1. M

    Standby and remote control problem

    Can anyone. Tell me if Samsung BN59 work for Samsung PS50B
  2. L

    light control

    I often experience that the optimal lightcontrol filmed inside, is not correct when the handling is outside. It can get too bright outside, or too dark inside. Do anybody have a solution to this?
  3. D

    Pioneer LX01 - AXD7530 remote control to operate SDVR-LX70D HDD DVD Recorder

    Dear All ... my AXD7530 remote control no longer works; does anyone know which other Pioneer model's will operate the HDD DVD recorder (SDVR-LX70D) please? If there is no Pioneer alternative, is there anything else that will work (OEM)? Thank you. Marc
  4. P

    Question Pair remote with Panasonic TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox Satellite Receiver?

    I have bought a spare (replacement) for a friends TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox. He already has one and uses Sky (I don't so not up to speed with Sky) and I bought s/h the Panasonic TU-DSB30 Sky Digibox as a replacement that he asked for. However this has turned up, but has no remote control with it? I...
  5. N

    Powermax plus Tamper alarm Control panel

    Hi all, desperate to find a solution. I’ve got a powermax plus and it indicated to replace the Control board battery pack, which i did. When i replaced and Closed the system, battery is ok now. However the system now reports a tamper issue on the control panel.... any idea how to fix this? It...
  6. S

    Panasonic PMX92....no balance control?!

    I recently got a Panasonic SC-PMX92 and generally I'm really pleased with it - great little unit for the price with decent sound quality...just what I wanted for my home office. However, I was somewhat astounded to discover that it's impossible to adjust the balance. On my previous system...
  7. S

    Question How to remote control a distant android phone on a local android phone

    Hi, I need to remote control a distant android phone (say phone-A) on a local android phone (say phone-B). Both phones are NOT connected to Internet nor WiFi network. I have been googling several days reading documents searched but can't find solution. Would AirMore be my choice? Using...
  8. S

    Remote control for DJI Osmo Mobile 3

    Hi all, If connecting DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal to an extension rod/pole, the control buttons can't be reached by hand. Is there remote control device/accessory available on market? Thanks satimis
  9. M

    Harmony Elite HTTP control?

    So, If i end up purchasing a Harmony Elite, can i do some advanced features with it? Essentially i have two pieces of kit that require HTTP GET's so trigger an action. One of them is an hdanywhere matrix which has IR, however it's placed far away in a rack. It does have IR on it but i was...
  10. B

    Music System with very user friendly remote control

    Hi, I am looking for a high quality music system that can store MP3 files (and also Wav files and other lossless formats) on an internal drive and that has a user friendly remote control that can be used to browse through the existing folders of MP3 files on the hard disk… ideally with a visual...
  11. A

    Control TV speakers of Sony A1E via HDMI-CEC using Apple TV Remote

    Hey there, I’ve got a Sony A1E and an Apple TV 4K. I have Bravia SYNC enabled but I can’t seem to control the TVs internal volume via HDMI using the Apple TV Siri Remote. It defaults to control the TV volume via IR. The reason I want this feature is because I want to use Remote app on iPhone...
  12. E

    Question Crossover Frequency Control knob

    My sub, a Wharfdale SW-150, has a CFC knob next to the volume knob. Its crossover range is from 35 to 85 Hz. What does one do with it? I have used the AVR to set the Crossover Frequency (to 120 Hz). I will appreciate any info.
  13. bogart99

    Question Boiler control

    Might be a tad off topic but here goes. The heating/hot water boiler is in an outbuilding some 20m from the main house. Currently the boiler gets the signal to switch on via an underground cable. Now this is the problem it is just a piece of T&E buried about a foot below the surface, not an...
  14. M

    The smartest ROKU App to remote control TV from Mobile Phone

    Hey, here is the smartest Roku remote control app ever created, Thanks.
  15. M

    The smartest ROKU App to remote control TV from Mobile Phone

    Here is the smartest ROKU App to remote control TV from your Mobile Phone:
  16. E

    Best tablet for battey life for Sharptools tiles as wall control

    I want to use Sharptools to display tiles as a control on the wall for my smart home devices. All the lighting, Sonos, devices, smart home monitor etc will be on here. I was going to use and old Ipad 2 but the battery life isn't great and can't easily hide the charger lead where it will be...
  17. wguk

    Any good Android App of remote control for Philips TV?

    Using PUS8204/12 ambilight model. Thanks
  18. T

    Samsung remote control problem

    Like many people we have a Sky box in the living room and I've run coax into the bedroom from the Sky RF2 outlet, so that the bedroom can also have Sky. OK, it's not 'multiroom' and it means that the bedroom can only watch what the living room is watching but it's good enough for us. I never...
  19. Homeby51

    How to get LG remote to control both the internal speakers and optical out volumes at same time?

    Hey guys, Just bought my parents a LG 55UM7300PUA television. They are both hard of hearing and were using an aftermarket crappy soundbar. Anyway.....I hooked the optical out from the TV to the soundbar and selected the "internal speakers and optical out" selection of audio. But when you use...
  20. D

    Buying new soundbar vs speakers and connection/controlling confusion

    Hello everybody. This is my first topic, please be patient. To be honest I have read a lot about the subject and the more I read the more stupid I feel. I’m totally noob about sound issues. So, here is my problem. I own a Samsung tv : 50RU7402. It has crappy speakers (the same goes for most...
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