1. Flashgordon1982

    Yamaha Aventage 2060 or Denon avr 6400

    Hi I have an option to buy either of the above. Ones more expensive by 150 quid. What should I be going for? Happy to Add a power amp as well. Running monitor audio gold at the front
  2. D

    Denon AVR-X4500 or Denon AVR-X3700?

    I am not in a hurry to upgrade (I still have a Yamaha DSP-A1) but would like to make the jump to Dolby Atmos at some point. Not that interested in 8k or gaming but cant work out if the newer 3700 is otherwise better than the 4500? Any help much appreciated
  3. G

    For Sale Denon AVR-X2300

    Hello AV Forum guys, I am selling my faithful Denon AVR-X2300W, it’s in very good condition and comes complete with the original packaging, remote, calibration microphone, cardboard stand, manual and power lead. It's an amazing amp that I am only selling due to having the upgrade bug (just...
  4. G

    Replacing a Denon potentiometer

    My AVRX1300W has an issue where the centre speaker goes very quiet; I can resolve it by increasing the volume and lowering it again. It stays ok until the speaker isn't used much in a quiet scene, and then it reoccurs. Reading up, it sounds like it might be the potentiometer. Is this...
  5. D

    Denon 2803/983 Process for getting a signal out of Zone 2

    Zone 1 works fine. I have a 5.1 speaker configuration so decided I'd use Zone 2 to drive some outdoor speakers. Zone 2 was working on July 4. I was getting some periodic shut downs when using Zone 2 but felt it maybe had something to do with the input signal. (it worked fine with one CD but not...
  6. M

    Denon AVR-X6700H Hookup

    I plan on doing the hook up tomorrow. My TV is a Samsung 900R series 8K on port number 4. The receiver has one 8K input port. My streaming device is a Apple 4K TV. At this time it doesn’t seem to me connecting anything to an 8K HDMI input port makes any sense. All to 4K HDMI inputs upscale to...
  7. jacklafiga

    DENON x2600h Help ALLM Auto Latency Game Mode XBOX ONE X LG C9

    Hi! After replacing my 1600h for 2600h I lost the ALLM. When I connect XBOX ONE X through the receiver to the LG C9 it doesn't appear tne LG " Instant Game Response" advertise anymore. With the 1600 it didn't happen...
  8. W

    For Sale Denon 4500

    Hi all I am selling my Denon 4500, It is in fantastic condition and will come fully boxed with all the accessories etc. It was purchased from RS last year, I don't believe the warranty is transferable, but more than happy to help if anything did go wrong. Please feel free to ask any...
  9. J

    Denon 4500H

    Hi, my approx 12 month old Denon 4500h has a startup clutch! When turning Denon on the speakers do not get switched on with everything else. The screen icon of how many speakers are active mostly default to two (instead of 7) but no sound even on those two. Switching off and on via remote makes...
  10. Cliff

    Decisions.. Yamaha or Denon?

    I had been looking at the Yamaha 3080 which is being sold off at below £1.5k. Now I see the new Denon X4700 which is around or less than the sale price of the Yamaha. So I am thinking, maybe I should go for the Denon? Any thoughts ?
  11. C

    Denon HEOS choices

    I am changing my old AV set up and looking at soundbars. Can anyone advise if they would recommend the Denon HEOS DHTS516H with the subwoofer or the DHTS716H without the subwoofer. It will be used mainly with a streaming player and some live TV on a 1080p LG LED, which at some point will be...
  12. Stevie P 7

    For Sale Denon AVR-X2400H as new condition

    I'm selling my Denon AVR-X2400H. It's roughly 18 months old, I've moved to a Sony amplifier hence the reason for selling. It still has the box it came in along with all the accessories. The original stickers are still on the amp. No faults with the amp. £250 no offers, cash on collection or...
  13. L

    Wanted Denon AVR X4400 or X4500

    Hi is there anyone willing to let their X4400 or X4500 Denon go for a reasonable price? Currently have an X3600 which I will part ways with if its a clear step up in SQ. Will need to be boxed with accessories.
  14. faiz0

    For Sale Denon AVR2400H

    Approx 2 years old. In good condition, however one of the two HDMI outputs has stopped working. Comes with remote and mic (no tripod). No box unfortunately, so collection only £200
  15. A

    Denon AVR X4500h firmware update issue

    Hello Wonder if anyone experienced any issues with the latest firmware update on their 4500 or 6500 series? I attempted to run the latest firmware update yesterday and the unit just turned itself off (I mean off not standby so no display, not even the standby indicator o around the power button)...
  16. L

    Denon AVR X4500 or Yamaha RXA 1080

    Both these receivers are around the same price which one is better for films and music? Are there any others to consider? Thanks
  17. stepneg

    For Sale Denon AVR-X2400H

    Selling my great condition Denon AVR-X2400H as have had to change to a slimline receiver due to new TV unit, no box just the receiver and remote £170 collection only.
  18. F

    Denon AVR X3600 sub settings.

    What is the correct way to boost the subwoofer? I have a SVS SB2000 and set the sub to 75dB with Audyssey and the amp sets the trim at -9.5dB’s which when in use I think it’s a little quiet. There two options that I can see to boost output and that’s to add to the -9.5dB that Audyssey set and...
  19. M

    How to enable DTS:X/Virtual X on Denon AVR-X1600H

    Hello! I had DTS:X enabled on my amp, but the settings got reset and I can't figure out how to re enable this feature:facepalm: Does anybody who owns this amp know how to enable it? Would appreciate the help very much
  20. M

    DENON AVR-x1600h, No sound coming through speakers on PC

    Hello friends:hiya:.. thanks for coming I'm new to audio tech so forgive me if my lack of knowledge I've been having problems trying to configure this amp ever since I've got it. For me, I find it very temperamental and its becoming frustrating!:(. I initially connected it to my PC using HDMI...
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