1. stanster59

    LG OLED55B9, £1049 Currys eBay store

    Saw this and thought I'd post ( personally I would never use their eBay store after previous dealings with them). https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-oled55b9pla-55-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-oled-tv-with-google-assistant-free-5-year-guarantee-3519388
  2. DrPhil

    Another eBay saga

    I bought 2 sets of solar cables a few weeks ago. £65 each. The seller promised 2 day delivery, 4 days later no sign and I was in a hurry so I had to purchase locally. Seller apologised for the delay and promised a refund. I returned it using the label provided. Return was received on the...
  3. B

    Ebay seller 7833stevens

    Hello there. I just bought my new copy of Frozen 2 4K Digipack from a seller on eBay. The seller name is 7833stevens. Does anyone has bought from the seller? If you have, can you tell me how long they take to ship to Malaysia and how does the item condition when it arrives. Have a nice day😊.
  4. smurph306pug

    Question Refurbed desktops on eBay?

    I'm after a new desktop. eBay is full of i7, 16g ram, 240ssd for £350. Are these worth it or are they rubbish? I don't play games but I do need to run two monitors. Any help appreciated!
  5. Sandman

    I hate eBay buyers!

    I said “buyers” in the thread title but I should really have said “bidders” because both of the plebs that won my auctions last night have no intension of buying. Item 1 was a PS4 with original box, controller and a selection of games. The auction finished last night and the winning bidder has...
  6. B

    Question Wifi issue on 2.4Ghz band & ebay dispute - can someone solve this argument??

    I believe I have been sold a tablet (Acer, made in 2019) with a defective wifi antenna but would appreciate some experts confirming what I think so I would appreciate some input on this. My home router has the 5ghz band disabled (Plusnet router with known issues causing conflicts and...
  7. T

    Looking for a 49' Smart TV On Sale for Gaming/kodi ? £300-400! Bedroom viewing

    hi seeing all this 20% codes via ebay and wondered if someone can recommend me a good 49' TV please if anyone can spare a little time i dont have much money so this price range is great for me at this moment in time :) We have ps4,xbox1 for gaming and use the raspberrypi with kodi for movies...
  8. Gaslight

    More eBay Madness

    So, a friend of mine bought an expensive item off eBay for her father in law, as a family club together present. She rang me today for advice, and sadly, she is now at the point of no return with eBay. When the item arrived, it was a different model, same thing, but the lesser one (around £200...
  9. oaklandraiders

    Question Should I mention a dodgy ebay listing on here

    Theres a few auctions at the moment which I think are suspect and I"d like to draw attention to them on here, or is that not allowed ?
  10. N

    Ebay 'make offer'

    So I've been watching an item that had a BIN price, the listing ended; Then the seller put it up as an auction. I bid, came second. Within hours of auction end, seller had relisted it with the original BIN price, sent me a message through Ebay offering it for slightly less but still way above...
  11. JabbaNut

    eta prime In this video, I put together a $78 “Gaming PC” using parts from eBay.

    Thought i would share eta primes video.
  12. R

    Bargain eBay - HP Z2 Mini G4 Desktop PC - £400

    Nearly bought this myself, but don't have any actual need for it! Seller said "It comes with box, power brick, keyboard and mouse and is still under HP warranty. The PC is practically brand new" No link to the buyer, caveat emptor etc...
  13. J

    Bargain Expired Hisense H55B7500UK currently £350 delivered using temporary code on ebay

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hisense-H55B7500UK-55-4K-Ultra-HD-Certified-Smart-LED-TV/401783685555 Item price: £389.00 -£38.90 Your price: £350.10 Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 17/04/20. Terms and conditions apply. PRESENT10 Other 50"+ TVs in...
  14. S

    Rarewaves ebay

    Does anybody have any experiance with rarewaves-United Ebayer? Is it another one of Marios outlets? Are they customs friendly?
  15. G

    eBay refund issue

    I have had an issue with eBay. I bought an item in error and told the seller to cancel within an hour but he still posted it next day. He actually replied to one of the questions I asked him but still sent it anyway. It went to Argos click and collect but Argos closed due to coronavirus. eBay...
  16. F

    Please help me on this iPad decision

    I found a newer model iPad listed as brand new on eBay for a cheap price (around £500). The seller has 2 positive reviews, and wants to do cash on collection. He gave me pics of the serial number and imei as well his driving license when I asked him for his address. Whilst the cheap price...
  17. B

    Buying iphone from Ebay

    Dear members, Had a question. Is it ok to buy a iPhone from Ebay in Open but not used condition with box missing. The guy is ready to share the buying receipt and ok to come to an Apple store to hand over the phone in person before I pay the money. Can Apple store check and tell me that the...
  18. P

    Question eBay discount tv

    Hi all, As you might have seen eBay have 20% off with some TVs well priced. I am looking for a tv for the bedroom between 43-50 inches to be used for freeview tv as well as Netflix and amazon. My budget is 400 max. The options so far are hisense 50b7500 for 300 pounds or the Samsung 50ru7400 for...
  19. MrSossidge

    Microsoft Office and Ebay

    I usually purchase a 12 month product for MS Office on ebay. They are genuine boxed items with a code inside. It is time again to purchase but there are now a rake load of what I would regard as dodgy listings. There are some listings spouting a disclaimer along the lines of I am assuming that...
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