1. D

    Stereo amp with (documented) network control protocol?

    I have a pair of speakers in a second room that I want to connect to their own amp and a small PC that will be used as a network audio slave for my main HTPC. Does anyone know of any stereo amps with documented network control/status protocols (like Denons AVR protocol is), ~100W/ch? I'm...
  2. Boozo

    Question wifi app and motor to adjust heating control

    Hi, There are many Wifi central heating controls on the market, but all the ones I've found are more complex than I need. All I need is to be able to turn the thermostat up from frost to 18 via an Android app and nothing more. 1) Does anyone know of a set up that is this simple? 2) Could I...
  3. yba_us

    Replacement remote control for PHILIPS 32HFL585D/10

    Hi Everybody! I could use some help/ I bought a used Philips tv for my daughter, but I don't have access to anything, because I don't have the special remote control. This tv happens to be a special one, which probably was bought from a hotel, by the previous owner, and he forgot to mention this...
  4. Smallclone

    Question Remote Control Question

    Hi, simple question: Can I use a FLIRC dongle to make use of an old Boxee remote control with an Amazon Fire TV1 (Kodi mainly) Thanks
  5. G

    Question Tablet - Getting started and ideas?

    Hi Guys, Quite simply, I am in the process of revamping my home and I have created a recessed gap in the wall in my hallway. The plan is to place a 7" Android tablet here that will be used for the Wi-Fi video entry system. But what other home automation apps and ideas do you have that are...
  6. N

    Fixing an Onkyo remote control

    I had a problem with an Onkyo RC-840M remote in that the volume up and down buttons no longer worked. A new remote from the USA is £40, however it is possible to repair by opening and attaching with glue some tiny bits of kitchen foil to the other side of the buttons. It may not last but is...
  7. W

    Arcam AVR450 IP control

    Hi there all! I am looking to control my AVR450 through the internet using a python script. I managed to establish a connection to the receiver but i cant succesfully seem to send a message through. My code sofar: import socket #Simply change the host and port values host = ''...
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