1. cjx

    Ebay return postage question?

    I bought a garden gate and its too small for our pathway. It was listed at 5ft and I assumed it was 5ft to the edges but it is curved and is actually 5ft to the middlle. I have asked for a refund and been accepted and ebay have provided postage for £3.80 royal mail or £4.80 by another courier...
  2. zucccc

    Question Found this coputer on ebay is it worth buying

    FAST Quad Core i7 Gaming PC Windows 10 Desktop Computer 16GB GTX 1050 Ti 4GB 1TB | eBay
  3. photojunky

    Bought one of those cheap eBay gimbals for my GH3. Not bad...

    Decided to take a chance and spend almost $300 dollars on a cheap Chinese gimbal. Well, after messing around with the PID's, I was able to get it working. It was suppose to be plug & play but needed to be balanced as well. As for the jello effect, I did not balance my props and it was loosely...
  4. W

    ebay refund

    Hi folks, How do I navigate ebay to get a refund for an item which does not work properly, I have emailed the seller who says he does not accept returns. The item is a TV remote paid for via PayPal.
  5. M

    15% off EBay today

    Expires 8pm this evening. 15% off all purchases on eBay today (up to a maximum of £50 off) if you spend £20 or more. Enter code PIGGYBANK at checkout.
  6. H

    Ebay Resellers

    I am interested in purchasing the 82 inch QN82Q6FN that's listed at all major stores and web sites for $3799.99. What's puzzling me is that there are two ebay sellers offering this television for $2999.00. Now I've heard all about the three or four web sites that offer televisions really cheap...
  7. S

    Ebay Buyer claims AVR not working-Pls advice me !

    Hello Guys, After receiving the avr today morning , the buyer claims now the avr having a problem which is switching itself off every 30 minutes!! From the start when he messaged me i had feeling something gonna wrong( Multiple times he mentioned is it working perfect?, is there any scratches...
  8. pinnocchio

    Has anyone else noticed some strange stuff on E-Bay sometimes?

    I follow quite a lot of bits and pieces on E-Bay, partly because I'm looking out for bargains and partly because I'm intellectually interested in following prices for some items. Recently I was looking at the Harmony Elites and there's a surprising wide divergence on prices for them on...
  9. P

    Buying a TV off ebay

    Hi been looking to pick up a qled Q7 2017 ..perused most of the retailers and they are sold out . Been in contact with a guy who has an unused boxed for sale at £ 980 . Who is a TV seller on there . Anyone bought TVs of ebay ? Just seeing if anyone has had good experiences from eBay and TVs...
  10. JonnyTester

    Ebay promo days - can ads be posted in advance?

    Ebay is running another of its "£1 max selling fees" promos tomorrow and Monday (8th & 9th July) and I have quite a bit to list. But I'll be away both days and will have no access to post my items. Can I post them today and set the listings to take effect from tomorrow while keeping the promo...
  11. B

    Ebay global shipping programme

    Hello, i listed an item on ebay and i ticked Global shipping programme. i sold the item to someone in france. Normally i get a label to print to send it to the global shipping centre in the uk. Its not working, when i press print label i am redirected to the royal mail website and i have not got...
  12. mjbtin

    Bargain Expired Hughes Direct Ebay Store

    Might be of use to someone around £100 off select tvs with code PARTY20. Great deals from hughesdirect in Home | eBay Shops Martin
  13. G

    Bargain 20% off code at Hughes Direct ebay store

    Hughes Direct ebay store has a 20% off code (PARTY20) today. Edit: on until 22nd Sony X700 and X800, Panasonic UB320 and UB820 are listed amongst others Great deals from hughesdirect in Home | eBay Shops Prices after code X700 £159.20 X800 £231.20 UB320 £159.20 UB820 £319.20 Some good savings...
  14. W

    Samsung refurbished from ebay but which model

    So my insurance company have wriggled my claim to a max of £1000 so I am looking to out that towards a refurbished set on eBay. Want 65 or 75 but which model should I go for? Will be using in france if that makes any difference and hope to use/have free sat built in and use a dish Like the...
  15. G

    Ebay query

    I have just tried to order a couple of blu rays from a US seller who I have used before in the past. I get to the payment page, click pay and this message pops up:- ! This seller is not allowed to sell to UK buyers. This seller has been identified by HMRC as not being compliant with UK VAT...
  16. Venomx999

    Amazon v eBay

    Which is better and why ?
  17. StanleyKubrick

    Ebay Gum This is Bad!..Or is it? You tell me.

    Been looking on eBay for some double glazing and came across this lovely piece of clown art for your windows, be the envy of your friends and neighbours. :D Two bidders so far... In the notes it states... 'Both pieces of glass are in very good condition, the clown design is handmade and probably...
  18. L

    Question How to buy a used amplifier?

    Hi all, This is, of course, a vague question. I'd like to pick up a decent amplifier for some bookshelf speakers (thinking of the Wharfedale Diamond 220's) to which I'll hook up a raspberry pi. I was going to get a HiFiBerry Amp2, but then figured I'd probably get better sound out of an older...
  19. D

    Another Ebay dispute question.

    I have happily been using Ebay for well over 10 years now and I have never had any major issues until now but a recent sale has thrown up a problem that I could do with some advice on. In January I sold a secondhand amp on Ebay to a buyer in Europe. The amp was in perfect working order and was...
  20. Lenny Face

    Help with ebay item

    Just looking for some help. I bought a service on eBay for my sons controller to be repaired, long story short the controller was sent back repaired but with a faulty part so I returned the controller to the seller at eBays request. The seller has claimed that I am lying and won't repair it...
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