem is there is no sound from it...
  18. N

    65OLED803 remote control firmware update

    Recently my 65OLED803-TV has started asking me to update the remote control firmware. I have tried several times, but it keeps failing and I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. When I try to start the update, the TV asks me to place the remote control within 1m of the set. Considering the size...
  19. sykotik

    Ryzen owners ? have any problems with fan/s control ?

    Built a 3600 and MSI b450m mortar max system over the weekend , and have noticed that i don't have any "real" control over my fans even setting a fan curve in the BIOS has no real effect as to how their should be responding ! PWM all to all sys fans in the BIOS , but only seem to be...
  20. C

    Samsung Frame Virgin Media Universal Control

    Hi, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just got a 43’ 2019 Samsung Frame. I have a Virgin Media V6 box which won’t allow the universal control to do anything other than change volume. When going through set up it’s stating that my Media provider needs to allow IR signal for universal remote...
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