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Dolby Atmos sound system
  1. DrSeuss

    Marantz NR1607 Apple TV atmos

    I’m setting up Disney+ on my Apple TV hooked up to my marantz amp and its only displaying multi in for audio? Picture to my Panasonic 902 is fine but atmos is not there... atmos is setup on the apple box ok I think...tested a iTunes purchased movie and that displays atmos ok! Any ideas?
  2. H

    2600H Amp Testing Atmos Netflix

    Just got a new 2600H Amp. Im running SKYQ, and also have Netflix which I use via the SKY Box. Does anyone know if Netflix on Sky will output Atmos? Just loaded some movies which according to Netflix are Atmos, but the amp is displaying DD. Cheers guys
  3. Blupetros

    For Sale Dolby Atmos Demo Disc sealed

    Dolby Demo disc still sealed. £20
  4. J

    Custom upfiring atmos modules?

    I have QA 3010 fronts that are only 15cm/6" wide and the only atmos speakers within this width are the Onkyo's. I have read mixed reviews about these so not sure yet whether to get them or not. I was wondering whether a DIY option may work? If so which speakers could I use? The speakers...
  5. K

    Dolby TrueHD options

    Hey guys, purchased an Lg C9 last weekend & is an amazing tv but didn't realise the tv doesn't support dolby truehd/atmos from internal media players Have seen plenty suggesting Nvidia shield tv/pro I was wondering if any Nvidia owners out there can confirm this & whether it has its own...
  6. R

    Question Netflix app and atmos

    Hi all, I have recently got samsung q70 with n850 soundbar. So far I've watched a few things off netflix direct from the tv app which has atmos. But I haven't heard any overhead effects. Am I right that the in built apps cannot send atmos to my soundbar and I would need to hook up xbox one x to...
  7. pawlu

    Dolby Atmos on Yamaha RX-V1085

    Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping safe and sane in these crazy times. Being stuck at home we get to have some more time to mess around with audio toys. Anyway, I have a new Yamaha RX-V1085, paired up with an Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019). I also have premium netflix membership and should...
  8. jason1wood

    Question Downgrade my yamaha Z7 to an Atmos Receiver

    Hi all. Been really happy with my 7.1 MK surrounds in the living room area through my Z7 and front 3 powered with a Rotel amp. Just this is niggling me a bit, Atmos. Cant really upgrade much at the moment so would only be able to get a low quality Atmos Receiver if I went down that route. I...
  9. O

    7.1 to Atmos upgrade options

    Hi all, I've been wondering about shifting my setup from 7.1 to either 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 and wondering about the best options available I have a pretty big room at 6m x 6m with a high vaulted ceiling - current setup is: Arcam AVR550 XTZ 99.25 L/R/C Paradigm Millenia 1 rear/back All the rear...
  10. A

    Gz1000 Atmos sound

    Hi hope everyone is well at this difficult time I'm looking at upgrading my TV to the gz1000 just a question on sound it says Atmos cinematic experience with a compatible sound bar how does this work does the Atmos from tv since with the sound bar because generally you would turn tv sound off...
  11. markmuddimer

    8204 on netflix and dolby Atmos

    Does anyone else have problems with netflix and dolby atmos. Every time I play something with atmos I get tremendous his through the TV. I then have to change the audio to standard. (every time). Any help or advice appreciated.
  12. Dave M

    Question Dolby Atmos speakers set up?

    I have just bought the Eltax Monitor ATM up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers and need some advice in getting then set up; First off, Aydessey gave the following results; Distance = 2.37 m. Now I know that the measurements from Aydessey are not actually “distance” but the time it takes to reach the...
  13. kourosh

    Question Zidoo X9s No Atmos!!

    Im hoping someone here can shed some light as its driving me nuts! Ive had the player around 3 years now and everything has been fine,been watching 4k with atmos no problem. but a couple of weeks ago I reset the the player and that's where the problem started. When I watch a movie I can select...
  14. 6

    Atmos disc

    Hi I have a Atmos set up but want to check if I do have Atmos from the elac upfiring speakers how can I test please ? please can anyone help Thanks
  15. D

    Beatles Abbey Road Dolby Atmos

    Has anyone else found the first track (come together) distorted. My left front speaker was overloaded with bass and sounded like a blown speaker. All other songs were perfect. I didn’t know if I got a bad copy or if anyone else has this problem.
  16. jumong719

    Question Dolby atmos issue between my tv and soundcore infini pro

    So i just bought soundcore infini pro to connect it to my samsung tv (RU7100 2019 release) and i connected them with hdmi arc for both and its not working.. im trying to use dolby atmos system but its not working whatsoever.. please help me with this! ive been trying to fix this for hours now...
  17. M

    Dolby atmos. Looking for advice

    Hi looking for help buying an atmos setup. Going with a 5.1.4 system. Front and rear going with q acoustics 3020i and centre 3090. Undecided with sub. when it comes to heights I’m open to options but also hitting a wall when it comes to deciding. I may go with q acoustics qi65p in ceiling...
  18. Lhasadreams

    Question Dolby Atmos on Disney+

    Hi, I stream using at Apple TV (4K) to an Arcam AVR390 configured as a 5.1.4 system. Today I added Disney+ to the Apple TV. All of the Star Wars movies say that they are in Dolby Atmos, but my AVR reports Dolby Surround when playing them. I can stream Apple Dolby Atmos movies and the AVR detects...
  19. D

    Disney+ streaming box that supports Atmos/ Vision?

    Hi All, I subscribed to Disney+ and had hoped the PS4 Pro would do HDR/ Vision/ Atmos but seems to do none of the above. I am wondering which box does this the best? I have been looking through the internet at different options and each one seems to have some faults, I was thinking...
  20. P

    Disney plus - No atmos from apple tv 4k

    Hi, so I have a denon avrx2600 connected to my apple tv and although it says atmos on the app I only get multi in on the denon no atmos. Anyone else same issues or found anything that does give atmos from titles showing atmos in the app I have checked and amazon and netflix are working so defo...
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