1. R

    Question Getting dolby digital audio via optical from old dvd receiver

    Hello everybody, I have the following question: I have a nvidia shield streamer connected by HDMI to a samsung q90r tv. I want to play a movie with dolby digital sound from the streamer, and I want to know if my dvd receiver will be able to output this sound by going through the TV. The DVD is...
  2. X

    LG B7A Only Plays Dolby Atmos With Netflix, Not Plex/External Device

    Has anyone else experience an issue with only being able to have the Atmos track play with Netflix films, but when using external device it doesn't? I have a Samsung Q90R soundbar, and if I am playing a Netflix film it locks in Atmos, not allowing me to change the sound mode. However, I know I...
  3. W

    Dolby Vision issues on B7500

    I searched but couldn't see any definitive answers on this. I recently purchased a FireStick 4K to go with this TV and have noticed whenever it switches to Dolby Vision the TV defaults to 8bit | BT709.. Whenever I play back HDR10 content it plays back in 12bit | BT2020 as expected. I spoke to...
  4. Blupetros

    For Sale Dolby Atmos Demo Disc sealed

    Dolby Demo disc still sealed. £20
  5. K

    Nvidia Shield - Dolby TrueHD

    Hey guys, purchased an Lg C9 last weekend & is an amazing tv but didn't realise the tv doesn't support dolby truehd/atmos from internal media players Have seen plenty suggesting Nvidia shield tv/pro I was wondering if any Nvidia owners out there can confirm this & whether it has its own...
  6. K

    Dolby TrueHD options

    Hey guys, purchased an Lg C9 last weekend & is an amazing tv but didn't realise the tv doesn't support dolby truehd/atmos from internal media players Have seen plenty suggesting Nvidia shield tv/pro I was wondering if any Nvidia owners out there can confirm this & whether it has its own...
  7. Harveyatkins

    Dolby atmosceiling or upfiring?

    Hi guys/gals, New to this and the audio scene as a whole so be nice 😊 Just bought a cheapish but decent 5.1 setup, want to add atmos. Not got a lot to spend, I’ve been using my built in LG C9 speakers so anything is better So I’ve seen the onkyo SKH-410 I know these are the cheapest but...
  8. pawlu

    Dolby Atmos on Yamaha RX-V1085

    Hi guys, hope everyone is keeping safe and sane in these crazy times. Being stuck at home we get to have some more time to mess around with audio toys. Anyway, I have a new Yamaha RX-V1085, paired up with an Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019). I also have premium netflix membership and should...
  9. markmuddimer

    8204 on netflix and dolby Atmos

    Does anyone else have problems with netflix and dolby atmos. Every time I play something with atmos I get tremendous his through the TV. I then have to change the audio to standard. (every time). Any help or advice appreciated.
  10. S

    Yellow tinge to white text, when lg oled switches to Dolby vision?

    On Netflix or Disney plus, when it switches to Dolby vision, there is a yellow tinge that comes across the screen especially affecting white text (this is before the actual video is launched). From what I can see it's not affecting the actual video. White sources in the video seem white and not...
  11. Dave M

    Question Dolby Atmos speakers set up?

    I have just bought the Eltax Monitor ATM up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers and need some advice in getting then set up; First off, Aydessey gave the following results; Distance = 2.37 m. Now I know that the measurements from Aydessey are not actually “distance” but the time it takes to reach the...
  12. M

    Trying to extend HDMI to another room. Dolby problems!!

    Hello! I have my SkyQ setup downstairs in my living room, as normal, and want to be able to watch it in the bedroom upstairs as well, when I go to bed. I know I could get a Multiroom Mini-box, but at the moment, during the Coronavirus lockdown, they are not available, and also I don't want...
  13. A

    Is PCM Better Or Worse Than Dolby Digital?

    I'm not sure exactly what "PCM" means, but when I choose that setting instead of "Dolby Digital", I get much better results. The audio is louder and the surround sound is more, well, surround. I've been having a bear of a time trying to figure out the settings and getting 5.1 to work right...
  14. D

    Beatles Abbey Road Dolby Atmos

    Has anyone else found the first track (come together) distorted. My left front speaker was overloaded with bass and sounded like a blown speaker. All other songs were perfect. I didn’t know if I got a bad copy or if anyone else has this problem.
  15. G

    Apple 4K Dolby Vision to a HDR Projector

    Hi, Does anyone know of a HDMI splitter that can convert a 4K Dolby Vision signal from an Apple TV 4K source to a 4K HDR signal that can be played on a Benq W2700 projector? My current setup can send my Apple TV to either my Benq projector or my LG tv. The TV can can handle Dolby Vision but...
  16. jumong719

    Question Dolby atmos issue between my tv and soundcore infini pro

    So i just bought soundcore infini pro to connect it to my samsung tv (RU7100 2019 release) and i connected them with hdmi arc for both and its not working.. im trying to use dolby atmos system but its not working whatsoever.. please help me with this! ive been trying to fix this for hours now...
  17. M

    Dolby atmos. Looking for advice

    Hi looking for help buying an atmos setup. Going with a 5.1.4 system. Front and rear going with q acoustics 3020i and centre 3090. Undecided with sub. when it comes to heights I’m open to options but also hitting a wall when it comes to deciding. I may go with q acoustics qi65p in ceiling...
  18. techted

    Question Sony 4K 270es Projector and Dolby Vision

    I recently purchased a Sony 270es projector and am having an issue with Dolby Vision signals. I know that projectors do not support Dolby Vision but I thought that if presented with a DV signal that the projector would just use the HDR10 base layer? I have both the projector and an LG C9 OLED...
  19. Lhasadreams

    Question Dolby Atmos on Disney+

    Hi, I stream using at Apple TV (4K) to an Arcam AVR390 configured as a 5.1.4 system. Today I added Disney+ to the Apple TV. All of the Star Wars movies say that they are in Dolby Atmos, but my AVR reports Dolby Surround when playing them. I can stream Apple Dolby Atmos movies and the AVR detects...
  20. Googolplex

    For Sale Dolby Digital & DTS Plaques

    Got a couple of cool items for sale... original Dolby and DTS cinema plaques. These are NOT reproductions, they used to be sold on the Dolby & DTS websites but you can’t get them anymore, so they’re a real old school home cinema treat. They’re in great condition, couple of things though... •...
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