1. aliencinema

    For Sale Epson ls10,000 projector

    Epson ls 10,000 laser projector I've had this since new, bought from ideal av, works perfect, it's had around 2000hrs of usage, used in a dedicated room, I'll include the ceiling mount, not sure which one it is, I know it cost around £150 as there's not many that can carry 20+kg it's also got...
  2. L

    Question Second hand Epson TW9000 in 2020. Is this a good deal? Need help fast.

    There is used Epson TW9000 for sale locally. Bought in 2015, 2000 hours on the lamp and does not come with 3D glasses. Asking price is 320€. Most likely on second lamp so total hours ~6k. I don't care about 3D so no glasses is fine. Image is clean so it has been kept well. Is this a good deal...
  3. TheRoverdog

    Wanted Epson TW9400 Projector

    Having carefully considered options (and my want to game in 4k hdr) I am either going to buy a New 9400 or pick up a used one from the forums.. I am not fussed about native 4k so this looks perfect. Can collect or arrange own insured courier. Going to run a wanted ad for a week for a used...
  4. TheRoverdog

    Question Epson TW9300 Gaming and Sky Q 4K HDR Question

    I am currently looking to pick up a 2nd hand TW9300 (wanted thread in Projector Classifieds) - But I have a question following on from a fellow (very nice) Forum member who enlightened me about the HDMI Frequency issue with the TW9300 and using PS4 (and probably PS5) and Xbox one (and probably...
  5. W

    Epson projector screen problems

    Just bought epson ex3260 and everytime I try to adjust keystone the outer black boarder looks crooked. I can pick it just even straight on and it looks fine but when sit it on the table and it’s pointed up slightly it looks off. Attached some pictures of what I’m talking about. Can anybody tell...
  6. M

    stacking 2 Epson Pro L1100 U Projectors

    Hi, Thinking of buying two refurbished Epson laser 6K units to stack to make a 12k image a lot less expensive than buying one 12k projector. My purpose is for an outdoor cinema screen that will be screen size 32 x 18 feet.
  7. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Expired Amazon Prime Day: Epson EH-TW650 3LCD, Full HD projector - Save £201, now £399

    Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 is finally here and there’s a wealth of offers on home entertainment products including TVs, projectors and soundbars. The Epson EH-TW650 3LCD, Full HD, 3100 Lumens, Gaming and Home Cinema projector has 33% off its RRP and is now £399 (was £599, save £201). This offer...
  8. S

    epson eh tw5650

    Hi guys :clap: ive just put up my epson eh tw5650 plays well on mt hdmi cables from dvd play but the problem i have is usb the projector wont recognize any files i try i have converted files to avi mp4 and a few others and still nothing wondering if i should just stick to dvd ...
  9. D

    Epson TW9400W issue

    Hi all Has anyone experienced intermittent issues with their Epson 9400 PJ’s? The picture keeps coming and going somethimes it’s fine for a film other times (like last night) the picture came and went. I’ve switched to the second hdmi with a different cable but experience the same issue. I...
  10. alebonau

    EPSON EH-TW9500 Native 4K Laser LCD (Fake news)

    there she blows... :D 4k native laser LCD, 5000 lumens, hdmi 2.1 dolby vision HDR 10+ and HDR support.... is it a mirage ... or real.. looks real enough :D GAME CHANGER ! BRING IT ON ! ain't competition a great thing ! EPSON EH-TW9500 and EH-TW9500W: Native 4K Laser LCD...
  11. P

    When are Epson's next-gen projectors due?

    As it looks like my current TW9200 has given up the ghost (dust blob, great) I'm possibly looking for a replacement. Despite the issue with dust, I very much like what Epson's projectors offer, price/performance-wise, so could well be looking for another one from them. Do we have any idea when...
  12. P

    Epson TW9200 vs TW7100

    Had a TW9200 for about six years now, and have been very satisfied. However, a few weeks ago it developed a dust blob which I just can't seem to ignore. I'm currently exploring my options; from attempting to remove the blob myself, to finding a qualified service technician, to just retiring the...
  13. kenshingintoki

    Epson 9300 vs 9400 3D performance

    Hi anyone who has upgraded from 9300 to 9400 care to help me with the 3D performance between these 2 models (if any)? Also how is the bulb on these PJs? Does it take same Epson bulb? Thanks!
  14. C

    Wanted Epson EH-TW9300W or 9400W

    Looking for a 9300W or 9400W if a real deal. I have a 7300 to then sell. Thanks.
  15. H

    Question Epson EH-TW5650

    Hi all , I’m new to the forum and new to projectors! I’ve recently purchased a Epson eh-tw5650 + screen - I would like to improve the sound quality. is there a simple way of connecting the projector to my Sonos beam? I see the projector has a audio out jack, can I convert it somehow to HDMI...
  16. groesbeek

    For Sale Epson 9300 200 hrs

    Black with all OEM packaging and remote. 200 hours on Epson OEM lamp In Eco mode. Superb condition.
  17. G

    Question Yahmaha RX-V577, Playstation 5, and Epson HC 4000 4k Solution

    Hopefully someone out there can help me fill in the blanks on this problem. It's throwing me for a loop... I want to upgrade my Optoma HD141x projector to a Epson Home Cinema 4000 in anticipation of the Playstation 5 which I would like to use exclusively in 4k for those games that support it...
  18. S

    Service diagnostic software for Epson Cinema 3100 projector?

    My Epson Home Cinema 3100 projector recently started flashing the orange Lamp Light, along with a flashing blue status light, with the power light off. No picture comes on the screen. I ordered a new bulb, but that did not fix the issue. Upon further investigation online, the flashing lights...
  19. Q

    Question Epson EB-575Wi: Interactive Tools + Calibration

    Hi, I got my hands on an Epson EB-575Wi projector that has a smart/white-board feature. Using some special pens you can use the beamer as digital whiteboard. These function works stand-alone with a projector or in combination with Epsons "Interactive Tools" software installed onto a pc. I...
  20. I

    Yet another "under £500" advice thread Epson TW650, Optoma 143 etc

    I'm looking for an HD projector to sit on a shelf about 2m and project film and tv onto a white wall 3 away to get an image of 100" or so. I'd like to spend £400-500. I've done a bit of reading around but can't make up my mind so I am hoping someone else will do it for me and save me the...
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