1. BobbyMac

    For Sale ADA Suite 7.1 (Non-HD), Remote Control & DB25 7.1 HQ Analogue Cable

    Stunning legacy processor circa 2006, retailed @ £5000 back in the day, Quad Bybass is better than Logic 7 to my ears, also comes with DB-25 to 8 RCA Analogue Cable so you can access HD Audio via a suitably equipped Bluray Player, also comes with photocopied user manual and plaque remote control...
  2. pentode

    JBL Control 25

    Hi, I've got a problem with a JBL control 25 speaker. There is very little treble & it looks like the lamps are blown. I can get the crossover partly out of the back, but how do you disassemble the unit to get to the speaker terminals? Thanks in advance.
  3. Stampax

    Question Remote control for PS4 or buy an actual bluray player

    Hi - Sony have finally released an official remote control for the PS4 - for a whopping 40 quid. So my question is, should I buy this, or would I be better of buying an actual bluray player for slightly more? Any idea of the quality of these budget players? 40 quid on a remote seems ALOT!
  4. JamesU2002

    For Sale Sony VCT-60AV Remote Control Tripod

    Sony VCT-60AV Remote Control Tripod Tripod with pan handle / remote commander Oil fluid head for smooth operation Compatible with Handycam models featuring A/V remote connector Record start/stop Shutter release for still photos Maximum Height 57.6" -146cm Minimum Height 18.9" - 48cm...
  5. D

    Infrared remote control extender + HDMI CAT5/6 (4 inputs)

    Hello, I just found out that I can hide all my equipment using the IR Extender and just have one wire coming to the TV, I am very impressed. I been look at various devices, I've read that you can have one transmitter and one receiver (to connect to 4 or more devices using the emitters). Then, I...
  6. Daytrader

    For Sale Official Sony Blu Ray Media Remote Control

    Official Sony Blu Ray Media Remote Control. Price and currency: 8 Delivery: Delivery cost is included Payment method: PPG BT Location: Trowbridge Advertised elsewhere?: Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: I have no preference...
  7. G

    Question Sony BDP-S790 Remote Control Problem.

    Have had two remote control failures caused by leaking Duracell Duralock Alkaline AA batteries. All my other devices have the same batteries and I haven't had a problem. Was going to use Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries as they are leak proof. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Wallace1297

    Question Cannot get remote control to work.

    I recently bought a Sony RDR-HXD970 DVD Recorder which was to replace the exact same make and model I previously had of which the Disc Drive had failed. I'm having terrible trouble trying to get the remote control to work. The tuning in process just seemed to happen out of the blue so that's not...
  9. APGC

    Marantz NA6005 PM8005 Control

    Hi, I recently purchased the Marantz NA6005 PM8005 combo. Overall very happy, but for one big frustration: I'd love to have the Network Receiver (NA6005) switch on the Amp (PM8005) when I start Spotify playback on the NA6005. Ideally, I'd also like to be able to control Amp volume through the...
  10. W

    Hive Heating Control (aka Remote Heating Control)

    Hi all Installed 3 years ago. When a power outage occurs the Hub remains OFFLINE indefinitely. Nothing we do can get it back online. British Gas (Hive Support) got it back online and then tell me that only they can restore it after a power cut. This is rediculous. Has anyone had a power...
  11. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Expired Logitech Harmony Smart Control for iPhone/Android Mobile Phone - £39.00

    amazon lightning deals - ends soon Logitech Harmony Smart Control for iPhone/Android Mobile Phone - £39.00
  12. sjackson

    Multi-zone Remote Control System (Harmony Doesn't Work)

    OK, so I'm looking for a multi-zone remote control system that will obviously work in more than one zone and not shut off the other. My setup is as follows: Marantz 7702 processor with two zones: Zone 1 (main) HDMI out is the sitting room Zone 2 HDMI out is the bedroom Into the 7702 I have...
  13. P

    For Sale Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan with remote control

    As per title. In excellent condition bar a little dusty. Owned since Summer 2014. RRP is £69.99 on Amazon and Argos (Argos catalogue no. is 425/0454). Unboxed and nothing adequate to package in so this is for collection only from Peterborough. Price and currency: £30 Delivery: Delivery cost is...
  14. A

    Simple control methods for smart TV

    For a technophobic old person with dementia what is the simplest control method for a smart tv? Is voice and/or gesture control a workable, simple and effective option? UE32H6400AK maybe? She already owns a smart TV but the remote control defeats her need to watch, for example, Doc Martin, Only...
  15. eddiewww

    For Sale Mede8er Remote Control - Free to Good Home!

    I have ended up with a brand new remote for a MED400X2S Media Streamer but have no use for it, so if a good member here has had theirs eaten by the dog or dropped down the toilet by the kids... have one on me, just pay the P&P! I bought the unit on Amazon but didn't like the GUI, so returned it...
  16. C

    Sky box in loft but want control in bedroom

    Hi all, Just decorated the bedroom I had the Sky + HD Box above the TV but thought I'd hide it in the loft instead. I've got a remote gang socket that works great in the loft I can turn on or off the power using its remote so thought the sky box might do the same but it doesn't. I think I've...
  17. Vandiesel

    Wanted Microsoft Media Center Remote Control

    Hi Looking for a Microsoft media center remote control and reciever Please post what you have, condition Cheers Location: Glasgow ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds forum threads. By replying to this thread you...
  18. bandyka

    Question Onkyo Zone 2 bass control

    I've posted this in the headphones section but realized it might be in the wrong forum so I'll try my luck here too: I've just picked a Stax SRS-2170 bundle and what a set of ear-speakers these are... Never thought I'd be happy with a pair of headphones over my main setup but these satisfy me...
  19. 6

    Lost control

    Hi everyone, need some help. Running windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. Has been ok until windows update 12/11/15. (critical) it said. Suddenly I can't receive or send emails on windows live. error code 0x800ccc0E. Tried system restore but it failed. error code 0xc0000022. The computer also locks...
  20. D

    Stereo amp with (documented) network control protocol?

    I have a pair of speakers in a second room that I want to connect to their own amp and a small PC that will be used as a network audio slave for my main HTPC. Does anyone know of any stereo amps with documented network control/status protocols (like Denons AVR protocol is), ~100W/ch? I'm...
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