1. pevz

    For Sale Chord Qutest DAC

    Reluctantly selling my Chord Qutest DAC. A truly amazing piece of kit, but I'm just not using it enough. Immaculate Condition with all original accessories. Purchased from HiFix in November last year.
  2. killie77

    For Sale Cyrus Soundkey Dac Amp

    Only been used once with a Samsung Note 9 Which I have recently sold. Comes with box and accessories. Still under warranty as I bought it new from Richersounds about 3 months ago.
  3. MrBuffy

    What to upgrade: NAD C370, Tannoy DC6T, or HRT Music Streamer 2 DAC

    Hi, I'm not happy with the sound I'm getting from my setup. I'm streaming music from laptop (Macbook) through HRT Music Streamer 2 DAC into NAD C370 integrated amp to drive Tannoy DC6T speakers. Some music sounds fantastic (acoustic, jazz, classical) but anything with bass sounds muddied and...
  4. P

    New Amp or New DAC?

    Hello, having always found good advice here I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on this. I've been running Monitor Audio RS8s with a Harman Kardon HK3490 for ten years now. All good. All of my music is digital, flac mostly, often high resolution (24/96 and upwards) which I pass through...
  5. A

    Question Desktop DAC recommendation for connecting PC to Ruark R4i

    I would like recommendations for connecting my Dell XPS 8930 to a Ruark Audio R4i system (USB to RCA) as the sound quality using the headphone jack is awful! I'm looking for a DAC around £100 that will improve the sound quality. Is it worth spending the money on an iFi ZEN DAC or are there...
  6. F

    For Sale Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum384 kHZ DSD DAC

    Hi guys, I have this fantastic dac in absolutely unmarked condition,fully working.Comes with accessories and original box!One of the best DACs available at any price. The addition of DSD playback and up-sampling means it is virtually...
  7. O

    To DAC or not to DAC

    So I recently bought myself a new HiFi (Dali Oberon 5s and a Rega Elex-R) and I'm using my PC motherboard on-board sound for output. I started looking at DACs (I'm thinking the SMSL Sanskrit 10 MKII or the Topping E30 based on their AudioScience reviews) but then, do I really need a DAC? The one...
  8. Kamz

    For Sale Topping D90 MQA DAC

    Topping D90 MQA DAC Black Bought in June from Amazon UK authorised reseller. Comes with 2-yr warranty, I don't believe this is transferable, but won't be an issue as I will assist with any warranty issues that may arise. Comes fully boxed with DAC, USB cable, Bluetooth antenna, Power Cable...
  9. F

    What DAC in the HW-Q90R?

    Just curious if anyone knows? I've researched - no luck. Figured I'd give this a shot. Thanks!
  10. S

    Two boxes - A power amp, a pre, a dac and a streamer

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my amp and streaming source, and would like to have not more than two different boxes, maximum three. What combinations usually gives the most bang for the buck, and also makes sense in the longer run? Also, anything else to consider? We are talking about the...
  11. A

    Wanted Denafrips Pontus or similar R2R Dac

    Looking to purchase a Denafrips Pontus or similar R2R Dac, must have USB input and balanced out. Cheers
  12. coalfield

    Question Pre-box S2 Digital DAC - Fixing Volume at 100% for MQA on Tidal

    I have just purchased a pre-box s2 digital in order to benefit from MQA on tidal, however having a few issues. First of all I could not get the output detecting as MQA, it was just showing 44khz. Since found this to be a result of the Windows Audio volume not being set to 100%, and this is...
  13. killie77

    Question DAP with USB C to outboard Dac

    Hi I’m looking for DAP which has usb c out to something like a Cyrus portable Dac. Was looking at a Sony Walkman but not sure which model has this. Thanks Ian
  14. windswept321

    Cheapish DAC recommendations for MacBook Pro listening

    I will be ordering a new MBP in the near future for work, although I currently have a mid 2014 model. Would a DAC improve the listening experience for a decent set of wired vintage headphones on these machines? if so,I would appreciate recommendations for a DAC, new or used; ideally under £150...
  15. N

    Question iPhone XR and Pro-Ject Head Box S2 Digital (Amp and DAC)

    I'm trying to hook up my iPhone XR to a Pro-Ject Head Box S2 Digital Amp/DAC. In looking at several places on the web, I determined that I first needed an Apple Camera Connector Kit adapter, which I have. I've connected it to the Lightning port on the phone. I than ran a USB-A to USB-B cable...
  16. Gondawanna Man

    Phillips 7000 LED series ambilit DAC

    Hi All. Hope you virus free out there. New here but don’t see an intro thread 😯 I have a first gen model of this tv 55” made in Holland with only two ambilite side strips. Best picture I’ve ever had, beats my previous Sony plasma hands down. Anyway I’m playing a lot of music through it using...
  17. A

    Sony Walkman NWA-45 ....external DAC connection issue

    Greetings. I have a Sony Walkman NWA-45 which I have been enjoying for a couple years now while connecting to my iFi micro iDSD with no problem. I have recently purchased a Burson Audio Conductor 3X Performance and my Walkman cannot seem to output any music file (MP3, FLAC, DSD) to my new...
  18. toon10

    Question Integrated Amp with DAC and Streaming suggestions

    I’m looking to upgrade my Yamaha RN-602 amplifier but I want to retain the some of the same features. As good as the Yamaha is, I can’t help but feel I can get a better and punchier sound by throwing some more money at my setup. It needs to be able to drive my Monitor Audio Silver 6 floor...
  19. F

    Mixing it up and experimenting.... streamer / DAC / roon bridges

    Looking to possibly expand my listening experiences and improve the quality, the analogue setup is Musical Fidelity M6Si and PMC twenty5.21i. -> Currently running a Cambridge Audio CXN v2 (sounds pretty damn good) -> Getting a Matrix Audio X Sabre Pro MQA DAC, obviously need to feed this via...
  20. B

    Question Using Amazon show models for Bluetooth streaming

    I am building a new set of speakers and was planning to use an active crossover such as the minidsp line or maybe the Dayton 4×8 dsp, the money and time I've put into passive crossovers just doesn't seem worth it when I build new sets and have to buy it all again. Using a couple of DSPs means I...
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