1. bcham

    buying a jacket from china (ebay)

    i am just about to order this jacket on ebay, for just under £35 delivered, i have ordered a Asian XL uk size. will it be the wright size for me i normally where XXL sizes in the uk. but looking at the measurement chart think i might need XL. also will i have to pay any additional charges...
  2. AnthonyG

    Ebay Misadvertising Annoyances

    I remember many years back I started a similar topic to this. But want to start another to see if I am in the same boat. It is so infuriating ordering from ebay the amount of times people try it on there. First of all in the first week of February. I was wanting the ViewHD HDMI splitter. For...
  3. NeverEden

    eBay - Buyer Paid but not Collecting?

    Hi, Wondering if anyone has encountered the following before: I sold a shed on eBay, to a high feedback buyer. IT's of around £180 cost and had a lot of interest. The buyer won on Monday and we got in touch regarding collection etc. This is when the strange behaviou started. After a long text...
  4. Arcam_boy

    eBay Global Shipping Scheme

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of eBays Global shipping scheme? I've used it a couple of times in the past and had no issues. I've just had an email from a buyer in Germany saying the item I sent him has arrived damaged. I sent to item a distribution centre as...
  5. bcham

    ebay wrong item shown.

    i ordered a mans leather jacket http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201538990491?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&var=500732810655&ssPageName=STRK... but later as i viewed the picture again i noticed some more pics on the right which are completely different to to the main picture, i sent him a message to...
  6. Q

    Bargain Expired 20% off eBay site wide - 4-10pm today

    Thread already in the bargains forum but thought I'd post in GC which should have more traffic. Bargain - 20% off site wide Ebay 4pm to 10pm today
  7. the porter

    Bargain Expired 20% off site wide Ebay 4pm to 10pm today

    As above Max £50 discount **Must hold a UK valid registered Paypal account** Minimum £20 spend / Max £50 saving Discount applied to total basket and not individual items Discount does not apply to P&P **Must hold a UK valid registered Paypal account** Code to follow...CUK20
  8. FZR400RRSP

    Question for ebay users (refund)

    Received an order the other day, multiple pieces which should have come in a box but didn't. Subsequently, some pieces slightly damaged. Raised a case, contacted the shipper, he said he gave it to ebay in a box and their 'global shipping programme' must have made the decision to ship as multiple...
  9. Flimber

    Bargain Expired Quality UV/ND Filters on eBay for cheaply.

    I got some of the 52mm thread UV ones. They're all Jacobs and seem highly regarded. Bargain at 99p (+ cheap delivery). They arrived dead fast too. Seller seems to have no live listings at the moment but worth keeping an eye on: JACOBS 52mm UV / Protection Filter for any lens 52mm filter thread...
  10. icemanonline

    How long does it take for ebay refund to arrive in account

    As above, Purchased something...............after long talks seller gave full refund and I got a few emails from the ebay resolution centre and paypal to say refund has been given. In Paypal it show up as a refund but there are no funds.....says £0.00 Does it go straight beck into the bank...
  11. G

    Cheap & nasty eBay HDMI Matrix Splitters?

    Hi I'd like a way to switch 2 sky boxes & 1 xbox over 2 TVs (livingroom & bedroom), both the TV's HDMI input cables lead to a cupboard where I store the sky boxes & xbox & basically I'd prefer not to have to scrabble around in the small cramped cupboard trying to unplug & plug in cables every...
  12. Westindieman

    Beware of some of the warranties offered on Ebay

    Here is the conversation I have just had with very helpful seller (not) who was advertising a laptop battery with a 3 year warranty who also confused by stating a 2 month warranty. Me: Hello. Please advise what is the maH capacity. Also if the item has a fault after 4-12 months who is...
  13. Stampax

    Question Official charger vs eBay charger (macbook pro)

    Hi all, so i've got my new macbook pro and seems like they have changed the charger, so my old ones (from macbook 2011) no longer work. So I need a new one for work - apple charge 65 quid, but you can buy "genuine" ones on eBay for 30 quid, or non genuine ones for 20 quid on eBay. Anyone done...
  14. Steve Kelly

    Unusual ebay practices?

    Short story long... I sold a pair of trainers on ebay, the buyer paid for them pretty much straight away. Sent them 'RM 2nd class signed for', 2-3 days delivery time. Bought the postage label through ebay/paypal, so just printed it off. Didn't pay too much attention to the address at the time...
  15. M

    My ebay account hacked not sure what to do long term

    Hi all I am sure a few on here have had the same happen to them basically I was on holiday and got an email stating my password and then email address had been changed. I have had a few glitches with ebay of late namely them wanting me to change password or constantly wanting to phone me prior a...
  16. PJTX100

    eBay faulty goods advice please

    Hi, a bit of advice please. I bought a games console (new) off ebay about 6 weeks ago (6th October), from an eBay retailer. One of the joysticks has now become problematic, contacted the retailer on eBay asking for a refund or exchange (they do have more in stock) but they say it is out of their...
  17. teljess

    Bargain Expired 20% of ebay purchase

    20% Off £20.00 spend at Ebay [ NOW CONFIRMED, CODE RELEASED AT 4PM ] Starts 22nd Oct and runs from 4pm - 10pm ONLY i just used the code to buy a 3ds for £83
  18. Bakey

    EBay 20% off - 22nd Oct only

    The following code: CUKFLASH will give you a 20% discount off any eBay purchases over £20. Only valid between 4pm and 10pm on Thursday 22nd October and have to pay with PayPal. Can only be used once per person but can be used for any sellers/items just put them all in your basket before checking...
  19. Mr Noble

    EBAY 20% off £20 spend (finishes tonight at 10pm)

    Use discount code : CUKFLASH terms: Max discount £50 , Minumum spend £20 , expires tonight (22/10/2015 at 10pm). Max of ONE use per Paypal Account.
  20. Greg Hook

    Star Wars collectibles on eBay (shameless plug)

    Shameless plug, but due to shelling out on some Star Wars Lego, I need to shift some other stuff. gbh4 | eBay Various Star Wars collectible items. Please feel free to bid. :)
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