1. B

    Buying iphone from Ebay

    Dear members, Had a question. Is it ok to buy a iPhone from Ebay in Open but not used condition with box missing. The guy is ready to share the buying receipt and ok to come to an Apple store to hand over the phone in person before I pay the money. Can Apple store check and tell me that the...
  2. P

    Question eBay discount tv

    Hi all, As you might have seen eBay have 20% off with some TVs well priced. I am looking for a tv for the bedroom between 43-50 inches to be used for freeview tv as well as Netflix and amazon. My budget is 400 max. The options so far are hisense 50b7500 for 300 pounds or the Samsung 50ru7400 for...
  3. MrSossidge

    Microsoft Office and Ebay

    I usually purchase a 12 month product for MS Office on ebay. They are genuine boxed items with a code inside. It is time again to purchase but there are now a rake load of what I would regard as dodgy listings. There are some listings spouting a disclaimer along the lines of I am assuming that...
  4. JCXDenton

    Ebay Bargain: Absolutely "Mint" Apple iPad mini 4 128GB

    Link: Apple iPad mini 4 128GB, Wi-Fi, 7.9in - Silver 888462368827 | eBay Cheers.;)
  5. JCXDenton

    Ebay: Intel i9 9900X Faulty - £189.99

    Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Intel-i9-9900X-10-Core-CPU-Faulty-Spares-Repairs-Not-Working/324062316348?hash=item4b739e873c:g:-mQAAOSwfhVeOBTA Why do people pay idiotic prices like this for Faulty CPU's. What are they going to do with them.... Put them on their "mantelpiece" and admire it...
  6. Pichulec

    Sony STR-DE495 died, looking for replacement up to £150 (ebay)

    Hi. My old trusty Sony AMP STR-DE495 just died today. Showing PROTECT even without the speakers connected. It happened suddenly just after powering on. I am looking for replacement up to £150, i will be looking on ebay. My only requirement is HDMI inputs and at least 5.1 sound. Also some higher...
  7. D

    Pioneer service remotes for sale on ebay (product link in thread). No need for expensive Harmony remote.

    No need to purchase an expensive Harmony remote and go through the hassle of having them program in the hex code. You can get a remote pre-programmed with the code here for cheap; Replacement Remote Control for Pioneer service-tv-menu TVs 9th gen | eBay I worked with this seller in creating...
  8. M

    Aaxa P7 v Chinese eBay projectors

    Hi Guys I am looking to spend $400-$500 on a preferably portable projector or mini projector. I would be using this to view mostly sport and the occasional movie at 80-100 inches without the need to buy a tv this big of course. My main concern is being able to get a full HD image. Anything less...
  9. misterS3

    Question eBay Purchase Denon Avr-x4500h

    Hi Just wanted for some opinions. Basically wwyd. Bought this item https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F174105857619 I had it delivered so didn't collect in person. And hence didn't check it out before paying.. It arrived today in the box, but...
  10. Flimber

    Fun with eBay.

    Needed a cheap receiver and found this non-worker on eBay. Chanced it and it arrived today and is 100% fine. Can you work out why I was fairly confident that it would ? :D https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Denon-AVR-1911-7-1-Channel-125-Watt-Receiver-NO-SOUND-/133168852177
  11. Inked

    Question Anyone purchased from play-uk on eBay?

    Any feedback if so?
  12. Dodgexander

    Bargain Panasonic refurbished eBay store thread

    I'm opening this thread and plan on keeping the bargain prefix permanent since it seems to be regularly that they are offering such good deals, but the deals come and go fast. So here's the low down on their eBay store deals: About the store This is an official Panasonic outlet, not a 3rd...
  13. D

    eBay fee rip-off

    I sold an item on eBay recently and it got lost in the post. The buyer opened a case against me, I couldn't provide adequate proof of posting, so eBay found in his favour and closed the case with a full refund. Fair enough and (expensive) lesson learnt on my part. Then my next eBay fees...
  14. kenshingintoki

    Ebay panasonic store... is it legit?

    Hey, I've noticed on ebay a few 802b oleds going for a decent price.., 999.. is this legit? whats the catch??
  15. W

    Another eBay story - disappointed with people in society

    I sold a Yamaha home cinema receiver in September via a best offer. Buyer paid and I sent it off via Parcelforce. On the day of receipt of the parcel, I get a return request as follows : "Reason Arrived damaged Comments Arrived very badly damaged. Lots of parts rattling around inside. Big dent...
  16. S

    10% code now active on ebay

    10% code now active on ebay if you spend over £50,works with Mario as well,just put an order in,every little bit help now with the £ to $ rate. :)
  17. Jules

    Ebay. Do 'buyers' often use 'not as described' to get free items?

    I just used ebay for only the second time in my life. The first time I got shafted buying broken speakers that I had to repair. Ebay were useless and I decided never to buy from ebay again. 10 years later I try to sell something....A practically brand new Follow Focus for my camera... used...
  18. Noahs Dad

    Selling on Ebay vs Amazon, PROS & CONS

    (not sure what is best category to post in, MODs please feel free to move?) Have been a long term ebayer, never used Amazon but giving it consideration. I like the fact you can apparently send large volume of items to Amazon in one or two shipments, then just forget about it and let them take...
  19. W

    Question Slight damage on centre speaker tweeter - big issue or small?

    Hi, new to Av forums so apologies if this isn't in the right place. I have my eye on a Tannoy MC b/eye speaker listed on ebay: Tannoy Mercury mC B/Eye Centre Speaker | eBay Seems like a great deal, the only thing that's holding me back is there's slight damage on the tweeter. Can anyone tell...
  20. pinnocchio

    Bargain I think most useful here.....E-Bay selling fees this weekend £1 for everyone.

    If you've got anything you've been meaning to clearout recently, take advantage of this weekends E-Bay £1 selling fees for everyone. Make sure you read the Ts & Cs properly. You'll still have to pay the Paypal fees and of course shipping costs. UK £1 Cap, 100 items Promo | eBay.co.uk
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