1. A

    How do I control home media equipment remotely?

    Hello, I am setting up a home media system in my new home. I will have a PC, AVR, NAS and Xbox in a server rack about 15m away from my lounge. How can I best control this equipment from my lounge? I am running Cat6a, HDMI and USB 3.0 to the lounge. Should I run some sort of IR wire? Many...
  2. S

    Help with 433mhz light control / inching

    Long time reader first time poster - please be gentle weve been having a problem with oiks wandering about at night trying car and house door handles, I’ve already got a decent cctv system, but I’d much rather deter them in the first place a few weekends ago I installed some abt100 beam...
  3. lalineaman

    Vu+ remote control affecting TV

    Good evening, everyone. First of all, I do hope that I have posted this thread in the correct place; please forgive me if not and feel free to change its location! I have a Panasonic Plasma TV and a vu+ zero 4k satellite receiver. I do not think that the details of the models are particularly...
  4. D

    specialized mission control

    I Have specialized mission control ,my problem is my Levo 2018 will not work have just changed phone from Motto g4 which worked okay, my new phone a Motorola Action one connected once then gave up . Could there be a blue tooth problem ? any advice would be welcome thanks
  5. SkipFeeney

    Headphone Amp with EQ and volume control?

    Hi All, Strange circumstances here! I am hard of hearing, really struggle with high pitch sounds yet I am perfectly ok with low pitch. Now I am working from home its conference calls galore and it can be a struggle. I am looking for a headphone amp that I can connect to my laptops headphone...
  6. kenshingintoki

    Light Control

    So, I've used blackout curtains which I bought. They look nice and work okay but sadly light still leaks out from the bottom of the curtain (as they don't extend to the floor for style reasons). Can anyone think of a method of light control which would look subtle. the window is recessed. I...
  7. J

    Question Sky Q voice remote control compatability

    I got SKY Q a couple of years ago. Now I see there is a voice remote control for about £30. Do you know if it is compatible with the early SKY Q boxes or do you have to have the latest ones? I like the idea of voice control! Edit: Just seen the SKY section but can't delete or move my thread.
  8. N

    Much point in voice control?

    Currently using an echo dot to try and voice control a Sonos play 3. I’m finding voice control to be really frustrating to use. Streaming a spotify playlist works okay, but generally just finding specific tracks can be a pain. But where it’s really problematic is with BBC radio. I’ve set up...
  9. P

    Looking for an AV processor with flexible bass redirection for small speakers

    Is there any AV processor out there that allows one to set each individual "small" speaker to have its bass redirected either to the subwoofer or to the main speakers? I'd like to have the bass of my central speaker (a Magnepan) redirected to the main speakers, while redirecting the bass of my...
  10. M

    Question Marantz Remote Control Conflict ( PM6005 and NR1506 )

    Hello, Is anyone using a Marantz AVR from the NR range with a Marantz Integrated Stereo Amplifier without issues? Unfortunately, it seems like the Remote controls share the same codes and each remote controls both units at the same time. Which is especially annoying as the volume is being...
  11. A

    Question How to distribute Sky HD over coax and control with Magic Eye?

    Hi, I'm looking to distribute Sky HD from my upstairs bedroom over an existing coax connection to the downstairs living room TV and am getting quite confused as to the options available. At the moment I'm distributing the analogue signal to the downstairs TV from an IO link connected to the Sky...
  12. D

    Lg tv voice control problem

    Hello everyone had my new lg smart tv a couple of weeks now and every so often the voice control doesn't work. Sometimes I press the button on the magic remote and it goes to the menu instead then other times its fine Any advice would be great Steve
  13. B

    Panasonic 50dx700 remote control issues

    Hi all. First day of furlough and there is an issue with my TV. Remote control for sky box and the telly won't perform some tasks. For example I can't change volume or open apps. Even the things that do work, the remote is lagging terribly. Tried 2 different sky remotes and the TV remote...
  14. doni86

    7304 and external speakers control

    Question , how do I control the volume of the external speakers (they have on RCA inputs, so no HDMI CEC) ? I don't want to, go menu after menu, just to control the volume. Currently I use a remote, from my local, satellite, company, one of the best futures of it, that its a learning remote (IR...
  15. M

    Question Programmable minimalist remote control for Philips Android TV?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend an alternative remote control for Philips Android TV (PUS8102)? I have a Mi Box that has a nearly perfect remote control but it can't be paired with Philips TV. So far I have understood that the replacement remote control would have to be fully IR programmable to be...
  16. C

    Audiolab 8300cd volume control disable

    I have just got a used Audiolab 8300cd in excellent condition to use with my Naim XS2 amplifier. I see that you can disable the cd players volume control function but cannot work out how to from the cd player manual. I feel that using it with the Naim this may be the best option. Having played...
  17. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Dirac Live Bass Control now available

    Dirac Live Bass Control, the latest feature for acoustic correction software Dirac Live, is now officially available via a range of AV products from Bryston, Focal and StormAudio, with units from Arcam, AudioControl, JBL Synthesis and others soon to follow. Read the news.
  18. S

    Having trouble with voice control

    Just got a C9. Trying to get Alexa up and running. She'll turn on the television but that's it. After that Alexa can't find the television connection. What is a better way to control the television through voice? I am trying to figure this out for an older relative with limited vision and...
  19. John24ssj

    Smart subwoofer on/off control

    Hi all, I wrote a python script that allows a Raspberry Pi to automatically to control the subwoofer power based on the TV or Receiver being turned on or off. So when I turn my receiver on the subwoofer gets powered on and when I turn my receiver off the subwoofer gets powered off. The setup...
  20. T

    Question Magic Control with LG Nanocell 49SM8600PLA and Humax HDR1100

    Hi there, I took delivery of the 49SM86 Nanocell TV and I am absolutely delighted with it. I have it hooked up to a Humax HDR 1100 freesat box and the Magic Control controls the Humax absolutely fine. However, one thing I am really struggling with is to find out how I can get to more of the...
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