1. Homeby51

    How to get LG remote to control both the internal speakers and optical out volumes at same time?

    Hey guys, Just bought my parents a LG 55UM7300PUA television. They are both hard of hearing and were using an aftermarket crappy soundbar. Anyway.....I hooked the optical out from the TV to the soundbar and selected the "internal speakers and optical out" selection of audio. But when you use...
  2. D

    Buying new soundbar vs speakers and connection/controlling confusion

    Hello everybody. This is my first topic, please be patient. To be honest I have read a lot about the subject and the more I read the more stupid I feel. I’m totally noob about sound issues. So, here is my problem. I own a Samsung tv : 50RU7402. It has crappy speakers (the same goes for most...
  3. J

    ARC control on Sony AG8

    Hoping someone can help me - How do I turn ARC on on a Sony KD-65AG8? All the guides on line say to go to HDMI control in the menu but I am unable to find it. For info my system is Nintendo Wii U into HDMI 1 for which I'm trying to get sound to my Denon AVR-X3500H which is connected to HDMI 3 on...
  4. L

    Remote control for Tag McLaren

    Hi all, It seems the dog has hidden my remote (on the left of the picture). Where can I buy a replacement or a substitute. Obviously, I don't have the remote, so will need one that has a database or is pre-programmed. Thanks. Leigh.
  5. A

    Cambridge Audio CD4 - remote control - what to do

    I have just acquired a Cambridge Audio CD04 player, to playback CDs through a Harman Kardon AV21 receiver and Mission speakers. It's a fair few years old, but seems to do the job just fine. There's no remore control with it - and the manufacturer is singularly unhelpful. Can anyone please...
  6. Alexxxx

    Dedicated Cinema Room - Light Control and Wall/ Ceiling Treatment

    Hi, I am currently in the process of building a dedicated cinema room and was wondering if I could get some advice. The room would be as close to completely black as it could be, very small window with blinds and thick black curtains, so vitually pitch black. The room is 3mx4m with 2.6m...
  7. bogart99

    Replacement volume control.

    Have a noisy, left channel only, volume pot on my Audio Analogue Puccini amp. Have sprayed it but is not really clearing the problem and so decided I need a replacement. Am thinking a stepped resistor version may be a better solution. What I need to know are there any really good makes about...
  8. B

    Code for Hisense to control volume on Sky Q Remote?

    Code for Hisense to control volume on Sky Q Remote? Does it exist? For this TV, Hisense 55 Inch H55B7300UK Smart 4K HDR LED TV.
  9. R

    How to control smart TV over home network when IR sensor on TV is defective ?

    I have a 5 year old Samsung smart TV that only intermittently accepts commands from the remote (the issue is definitely with the IR sensor on the TV, not with the remote). The TV is connected to the home network (over ethernet) and, once powered up manually using the switch on the TV, it...
  10. C

    Control AV receiver volume from Samsung Smart TV

    The Universal Remote functionality on my Samsung TV can control most functions of my Marantz receiver when the receiver is set as source, but only within the Marantz menus, not when playing content. Is there a way to control the volume from the TV remote either when watching content from the...
  11. theoldie

    Need a dvd remote control I can read/use.

    I have a Samsung BD-J4500R dvd player that I am really happy with. However, the remote control is a nightmare for me. Having less than perfect vision I need a remote control (programmable or standard) that has less and larger buttons than the original, which has 47 buttons ! It has to be...
  12. C

    Adding deeper voice control of a Bose Lifestyle 30 with Amazon Alexa

    This question is about adding deeper voice control of a Bose Lifestyle 30 from1998. I need more voice control than offered by an Amazon Alexa Input on the grounds of severe physical disability. in particular, I went to be able to turn the Bose on/off and select sources by voice commandsI. I...
  13. theoldie

    Easy-Read remote control for BD-J4500R DVD required.

    I have a Samsung BD-J4500R dvd player that I am really happy with. However, the remote control is a nightmare for me. Having less than perfect vision I need a remote control (programmable or standard) that has less and larger buttons than the original, which has 47 buttons ! It has to be...
  14. L

    system control cables?

    Hi all... I have a Kenwood MIDI M63 and have accidentally thrown the system control cables away during a house move. Can anyone tell me what cables I need for this system - am I right in thinking a standard audio jack 3.5mm will do the job? Such as this - 3.5mm Stereo Jack to Jack Aux Cable...
  15. kenshingintoki

    HW40Es projector remote control replacement

    Hey guys For a HW40ES, which remote control could I buy which could replace it? I'm not good with IR remotes or how to program them. the PJ I'm getting doesn't come with a remote. :( Thanks.
  16. kenshingintoki

    HW40ES projector remote control replacement

    hey I'm very thick and ignorant re: IR controllers. I want a remote control to work with my HW40Es projector which is coming in the post. can anyone reccomend me one which will work? Thank you
  17. J

    Fans out of control!

    Hi folks have just had a new Mobo, i7 9700 and RTX 2080Ti. Upon running games (eg COD MW, Planet Coaster, RDR 2); almost immediately the fans (I think on the GPU) start running at 100% so are crazy loud. I’ve tried adjusting the curve on Afterburner but it’s made no difference whatsoever...
  18. J

    Dynamic Range Control [DRC] Nay or Yay?

    Currently have it set to 'MAX' on my Pioneer VSX-531, which is hooked up to Harmon Kardon HKTS-5 speakers in a bedroom setup. Watch a mix of stuff of streaming services (Amazon Instant Video, Netflix), Blu Rays and 4k Blu Rays Bit of a noob to home cinema, so keep it simple. Does DRC impair...
  19. M


    I'm looking to replace an ageing Panasonic TX32LZD81 with the LG 43UM7500PLA. Because of hearing problems I listen to the current TV via wireless Senheiser RS180 headphones . The H/P transmitter is connected via a phono cable to the headphone socket on the TV. Using the Humax (PVR 9200T)...
  20. andypandy

    Question simple one, nvidia control panel..

    why is it that i can only set my display in the nvidia control panel to 4k, 60hz, RGB and 8 bit colour depth & dynamic range=full In theory according to the id info in madvr about my projector it's capable of this:- 1. there is no option to increase to 10 bit on RGB setting 2. choosing any of...
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