1. W

    LG OLED 65B7v blinking 3 times fault

    Guys, does anyone know where I can get the mother board, reading up it always seems to be this and not the power supply ? If theres any old TV for sale with broken screen I presume I can whip it out of there ? any suggestions ? Thanx
  2. mooperman

    For Sale Go Pro Session 4 - possible fault

    Ok as title is my few years old go pro session 4 as is pictured only - no box or cables. The good... Videos and pictures take with no problems Battery still strong Looks as solid as the day I bought it The bad... I can't connect it to the app on my phone either with Bluetooth or WiFi - it...
  3. V

    Help me diagnose TV Techwood 40AO2USB fault

    Hi, I am new to the forum and apologies if I am posting this in the wrong section! I have a Techwood 40inch 40AO2USB TV that is as good as a black box! When plug it into mains it flashes a little blue light at the bottom of the body/chassis (some 12-13 times) then just stays blue and that's it...
  4. D

    65PUS7304/12 faulty LCD

    Hi...I have bought two same tv-s about 3 month ago..One has been replaced and its now 1 month old-Broken again..LCD have black shadow in the middle.The other tv after one hour of watching becomes yellow glowing on left corner of LCD..Picture strobing on gray background!!when it cools down its ok...
  5. K

    Question LG 24TL 510S-PZ Program tuning is stalled?

    the programming of stations is initiated and then the "next" button dims and then nothing
  6. G

    Denon AVR-X2600H Sound protection mode fault

    good evening, we just had a media room/movie theater room built with a projector and an Denon AVR-X2600H receiver and subwoofer installed. I was informed that when they installed the ceiling speakers, they ran the speaker wire in the ceiling, daisy chained all 5 speakers to where the receiver is...
  7. J

    Marantz C6006 (UK) Fault?

    Hi, I bought the above CD player a couple of months back and all was well, my old CDs worked and I was happy. UNTIL, I realised that none of my new discs that display information (album, song title etc) will work even remotely reliably. They start to play but the minute I try skipping a track...
  8. fallinlight

    Question The Goonies 4K UHD - FAULT at 1:00:59 - WB are Replacing Faulty Discs

    The Goonies 4K UHD - FAULT at 1:00:59 - Please reply if you have the fault UPDATE: Warner Bros. are replacing discs: Please read the response from my dealer, HMV, here, https://www.avforums.com/threads/the-goonies-4k-uhd-fault-at-1-00-59-wb-are-replacing-faulty-discs.2311224/post-28373825...
  9. R

    LG 55LW9500 Screen Fault

    H All, My 55LW9500 TV has just recently developed a fault whereby the screen now appears with coloured static banding via all inputs including TV. I've attempted to factory reset the TV, and have confirmed that the issue is not aerial related, as the lines appear on the menu screens as well, and...
  10. duncfunk

    Strange graphical error, possible gpu fault?

    I was watching Netflix on my pc for the first time in a while last night and I noticed that the image looked pretty bad. This was particularly evident on parts of the screen that contained blocks of colour, particularly on darker objects. They look like they're being rendered at some absurdly...
  11. D


    We have had our Samsung QE43Q60 tv for just over 6 months now, and its been pretty good up to now. Recently the screen quality changes , its difficult to explain but the colours are all wrong, its like sort of looking at a old photo negative, only way to correct it is either a reboot of the Tv...
  12. PhilipsHELPHELP

    Question Controller non responsive. pus6703/12

    Hi, after 4 months of not using the philips pus6703/12 TV, the controller seems to "not be working". I put that in " " because it will turn on the TV when in standby, but no other buttons will work on the damn thing. I've tried to find various ways to reset the controller or reset the TV and...
  13. R

    Meaco dehumidifier fault

    Hi, not sure if this is the right area to post this so apologies if it's not. Parents have a Meaco 25L dehumidifier that lives in the cellar, dad uses this as a workshop area and has a lot of photos stored down there so they bought a dehumidifier to make sure nothing gets damaged. Anyway he...
  14. B

    Panasonic GZ950 Chassis Fault

    I was hoping someone might be able to help with an issue with our 55GZ950, about seven months old. We moved it for sale (we’re downsizing the telly). Had it in our spare room for a few days and have noticed these white splotches on the leather effect back. We’ve not painted or had any noxious...
  15. griffinous

    2017 Samsung 75inch QLED no signs of life

    Hi all, Absolute nightmare situation happened. My prized TV, which cost in excess of 4 grand in 2017, will no longer power on. The standby light no longer shows either, so there are no signs of life. I tried powering it off for half an hour and resetting the One Connect wire, but nothing is...
  16. S

    Logik 22FHD LED TV and DVD Player FAULT

    Morning - This TV at start-up the picture about 40 mm from bottom is blank but after 10-15 min later the picture returns but leaves a very thin line accross the screen 40 mm from bottom !? Now in the Olden days there was a particular point on the TV case that was identified with a particular...
  17. G

    What's this screen fault?

    Hi everyone, noticed what seems like a seam line exactly halfway down my 65inch LED screen which runs top to bottom. Noticeable on white panning shots. It's almost like a fold line in a book and as if the screen has to two halves? Also noticed a bright vertical line on the right and left side of...
  18. amazine

    Question Panasonic TZ40 camera Touch Screen AF Point Fault

    When the camera is switched on you are briefly able to select any focus point area by touching the screen, pressing the shutter button half-way the yellow focus point square will change to green indicating a focus lock and you are then able to take the photo. However after 30 or 40 seconds the...
  19. A

    Onkyo TX-SR506 - Fault

    Hi all, I have a Onkyo TX-SR506 receiver that when I switch it on, after around 2-3 seconds it switches off again! I have has this from new and has never skipped a beat. I have now replaced the receiver but would like to have it repaired if possible. Does anyone know what the fault could be...
  20. T

    CYRUS CDXT SE...with intermittent faulty play??

    On lookout for decent CD player...and have option on a CYRUS CDXT SE ....supposedly fine 'some' of the time ....but then won't play. Anyone experience of this....what kind of repair 'might' it be? (How long is a piece of string??) I'm handy with screwdrivers, and a soldering iron, and like the...
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